This Noah (ノア, Noa) is an Icon in which resided somewhere within the Book of Eibon. He was spit out by Asura during his fight with DWMA.[1] This Icon in particular is the embodiment of the Lust chapter within the Book of Eibon.


Much like the rest of the Icons, the Lust icon possesses a noticeably darkened complexion and medium-length silky black hair, which in this instance is sleeked back so as to expose the entirety of his forehead. He also sports white pants with black shoes, though he had no shirt.[2]


Nothing much is known about the Lust Icon, though indicated by the face he makes as he is unconscious, it can be suggested that he has a perverse personality.[2]

Special abilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a Sorcerer, he is capable of utilizing Magic. The type of Magic he can use is currently unknown.[2]


Dark Side of the Moon ArcEdit

Having swallowed the Book of Eibon in the process, Asura later spits out the five remaining icons in his body, including that of Lust, after Gopher mustered the courage to demand it from the Kishin.[1] Later, along with his brethren, Gopher transports them away to safety happily.[2]


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