Those with a one-star (一つ星, Hitotsu no Hoshi) status are among the lowest ranking individuals within Death Weapon Meister Academy's E.A.T Class curriculum. Meisters and weapons of this ranking are recognized as one-star meisters (一つ星職人, Hitotsu no Hoshi Shokunin) and one-star weapons (一つ星武器, Hitotsu no Hoshi Buki).[2]


This is the most common designation within the academy. Those whom are one-star often focus on performing well on quests and creating a death's weapon, a demon weapon fit to be a partner to Death himself.[3] However, top performing meisters and weapons of a one-star ranking may also participate in undergoing many of DWMA's more serious and dangerous missions alongside three-star individuals.[2]

Requiring the faculty to come to agreement for advancement, it seems those who manage to wield the likes of the Holy Sword and partner with Excalibur are able to advance to a three-star status regardless of their previous standing.[4] Top performing one-star meisters whom are deemed useful in suppressing more advanced threats may also be promoted to a two-star ranking.[5]

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