This Noah (ノア(憤怒), Noa), also called the Icon of Wrath (憤怒の偶像, Fundo no gūzō), is an icon[1], acting as the manifestation of the "Wrath" chapter from The Book of Eibon. He is tasked by the Table of Contents with capturing the Kishin.[1][4]


This incantation of Noah appears to be more wild and savage-like, prone to randomly outbursting and speaking loudly. He's also very rude, short-tempered, and prone to striking out in annoyance. This is obviously due to his nature of being the personification of the sin of wrath. Despite his wild and savage-like personality, he appears to me more mission-driven and determined then his predecessor. And unlike Greed Noah, he did what he was asked and nothing more.


In terms of his exact physical attributes, this Noah demonstrates all of the defining characteristics that are shared by his other brethren, including a medium-dark complexion and medium-length silky black hair, which in this instance is sleeked back so as to expose the entirety of his forehead. His typical attire consists of a simple black shirt worn in an extremely casual manner, with the collar upturned and either sleeve drawn upwards to rest above just his elbows, accompanied by a pair of light-colored trousers. These articles are accentuated by the presence of two necklaces of different lengths, the longer one having a red crystal-like adornment and the shorter appearing to be similar to that of a dog tag, a feature shared by the aspect which represents Greed.[5]

Noah temporarily suffers from losing an eye, but it is restored when he merges with his own ant familiars. The color of his eyes are white with no pupils present and has veins on his forehead.


As a Icon and Sorcerer, Noah is a powerful practitioner of magic. His level of skill even surprised Sid Barrett, who commented he was on a different level then him and Akane☆Hoshi as he held Clay Sizemore, the Demon Great Sword.[6]

Special Abilities

  • Noah using magic to propel himself.
  • Noah summoning his ant monsters.

Magic (魔法, Mahō): Noah is capable of utilizing magic for various feats. Unlike his previous incantation, this Noah has shown the ability to outright fly with the usage of propulsion, in which he concentrates magic to his hand. He's also seen being able to fly at speeds surpassing Gopher and released a jet-like stream.[7] He also displayed enough skill in telekinesis to the point he can use the Book of Eibon without the usage of his hands to summon.[3]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Unlike the previous Noah, this Noah seems to not fear being up close while summoning. Whereas the greed incantation kept his distance, this Noah fought Asura closely. After merging with one of his ants by using BREW, he then fought Asura and surprising got the upperhand, almost managing to catch him before the intervention of Crona.[3]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Noah possess some incredible physical durability, being capable of withstanding a shockwave from Asura, only losing an eye ancapable of continuing to fight.[3]


Like the Icon of Greed, much of Noah's abilities is dependent on the Book of Eibon and it's contents.[3] Unlike the last Icon in addition, he isn't as resistant to Madness.[3]


Chapter 104 - Noah summons an unknown Demon

Noah fighting against Asura by summoning his monsters.

Book of Eibon (エイボンの書, Eibon no Sho) (Former): Just like the earlier Noah, this version of Noah & his abilities center and rely on the Book of Eibon he carries with him. Though he hasn't been seen using it much in a fight,it's certain that he can use the very same abilities that the last Noah could use.In addition, the book has various abilities such as teleportation & producing magical shackles.[3] In addition, he also has a unique connection to the book and made it "jet" towards Asura.[3] He was also able to summon the ant monster with his hands in his pocket and not holding the Book of Eibon.[3]

  • Madness of Knowledge (知識の狂気, Chishiki no kyōki): Though he hasn't used it, due to having possess the Book of Eibon, Noah could also use the Madness of Knowledge like his previous incantation had.
  • "BREW": Having the Book of Eibon in which held "BREW", Noah had access to the Demon Tool. Along with Wavelength amplification, one of the more powerful (and true) capabilities of "BREW" was being able to fuse two beings into one, as well as amplifying the user's power. Noah used this ability to fuse with an ant and is possible Noah could be able to fuse with any other monster that he has in the book.[3]
  • Fusion with Ant: Noah fused with a Magic Ant when the Table of Contents utilized "BREW", making the Icon vastly more powerful. Able to control the Magic Ant's body, He was able to temporarily turn the tide of the fight and gained the advantaged between him and Asura, the strongest member of the former Eight Warlords and nearly caught him until the intervention of Crona.[3]
Chapter 103 - Noah crushes Asura

Noah gains the upperhand on Asura.

  • Enhanced Strength: Fused with the Magic Ant, Noah was able to send Asura flying with the swiping of the Magic Ant's mandable as well as "step" on Asura in the air, causing a small craters. However, despite this strength, it did not have any lasting effects on Asura.[3]
  • Enhanced Durability: Fused with the Magic Ant, Noah was strong enough to shrug off Asura's skin scarves.[3]


Mad Blood Arc

With the demise of the Icon of Greed, the Table of Contents then uses the Book of Eibon to let loose the "Icon of Wrath". Appearing from the book, the newly released Noah is then met by a surprised Gopher. Taking hold of the young boy, he vulgarly orders him to shut up and follow.[8]

Hunt Arc

Having somehow learned the location of the Kishin, Noah along with Gopher make their way towards the Moon via flight. Noah tells Gopher that he'd better be behind the Icon, only for the Tool to reply that he is three wing beats behind him. However, the Icon is unable to hear due to the high speeds during flight.[9]

War on the Moon Arc

Chapter 95 - Noah and Gopher angry as Akane and Clay follows them

Noah and Gopher find that they're being followed by DWMA-CIA agents Akane and Clay, much to their chagrin.

Having snuck around the Clown Army and DWMA forces, he proclaims to Gopher that this is their chance to get into the moon loudly. However, both of them come head-to-head with DWMA Intelligence Agency members Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore.[10] Sending a threat to both CIA members, he is quickly silenced by Gopher, with the servant informing him that he'll alert the Clown Army of their presence If he yells. He strikes Gopher in return, as he was already aware of that. Not wanting to waste time with them, he proceeds into the Moon. He is disturbed when both agents decide to follow him, making him angry and his shoulders point upward. When Gopher tries supporting him by pointing out the corner of his mouth is pointing downward, Noah instead beats him and points out they're still pointing up wards.[11]

Witches' Trial Arc

Chapter 99 - Noah and Gopher race ahead of Sid

Noah and Gopher race ahead of Sid.

As the two intelligence members, Noah, and Gopher venture through the inner Moon's nostrils, all of them end up running into Sid Barrett.[12] Sid is brought up to speed and replies in a state of disbelief, with Noah throwing an insult back. When Clay informs the CIA members of a plan to use them as decoys for Asura, Noah and Gopher reply that they were planning to use the DWMA-CIA agents as decoys and tells them to not copy them. After Sid agrees to work alongside for their common objective, Noah and Gopher childishly race ahead of him, much to the zombie's annoyance.[13]

Chapter 99 - Sid, Akane, Clay, Noah, and Gopher are pulled into an illusion.

DWMA-CIA, Noah, and Gopher are pulled into an illusion.

Coming onto a deep ravine, Noah yells down to attempt to possibly catch Asura's attention. Noah watches as Sid bounces Gopher's idea of fire his cannon and instead uses a flare. They are swiftly pulled into an illusion from Asura's Madness of Fear, finding a gigantic version of Asura looking down at them and devouring them. All of them realize it was an illsion, with Noah present as Sid then states the certainty of Asura's presence being down within the ravine.[14]

War on the Moon II Arc

Chapter 103 - Noah jets towards Asura

Noah "jets" towards Asura to fight him.

Venturing deep into the moon as possible,[15] he along with the DWMA-CIA agents and Gopher sense Asura's Madness.[16] Noah is present when Sid announces Asura is coming for them through the darkness[17] and Akane counts down his physical presence in meters.[18] Noah along with everyone else on the Moon is pulled into another powerful illusion, only to be pulled out of it from Soul Eater's Soul Mediation to stop the Madness for a few moments. When Asura's presence is revealed, the Icon hastily enters a battle with the Kishin. Impressed by his sheer power, he tells Gopher he doesn't wanna hear his whining when he shows concern. He summons his ants to fight Asura but finds himself merging with one after the Table of Contents uses the true capability of "BREW".[19]

Powered up, Noah continues fighting Asura and fares better, seemingly being an even match despite not doing lasting damage. He successfully manages to subdue the Kishin. However, he is confused at Asura words and is unaware of Crona's presence behind him.[20]

Dark Side of the Moon Arc

Chapter 113 - Gopher happily carries the other Icons.

Gopher carrying Wrath and the other Icons.

Noah is surprised to find Crona just above him, being one of the people along with Asura absorbed by their Mad Blood. However, his is soon spat out of Crona's body by Ragnarok, rendered unconscious.[21] He remains unconscious throughout the DWMA's battle with Asura.[22] In the aftermath of the Kishin's defeat sealing on the Moon from the Black Blood, Gopher happily carries Wrath as well as his other fellow icons away from the Moon.[23]


  • Noah (Wrath) has a tendency of keeping his hands in his pockets, even when fighting.


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