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Usher explains the delay of the Soul Eater Not! manga, the upcoming anime, and being a "mangavert."

NOT GAIDEN 3 is the third Soul Eater GAIDEN NOT! short story. It first appeared in Volume 3 of the manga Soul Eater Not!

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At the AtsushiYa store, Usher asks how readers enjoyed Volume 3 of Soul Eater Not! The bearlike being complains that it has been a year and a half since Volume 2 came out, and the Sasa-Waffle asks what Usher has been doing in that time. Usher responds he could not drop his work to finish Soul Eater. He then backtracks to explain that, while he could have illustrated both Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not! he had to pretend he was working hard on the Soul Eater finale. The bearlike being complains about such "real talk."

The Sasa-Waffle then complains about Usher's behavior when the new Soul Eater Not! anime is coming out. Usher responds that NOT! was supposed to be four volumes, but he had to release an additional volume so that it was still in print while the new anime was airing.

The bearlike being reminds Usher was supposed to behave better in the NOT! GAIDEN after being "in such a bad mood" in the Soul Eater GAIDEN.

Usher yells that he was letting off steam in the Soul Eater GAIDEN so he could be kinder in the NOT! GAIDEN, but now he has "nowhere else to bitch."

The bearlike being notices that, while some people are introverts, and some are extroverts, Usher is "a tough-guy mangavert," which is "pathetic."

Usher now laughs off such remarks, saying these "loser[s]" can call him whatever they want, then blushes and thanks his readers, hoping they will read Volume 4--"someday." The bearlike being and the Sasa-Waffle are not convinced.


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