Noise Cancelling
Technique Data
English Title Noise Cancelling
Romaji Noizu Kyanseringu
Katakana ノイズキャンセリング
Alternate Title(s)
Type Wavelength, Sound,
Derived Magic
Class Supplementary
Real World Data
Manga Debut 76
Anime Debut
I can grasp everyone's whereabouts as if they're in the palm of my hand. All I need to do now is send it through the threads. Everyone please listen, to Maka's melody.

Soul Eater, Chapter 59

Noise Cancelling (ノイズキャンセリング Noizu Kyanseringu in Japanese) is an ability unique to Soul Eater Evans only used in the manga. Using his talents as a powerful pianist, he can send out different types of Soul Wavelengths by playing the piano in the Black Room. By sending out Soul Wavelengths, he can disrupt an opponent's Wavelength by playing a song that emits a Wavelength of the opposite frequency, therefore incapacitating them and preventing them from attacking. However, he can only achieve this if he is Resonating with Maka as he needs her Soul Perception in order to figure out their opponent's Soul Wavelength.

Soul at first needs a medium to send the Wavelength through. The first time he uses Noise Cancelling, he uses Arachne's spider threads in the manner of a string instrument. When he consumes Arachne's soul, he is able to use Noise Cancelling without a medium.

This is an invaluable ability, but with its drawbacks. By playing the piano, Soul is affected by insanity and can end up accidentally activating the Black Blood. By Chapter 100, however, Soul is able to use the piano without falling into madness.

Also, if the opponent's Wavelength is too strong, the attempt to Noise Cancel will backfire and end up dealing damage to Soul instead.

Variations Edit

Meditation of the Soul Edit

Meditation of the Soul (魂の瞑想曲 Tamashii no Meisoukyoku in Japanese) is a song that is played in the key of "G" (which is apparently the equivalent of Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength), Soul plays this song when he wants to transmit Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to other people who are suffering from insanity. Soul first uses this version of Noise Cancelling (it was not named this then, however) on Arachne, using her spider webs to transmit Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to the people in Baba Yaga's Castle. The song manages to free everyone from insanity, and at the same time, send the Anti-Demon Wavelength to Arachne, causing her to take damage.

Adagio of the Soul Edit

The term 'Noise Cancelling' is first stated in Maka and Soul's fight with Giriko. Hearing Giriko's chaotic Wavelength, Soul plays Adagio of the Soul (魂のアダージョ Tamashii no Adaajo in Japanese) with 'adagio' meaning 'at ease' in Italian, in order to slow down Giriko's Wavelength. The song achieves this perfectly, up to the point Giriko stops moving and his chain saws disappear, and he ends up in a lethargic, trance-like state. However, the second time Soul tries playing Adagio of the Soul, Giriko's Wavelength is too loud and ends up causing Soul's piano to explode, dealing him damage.

Sound of Insanity Edit

After coming into contact with the Black Spheres created out of Crona's Mad Blood, Soul temporarily goes insane and fights Stein, Maka and Kim. He is able to transmit music tailored to drag people down into madness. The Madness becomes so potent, that it condenses into floating notes that can cause concussive damage upon impact, creating a Sound Shock. However, Kim and Maka manage to cancel out his sound waves through Regeneration Magic and Anti-Demon Wavelength respectively.

Soul Hack Edit

With this ability, Soul creates a scythe blade from his arm and transforms it into a piano keyboard (identical to the one he uses for Sound Shock) within his mind, remaining in Weapon form. By hearing the rhythm of his enemy's attack (specifically Moonlight's moonbeams attack), he could match it and take control of it. This allows him to turn an enemy's attack against them.

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