A Mummy (ミイラ, Miira) is a dead corpse buried in a pyramid brought back to life by Necromancy, and are created by harnessing wandering human souls.[1]



Gruesome appearance of a mummy.

Mummies, in contrast to their realistic gruesome depictions in horror films, have, rather like a lot of the creatures in Soul Eater, a rather quirky appearance. Although vaguely humanoid in shape, they are rather like shuffling lumps of bandages with long arms, with a round face located just above the centre of its body.[2][3]

At first, a mummy can look rather harmless, cute even, with small button eyes and a large smiling mouth. However, this turns out to be just a cover, as when their true nature is revealed, their 'cute' faces turn into bloodthirsty ones, with a large mouth with a set of chomping white teeth and a long slimy tongue, as well as the blood spurting out from their eyes.[2][3]



The head of a mummy attempting deceit.

Due to being brought to life through necromancy, the mummies usually obey the necromancer who summoned them. They are vicious towards any other living being and will attack and kill humans with the instinctive urge to multiply, killing the living to make more of their kind. They are also shown to be quite devious, in that they trick a person into thinking they are harmless by putting on a rather 'cute' face, before suddenly turning vicious by catching people off guard. They are prone to giggling whilst doing this, as if amused by the people they are tricking. As well as deception, they also rely on numbers to overcome people rather than their individual strengths, meaning that they might act as a sort of hive mind.[2][3]

Mummies are also capable of detaching their heads from their bodies and rolling around. In this form too, they make a very adorable and cute face, making them hard to resist by people. Of course, the moment someone picks them up, they will supposedly latch onto them and kill them.[2][3]


  • Mummies in Soul Eater are classified as Evil Humans in the manga, as shown that it was permitted for Liz and Patty to consume their deceased human souls.[2] In the anime, the souls within their bodes qualify as kishin eggs.[3]


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