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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc is the fifteenth story arc in Soul Eater. Though both arcs happen within the anime and manga, the various events that comes after differ. , A small force comprised of DWMA students and Medusa's Faction infiltrate Baba Yaga Castle in order to assassinate Arachne and rescue their Kim, Jacqueline, and Crona. And the leading woman of the operation is: Medusa.

In the anime, Death Weapon Meister Academy comes head-to-hand with Arachnophobia in a large scale battle in order to capture Asura. Meanwhile, Kid learns of Death's true intent with the demon tools and Medusa is locked into battle with Maka, Soul, Marie, and Crona as they battle to save a maddening Stein from her control.



Notable Instances

  • The combined forces of DWMA and Medusa's Army defeat Arachnophobia in its entirety, including its headquarters at Baba Yaga Castle.
  • Maka Albarn and Soul Eater kill the organization's leader, Arachne.
  • Other members of Arachnophobia are killed, disabled, or defect: Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa kill Mifune and leave Baba Yaga Castle with Angela Leon; Noah kills Mosquito; Giriko defects with the fallen Death Scythe Justin Law to Noah's Group; and other members and Demon Tool Soldiers no longer appear in the manga, whether because they are killed or in hiding.
  • Drawing upon her as yet unrevealed Grigori Soul, Soul's Black Blood, and Arachne's Madness Magic, Maka unleashes the Grigori Dress for the first time outside of the Black Room. The next arc reveals that Maka has a Grigori Soul.
  • Black☆Star finally comes to an understanding with the Will of the Nakatsukasa, unleashing new weapon forms and abilities from Tsubaki.
  • Over the course of the arc, Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré, recently defected from the DWMA to Arachnophobia, are brainwashed by Mosquito's use of the Morality Manipulation Machine, reclaim their previous personalities through Ox Ford's outreach and the Machine, and rejoin the DWMA.
  • This arc finally confirms Baba Yaga Castle's location: it is in the Amazon River Basin, which clarifies why the Death Scythe of South America, Tezca Tlipoca, and his meister Enrique make their first appearances.
  • This arc initially introduces the sorcerer Noah as Eibon. The remainder of the arc will reveal that, although he holds the Book of Eibon, he has taken on that name to infiltrate Arachnophobia as part of his goal of acquiring everything in the world. Later arcs will reveal Noah is actually one of many Icons sent by the Book of Eibon's Table of Contents to fulfill its goals.
  • This arc provides more information about characters' families and back stories. For example, following the revelation in the "BREW" - The Tempest arc that Soul's last name is "Evans" as well as information about Soul's family. During Soul's hallucination brought on by Arachne's Magic Attack, Soul is revealed to be a member of a wealthy, musically talented family. Fearing his abilities on the piano brought shame to his family's name, Soul chose the stage name "Soul Eater" upon joining the DWMA. However, the flashbacks show that, while members of his family were surprised at his newly discovered weapon abilities, his brother Wes had told Soul that he enjoyed his piano playing.
  • Black☆Star is shown to have been an infant at the time Spirit, Stein, and 12-year-old Sid participated in an attack that destroyed the remaining members of the Star Clan, at which point Sid adopted Black☆Star and returned with him to Death City.
  • As well, this arc introduces Tsubaki's father, Sanjuro, and reveals her mother is still alive although not currently at the family's residence.
  • Finally, this arc reveals the extent of Kim's abilities as a witch and one reason why she has separated herself from others in the Witches' Realm: her Regeneration Magic opposes witches' inclination to destroy. Her healing magic will be important for arcs in both Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not!

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