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Noah's gang of fighters[1] was a group led by the sorcerer, Noah.[2] Unknown to even its own members, the group's purview is set up by the Table of Contents.[3]


The group was formed around some time after the Battle on Lost Island between the DWMA and Arachnophobia, with Justin Law making contact with an unidentified figure and joining forces with Noah as a result.[2]


Internal Investigation Arc

The group then began targeting individuals with highly sensitive Soul Perception, resulting in the timely assassination of Joe Buttataki, with Justin doing so due to the inconvenience of him possibly finding out Asura's whereabouts and attempted to frame Franken Stein as the culprit.[citation needed]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

Grigori arc

Continuing with their assassination targeting, Gopher was then next in line to attempt to do so onto Maka Albarn account of his grigori powers making him suited for the task.[4] With Maka Albarn targeted, the attempt to assassinate her was for the purpose of taking her soul with intent by Noah to use it and her soul perception abilities to later locate the Kishin's whereabouts. However, Gopher failed to kill her, being defeated by her in combat.[5]

Business Lunch arc

Salvage arc

Having captured Death the Kid during his time in Arachnophobia, Noah and the rest of the group would find themselves against both the DWMA Elite and newly formed Spartoi who's mission was to rescue Death the Kid from his acquisition in the Book of Eibon. The group found off them in one way or the other, with it ending with the final showdown between Spartoi, Noah, Gopher, and the various Demons from the Book of Eibon. As a result however, both Noah and Giriko lose their lives, with Justin defecting from the group to join with his true allegiance: Asura and his Clown Army. Only Gopher survives the conflict and the group is dissolved.[6]


The group's main objective is to assist the likes of Noah (Greed), who's ulterior plan includes acquiring "BREW" and the likes of capturing all of the fabled Great Old Ones, beings who's Madness Wavelength and very existence drives men insane.[7] The Table of Contents, however, used Noah's influence and greedy personality for the acquisition of "BREW" and further a separate agenda.[3]

List of members

Name Position Status
Noah Figurehead leader Deceased
Table of Contents Mastermind Inactive
Gopher Noah's servant Inactive
Giriko Member Inactive
Justin Law Member Defected
Unnamed Clown Member Defected


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