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Nars Garnier (ナルス・ガルニエ, Narusu Garnier) was a phantom encountered during the DWMA's investigation of a mass disappearance facilitated by a enigmatic force.[1]


Nars is an individual who regards personal beauty to be of upmost importance, being ashamed in his scarring and willing to risk himself becoming a Kishin in hopes to become beautiful once again.[1]


Nars has blue, medium length hair that covers the right side of his face, and brown eyes. There are belts that also decorate the hair on his face and wrap around it. There is also a belt which wraps around his left arm; this holds a blade in place. He wears a black suit, under which there is a white shirt.[1]

Special Abilities

Kenjutsu (剣術, Kenjutsu): Nars is a formidable opponent with the use of his weapon of choice, a modified rapier. Nars's fighting style seemingly resembles that of fencing and is extremely proficient in this style, having gone up against Death the Kid's Death God Taijutsu and held his own for a short bout.[1]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Nars possess renowned reflexes and speed, capable of reacting and dodgeing incoming bullets from Death the Kid's Demon Twin Guns. He was also kick enough disappear from the naked eye.[1]


Despite his formidable status, Nars wasn't a match for the player. In the cutscene with Death the Kid, it is shown that, while skilled, Death the Kid was the more superior fighter and as a result, he was killed.[1]


Monotone Princess - Nars uses Belt Arm Brace against Kid

Nar's belt arm brace.

  • Phantom Tool (ファントムツール, Fantomutsūru): Nars's choice of weapon is a sword-like weapon that resembles a custom rapier capable of at least cutting into human flesh and strong enough to withstand bullets made from the Demon Twin Guns. He can also use this weapon to cancel out certain attacks and manipulates red electricity.[1]
  • Belt Arm Brace: Befitting his belt theme, Nars possesses a arm brace with various belts seemingly wrapped around it. This brace has battle applications, as Nars is capable of throwing belts at an opponent similar to that of a rope and ensnare his target from a distance.[1]

List of techniques

Phantom Tool techniques
Monotone Princess - Nars performs An Dou Torowa

An Dou Torowa

  • Shockwave (衝撃波, Shōgekiha): A technique in which Nars sends a force of red electricity toward an opponent in an "x" formation.[1]
  • Phantom Furet (ファントムフルーレ, Fantomufurūre): A dash attack with red electricity at the tip.[1]
  • An Dou Torowa (アン・ドウ・トロワ, An Dou Torowa): A three consectuve slash attack with red electricity at the trip of the phantom tool.[1]


A former stage actor, Nars's face was later disfigured in an accident. Covering his scars with his face, he is later approach by the Paraponera Clan and promised a way of retaining his former beauty if he keeps the soul cocoon safe. He began targeting beautiful women in his crimes and killed them, resulting in rumors being spread to as far as Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


Monotone Princess arc

  • Note: Although the character can be encountered by any of the playable characters, the cinematic cut scenes within the game assumes that Death the Kid is the character to encounter Nars within the game.

When suspected of the massive disappearance of the populance and his rumors of him killing women reaching Liz's attention and later Sid Barrett, Maka's team is sent to investigate his wherabouts. He is encountered by Kid's team and chased down to a opera house where they battle. Though the phantom holds his own, he is later killed by the death god.[1]

Media Appearance

Soul Eater: Monotone Princess

Nars appears as a boss in Day 2 of the main story quest line. He is a more difficult boss than that of Killbell. His attack pattern's damage output and HP are:


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