Note: This character shouldn't be confused for the video game exclusive character, Grimoire, whose design inspired Atsushi Ōkubo to use for the Greed personification incantation of Noah.

Noah (ノア(欲), Noa) first appeared as a mysterious Sorcerer of Arachnophobia and called himself Eibon (エイボン, Eibon).[1][3] He was later revealed to be an imposter,[4] is actually a Icon created from the Book of Eibon personifying the Greed chapter, and controlled by the Table of Contents in which he was tasked with the acquisition of "BREW".[5] He is the fourth main antagonist introduced in Soul Eater.


Noah is described as an avaricious collector by Mosquito, which Noah wholeheartedly agreed upon. He is obsessed with collecting anything he finds valuable, whether it is an inanimate object, like BREW, or a living being, such as Kid; both of which he has "collected". This seems to be his form of madness, like Stein to dissecting. Noah is also bent on drawing everything — including Asura — into his book and therefore becoming "everything".

Aside from this, he is seen to be rather calm. He did not seem upset when both Justin and Gopher failed their individual missions to assassinate Maka. He has, however, revealed his anger only towards those who damage his collections and towards Gopher for expressing his emotions and revealing his name during battle. He is rather respectful towards people during ironic moments. He addresses Arachne with honorifics even after he supposedly betrayed her, addressing Mosquito with the honorifics moments before killing him, and Kid with honorifics before sucking him into The Book of Eibon. Noah also seems to be somewhat conniving, as he ordered the guards of Arachne to leave her during her most crucial moments. Although he states that it was on Arachne's orders, Mosquito regards it as a lie. Kid notes that Noah's soul feels incredibly calm and yet radiates a sense of bottomless terror. Alongside this, Noah appears to be unaffected by madness and compares it to "a gentle breeze".


Noah is a dark-skinned male[6] with silky black hair. He wears a plaid military cap, with a two metal rings attached to the left side. Alongside his plaid cap is a plaid-colored, long-sleeved, collared shirt that is frequently seen hanging from his waist. Noah also wears a white tank top that is worn beneath an opened black, open-collared jacket. He also wears black pants and shoes. He has two necklaces of different lengths; the longer one has a crystal-like red color and the shorter necklace appears to be similar to a dog tag necklace.Noah appears to have several belts strapped around his upper body, over his white tank top but under his jacket. He has two belts strapped around his right thigh and two strapped around his lower left leg. He has the Book of Eibon strapped to the left of his waist.[7]

Likely due to his use of the Book of Eibon or the general nature of his personality, his soul is completely covered in written-on papers, giving it a paper-maché-like appearance.[8]


As an Icon, most of Noah's capabilities center around the Book of Eibon and summoning monsters he had previously caught. The kinds of monsters he has access to vary, though has not only been able to deal Mosquito a killing blow with ease, but also has taken down the DWMA Elite and even has a monster that was only able to be killed by a Death God using his father's wavelength.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Noah Greed using his own magic.

Noah using his own standalone magic.

Magic (魔法, Mahō): Noah seems to have some sort of magic of his own which he can utilize. With only a snap of his fingers, he can bind his opponents as strong as Franken Stein. Also, he can fire lasers from his eyes in which can curve in a manner similar to a worm.[9]

  • Augment (埋め込み, Umekomi): Noah is capable of applying augmentation with a "weird magical power" as described by Maka Albarn, proficient enough to have given Gopher both his Love Cannon and Black Wings abilities.[10]
  • Summon (召喚, Shōkan): With the employment of the immensely powerful Book of Eibon, one of Noah's method of fighting and magics includes gathering various Demons and other powerful monstrous races and fighting against his enemies. All the monsters he summons, for reasons unknown, are loyal to Noah's command.[11]

Intellect: As a Sorcerer, Noah is an intelligent individual, especially when it comes to building Demon Tools, having developed various kinds of Demon Tool Soldiers for the likes of Arachnophobia and Gopher as well as the Demon Belt.[12]



Created as an Icon from the Book of Eibon by Eibon at some point, he is later activated and unleashed into the world by the Table of Contents with the following task: using the power of his greed to obtain "BREW".[20] At an unknown point, he would later join Arachnophobia and create the Demon Tool Soldier known as Gopher.[21] During his tenure in Arachnophobia, he'd gain the favor of Arachne's attention to the point of her forbidding anyone else into her room, causing even her two most trusted henchmen, Giriko and Mosquito, to be outright angered.[22]


Operation Capture Baba Yaga ArcEdit

Chapter 53 - 'Eibon' senses BREW.

"Eibon" senses "BREW" being used by Death the Kid.

In the Security Operations Room, A mysterious figure who is later identified as "Eibon" questions a lackey of Arachnophobia on why there's so much noise. The lackey respond by informing the sorcerer that DWMA has infiltrated Baba Yaga Castle. However, he tells the lackey that Arachne's preparations are reaching it's conclusion.[3] Later during Death the Kid's battle with Mosquito in which the Demon Tool "BREW" is used, he senses it's response. As he grimaces from realizing it is close, "Eibon" remarks on how that is "good news".[17]

Chapter 55 - Mosquito and 'Eibon' prepare to face off.

Mosqutio and "Eibon" prepare to face off.

Later, as Mosquito arrives from his previous engagement from Death the Kid, he is furious to learn that "Eibon" had ordered the men away from their post in which were suppose to be protecting Arachne. However, "Eibon" claims that the order came from Arachne but Mosquito calls him a liar and questions about his goals while calling him a "shifty excuse for a sorcerer.". Both adversaries prepare to face off against each other as a result, "Eibon" summoning one of his Magic Worms.[23] As Death the Kid arrives and spies on their altercation, he spots the shinigami. Mosquito then expresses that he never trusted him from the beginning and regrets trusting the sorcerer and that he would rather finish him, referring to him as "Eibon". However, Mosquito then reveals he was aware that he was an impostor claiming to be Eibon. However, the sorcerer merely noted that he doesn't care how Mosquito would refer to him, stating that with him possessing the Book of Eibon and with his intentions of capturing "BREW", it'll form the "sum of Eibon's wisdom" and that one might say that that the combination of both "BREW" and the Book of Eibon together would make Eibon. He also expresses that he called himself "Eibon" to work under a "well-known brand" and remarked that they're many who are fools for the right brand name. He also compliments the "Eibon" name, saying it has a "ring" to even claims it calls to the mind to collect everything and even surmises that Mosquito came across that "power", referring to "BREW".[24]

Chapter 56 - Mosquito is captured

Mosquito is captured by Noah.

The sorcerer then reveals his intentions, wanting to collect "everything" in an almost literal statement. He intends on collecting The Kishin and "everything else" into his collection and absorb it into the book so he can be "Everything". Having heard enough from the Sorcerer, Mosquito then attempts to transform into the Form from 800 years ago, only for Noah to send his worm to him, leading to his capture.[24] He noted to the Bloodsucker that he was, indeed, terrifyingly strong and powerful but escape was futile and he had no place in his collection. He asked Mosquito If he wanted to know his name, though Mosquito cared little for knowing the name of a "greedy pig". Noah took amusement from the comment, saying that he is indeed a greedy collector. He then has the bloodsucker attacked by one of his magical worms, incinerating Mosqutio and reducing him to his Bat Form. He then mused happily at his reduced form, remarking "As long as I have this to remember you by ♥"[25] and collects Mosquito.[24]

Chapter 56 - Noah aquires Death the Kid

Noah absorbs Kid into the Book of Eibon

Having seen the Death God earlier, he then appears from the corner to Kid and remarks he is something worth collecting, telling him that it is a pleasure to make his aquaintance. He then holds the Book of Eibon over the young shinigami and collects the boy and is amused that he manage to acquire a shinigami and "BREW" at the same time. Liz, who along with her sister were spared being sucked in because Kid tossed them to the side before their capture, pointed a gun at the sorcerer. Noah tells her that she was spared from his collection process and she should think twice before throwing away that "good fortune". Liz demands to have Kid back, only for the sorcerer to reply and state that being beautiful alone isn't enough to earn a place into his collection and leaves.[24] He is then later seen as he leaves the Amazon basin to feel Arachne's Madness and compares it to that of a refreshing breeze.[26]

Grigori arcEdit

Noah is present as Justin Law appears, questioning how the Death Weapon fare. He is informed by Justin that he was stopped by Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir. His servant, Gopher, then appeals to him and cites that he believes to be the perfect candidate to assassinate Maka Albarn. The Sorcerer then agrees to the fact.[27]

Chapter 65 - Noah tasks Gopher with killing Maka

Noah gives Gopher his objective: Retrieve Maka's soul.

Some time later,[28] he watches as Gopher beats Death the Kid and asks for the Death God to refrain from reorganizing the contents of the Book of Eibon. When Gopher strikes Kid again to assert Noah's apparent superiority, the Icon begins to grow irritated at his repeated beatings of his "prized piece of his collection", prompting an apology out of the servant. He then tells him that it's time to make preparations.[29] Later, Noah then gives him his mission: harvest Maka Albarn's own soul. Noah informs that her Soul Perception abilities is key to finding out Asura's whearabouts. He also debriefs the the servant that while he doesn't mind him killing the Meister, her soul must remain intact.[30]

Chapter 65 - Noah reminds Gopher of his place as a tool

An infuriated Noah reminds him that he is a Tool: He has no emotions and emotions is an unattractive quality in his tools.

When Gopher returns defeated, he brings his master up to speed. However, Noah notes that he's not disturbed with his defeat and states it simply reflects Gopher's inadequate strength. However, Noah grows angry when he realizes that Gopher did, however, reveal his name to the Meister/Weapon duo. When Gopher claims his emotions got the better, this causes Noah to grow even more infuriated and angrily informs him that not only will he not allow him to presume to even possess emotions, but also tells Gopher indulgence in even possessing emotions is not a quality he permits in his Tools. He then orders him to get out of his sight.[31]

Business Lunch arcEdit

Chapter 71 - Noah catches Gopher abusing Kid

An irritated Noah catches Gopher abusing his most prized piece of his collection.

Having completed the Demon Belt, he is pleased though hesitant on testing it out himself. Calling for Gopher, he tasks him with using the new Demon Tool to destroy a village. When he find that the Demon Tool broke, he dismisses Gopher and is grateful that he did not test it himself. He muses on the hope that Medusa Gorgon's own experiments has been unsuccessful as well.[32] He would later witness the Tool abusing Kid once again, citing he has went too far this time. Disappointed, he reabsorbs Kid back into the Book of Eibon and tells Gopher he do his best to get back in his good graces, orders him to bring him tea.[33]

Salvage arcEdit

Chapter 72 - Noah senses Spartoi in the Book and calsl Gopher

Sensing "foreign bodies" within his book, Noah asks Gopher to call for Giriko.

Noah sits to mull his acquisition of "BREW", confident that with it he can use it to collect everything with the use of this one "forbidden fruit". He calls for Gopher and informs the Tool that he's realized some foreign bodies have "infested" his book. He orders Gopher to bring in Giriko. He then monologues, revealing his desire to collect all of the Great Old Ones. He singles out the only ones left to collect: Asura and Death.[34] Noah does his best to keep track of the Spartoi group inside the Book of Eibon but finds hard to observe them while in the Wrath chapter.[35]

Having discussed the appearance of Maka Albarn and Soul Eater prior, he informs Giriko of Maka and Soul heading in his direction, leaving their fates to the weapon and tells him it's his chance to avenge Arachne.[36] While again watching Spartoi's progress, he notes that they've made it to the Greed chapter though states he's not letting anyone take his collection from him.[37]

Chapter 79 - Kid and Black Star prepare to face off with Noah

Noah prepares to face Kid and Black Star.

Having been found by the DWMA, Noah waits for the moment to strike and subtly uses a powerful influence when the elite DWMA faculty closes in. Using his monsters, he seemingly kills Tezca Tlipoca and engages in an altercation with all of them. Meeting Stein face-to-face, he muses on the scientist thinking of being able to win the day by suppressing his madness and tells him he should set himself free like Justin. He then binds the professor, claiming he's of no value as long as he continues to suppress his Madness. Remarking them to be unworthy of his collection and needing to be disposed of, he summons the Manticore but is surprised to see the rest of Spartoi escape too. He watches as Death the Kid tells him he will execute the death penalty on him.[38]

Soul Eater Chapter 80 - Horror Dragon

Noah summons the most powerful monster within his collection: the Horror Dragon.

Telling them the Kishin his as well as wanting "all", he monologues once again and cites he wants the world and won't let it fall into the hands of a Death God simply because he wants it. He also intends on making the world follow only his beliefs and decisions, going far enough to say it'll be up to him on who lives and dies and not a Death God. His first decision: all unnecessary clutter must die. He attempts to kill Marie Mjolnir, who is saved by Stein. Death the Kid and Black☆Star activate their Madness Takehold and with using Maka Albarn and Soul Eater as support, launch their assault. The Sorcerer uses a combination of items within the Book as well as his various monsters to hold off Spartoi, Death the Kid, and Black☆Star. Telling them there's more in his collection and that he's the new ruler of the cosmos, he informs Kid he will be returning to the book and summons the Horror Dragon.[39]

Soul Eater Chapter 81 - Seven Rays kill Noah

Faced with the brink of death, Noah wants the light to himself.

Wanting the world, he claims he will be the new ruler of all and will replaces the Gods. However, he is rebuked by Kid and deemed unsuitable for the task of being a ruler, threatening his life. He watches as Spartoi fights the Horror Dragon to no avail, having difficulty defeating and injuring the powerful Dragon.[40] With no other options, Death the Kid uses Execution Mode and by being powering his technique with Death's Wavelength, he fires his powerful technique: Parent's Seven Rays. Seeing the light of the attack heading towards him, he embraces it and states he will take the light. He is instantly killed, decimating his body and his soul response vanishing completely.[41]



  • Comments from both Noah concerning Medusa suggest that the both of having some kind of rivalry despite never meeting on panel, with Noah having expressed hopes that Medusa's experiments are failing too when his Demon Belt had broken.[42][43]
  • When sensed by Death the Kid, a Soul Perception user, his soul response was described to be "almost the definition of calm and quietude". In addition, he also described something "terrifying" about his soul response like an "abyss of horrors".[44]
  • Noah was likely based on the character Nofix in Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi.


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