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The Oldest Golem, as the name states, is the oldest Golem in the series. The title is not given to it for being the oldest known Golem, but given to it because it is the actual first Golem made. Its body was created by Giriko 800 years prior to the start of the series. It is suggested by the Golem's attire that its name may be Emeth, which means truth in Hebrew- it should be noted that the word was also used to animate golems in medieval times in actual mythology.


As a golem is a relatively simple artificial construct, it has neither a soul nor a personality to claim as its own. It is instead bound to the whims of its creator and the programming installed by them, in this case Giriko, which it obeys immediately with both an unwavering and unquestioning loyalty. However; unlike most usable golems, that although charmed have no programming within them which allows it to destroy things, the Oldest Golem appears to have no quarrel in undertaking heavily damaging or life threatening actions.


Emeth Arachne

The golem after containing Arachne's soul.

The golem itself has been crafted into a simplistic humanoid form, with a large rounded head featuring two holes for eyes and a single prominent row of large teeth. It stands much taller than the average person and has a light gray complexion, representing the dried earth that composes a major portion of its original construction material. The majority of its body is concealed under a pair of blue dungarees, embellished with the word "emeth", over a long sleeved t-shirt. It also wears a pair of brown boots upon its feet.

When observed using Soul Perception and still containing Arachne's soul, the golem features numerous protrusions, similar to those of a spiders appendages, entwined by a large quantity of threads.


800 years before the main storyline of Soul Eater, and after her battle with Shinigami, Arachne used this Golem to hide her soul from Shinigami and the Witches who were hunting her down. Doing this enabled her to stay hidden for 800 years unnoticed until she was eventually stirred by the madness released due to Asura's awakening.

Trial RunEdit

The Golem appears to wield Giriko in his weapon form after he launches his attack on Maka, Soul, and Crona. After Maka manages to land a hit into its side, threads spew from it and paralyze her. Arachne's soul then removes itself from the Golem's body and back into her forming body. After Justin Law shows up to assist the DWMA students, Arachne and Giriko make their retreat, leaving the Golem to fend off Justin's attacks. It is quickly destroyed after its head is severed in two by Justin's Law Abiding Silver Gun.


  • The word "emeth" written on its body comes from the Hebrew word "Emet" (אמת) meaning "truth" and in many tales is believed to be the word used to activate a golem, as such it is written on all the golems in the series.
  • It is possible that the oldest golem's physical appearance was based on Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film series given the scars on his head as well as the somewhat simple design of his face and that he wears mostly a pair of jean overalls like Leatherface. This works well with Giriko's chainsaw weapon form, especially since the golem was shown wielding him.