Ox Ford (オックス・フォード, Okkusu Fōdo) is a top-class elite meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy, partner of Harvar D. Éclair, and a part of Kilik's team[3][4]. Formerly one of the top one-star students, he later is promoted to a two-star status and is a member of the elite team, Spartoi.[5]


Soul Eater NOT Chapter 33 - Ox studies

Ox studies

As one of the students with the highest grades, Ox is a very studious and serious person, as both he and Harvar seemingly constantly study. He is also shown to be fairly good at chess. In past years, he had scored the highest in an important test that promises a Death Scythe to the one with the top score. This has caused some sort of rivalry between him and Maka, who aspires to score higher than Ox when the test is once again administered. Maka ultimately scores the highest, receiving a perfect 100 to Ox's 99. This defeat is not ignored by Ox, however.

Consistent with his love of studying, Ox is also very logical and cool-headed, preferring to think things through rationally without jumping into situations without thinking of the consequences. He seems to be slightly annoyed when people fail to see when they are being illogical, such as during the battle for Brew, he makes a jabbing remark towards Maka's impetuous approach to helping Stein and Marie, questioning why she is at the top of the class, and also calls Kilik Rung foolish when he tries to find Kim who had run away from the DWMA. He hardly loses his temper, even in the direst of situations. He is also very polite and formal, and his manner of speech is very articulate and polite, even when talking to his friends. He holds pride in his reputation as a top student and holds confidence in his judgment, not hesitating to tell people when they are being irrational. He also likes to refer to himself as 'the Lightning King' (translated as 'the Royal Thunder' in the English dub) or the 'Skilled General Lightning King' (translated as 'Royal Thunder Commander').

However, despite being logical, Ox does not take his logical thinking as far as his partner, Harvar, who is almost cold-hearted and robotic in his actions because of this. Ox cares for his friends and fellow classmates, and never hesitates to protect them. If his friends are in danger, he does not stall in helping them, even if it means going against the DWMA's orders and injuring his reputation as a top student, showing that he is willing to put aside pride for more important things. He also says that protecting his friends is what it means to be a the DWMA student, and he also trusts his friends and is not afraid of asking them for help. When Harvar stabs Kim in order to protect his Meister, Ox understands the reasoning, but does not agree with it, which shows he has a moral stance in his decisions. This also serves as the main difference between him and Harvar, who is more occupied with the end results, rather than the means. Ox is also shown to be very kindhearted and hard-working. In Soul Eater Not! when he hears Kim had taken Tsugumi Harudori's money, he works part-time in order to pay Tsugumi back, and when she displays reluctance in accepting the money, he says that if she wants to do anything in return, she cannot resent Kim for taking her money, saying that although she appears to put people off, he thinks that it looks as if she is purposely avoiding people.

He also displays a fair bit of eccentricity in that he always styles his hair in the shape of two 'horns,' shaving the rest of his hair off. Apparently, he styles his hair every morning, getting up early just for this. He seems to have great pride in his hairstyle, despite being mocked for it, and claims that the two horns (or 'pillars' as he calls them) give him the wisdom to save the ones he loves, and the strength to protect his friends, and is the very lightning that drives him forward. However, he still has the capacity to change, something which he shows to Kim when he snaps his hairstyle in front of her. He is also deeply in love with Kim, and is surprisingly emotional and open about his feelings for her, which is rather out-of-character for his usual serious personality. His love is shown to be a deep one, since he accepts Kim, even though she is a Witch, and is determined to make a place for her in the world.

Although usually appearing as a studious person, when out of doors in battle, he displays the fierce determination and ferocity of a warrior, and Kilik Rung realizes and even admires his burning heart and determination. He claims that like lightning, his battle prowess is much more stronger outdoors than indoors. Indeed, he seems a lot weaker when fighting inside than with fighting outside. This may imply that he thinks fighting indoors is inappropriate, which is consistent with his politeness.


Before the time skip, Ox Ford has most of his hair is shaved off, making him completely bald apart from the two bunches of black hair behind his ears which he gels everyday into sharp points. Resembling horns, they're dubbed "Pillars". Ox also wears a white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, a black tie over a black sweater vest, a belt with black trousers, and black shoes.[6]

After the time skip and much like all the other members of Spartoi, Ox's attire changes once he joined the elite student group. He still has his thick glasses and still wears a white, dress shirt and a tie. Though, instead of wearing his black vest, he now wears a light-blue blazer in lieu of the aforementioned vest. The blazer has the Spartoi logo on the left breast. He wears a black belt and blue pants. It's likely that he wears white shoes along with his attire. His latest appearances have him wearing a dress shirt with a tie, covered by a sweater. What has changed the most is his hair. He now has a full head of short spiky hair (although he still keeps his horns) which is now a light brown.

Ox's soul appears with his two, trademark "pillars" adorned by four, electric bolts around the soul. His soul also features electrical feedback.[7]

Special Abilities

Epsiode 34 - Ox Ford takes on Arachnophobia Elite

Ox takes on some of Arachnophobia's most elite.

Spear Meister (槍職人, Yari Shokunin): Ox Ford is an extremely competent and capable Spear Meister despite his geeky appearance. He was capable of matching the likes of fellow EAT student Tom during his fight at the Death Festival[8] as well as defend himself from another skill Meister and fellow teammate Kim Diehl and Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré despite loss of blood and his injuries.[9] Additionally, he easily was able to take down much of the Arachnophobia elite alongside the entirety of Team Kilik.[10]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): While neither in both Patty Thompson nor Black☆Star's league, Ox has received training at the DWMA and is a capable hand-to-hand fighter.[11]

Episode 34 - Ox saves Maka

Ox saves Maka.

Enhanced Reflexes: Ox was capable of reacting to a ninja shuriken thrown by a Arachnophobia Elite in which even Maka Albarn herself was unable to sense or react in time, saving the Scythe-Meister.[12]

Enhanced Speed: With the usage of the Lighting Spear weapon, Kim Diehl noted that he's capable of performing "lightning-fast" attacks.[13]

High-Level Intellect: Ox is known to be an intelligent individual. Being top of the class and beating even Maka Albarn in previous years[14], his intelligence has allowed him to even perform calculations alongside Eruka Frog and various other Witches' Magic Calculation spell casting.[15]

Weapon Partners

Partnered with Harvar D. Éclair
Episode 11 (NOT!) - Ox and Harvar with him in Lighting Spear fighting off Traitors

Ox with the Lighting Spear on hand.

  • Lightning Spear (雷槍(らいそう), Raisō): Partnered with Harvar D. Éclair, Ox can utilize the power of Lightning offensively or perform "Lightning-speed" attacks against an opponent.[16] Such lightning attacks from the spear itself was capable of clearing out Traitors as well as damaging both Black☆Star and Maka Albarn, nearly incapacitating the latter.[2]

List of special moves

Wavelength Control techniques
  • Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashī no Kyōmei): It is assumed that Ox is capable of resonating his soul with his weapon partner, as he is able to perform a more advance variant.[17]
  • Teamwise Soul Resonance (チームでの魂の共鳴, Chīmu de no Tamashī no Kyōmei): A special type of soul resonance with a group of meisters and weapons, Ox was shown capable of resonating with his teammates, notably Kilik Rung, Fire, and Thunder. During this technique, their attacks are increasingly coordinated with one another.[17]
Soul-Sensing Abilities techniques
  • Soul Perception (魂感知, Tamashī kanchi): While not on either Death the Kid or Maka Albarn's level of Soul Perception of his own admission, he's capable of sensing the souls of others.[18]
Lightning Spear techniques
Episode 35 - Lightning King Drill

Lightning King Drill.


Introduction Arc

Ox as he works for Death Shipping

Ox earns extra money working at Death Shipping

Ox Ford is an EAT student who is in the same year as Eternal Feather.[20] He is seen talking with Kim in the DWMA's cafeteria where after a short discussion Kim hits him and leaves. This is observed by Tsugumi Harudori, Meme Tatane, Anya Hepburn and Eternal Feather. Eternal Feather explains how Ox is one of the top students, and that although many people avoid Kim, Ox is the only one who keeps trying to approach her.

Later, while Tsugumi, Meme and Anya work in a local cafe to acquire some extra money to live on (Anya spent all of hers, Meme forgot where she put hers, and Tsugumi had almost all of hers taken from Kim), Ox is seen delivering coffee beans to the cafe as a part-time job for Death Shipping. Anya wonders if he is a big-spender for Kim.

A week later, after Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya get paid for their part-time help, Ox approaches Tsugumi and gives her all the money that Kim had taken from her, which he had earned through work. When Tsugumi is reluctant, he asks her in return not to hate Kim. Although many people are afraid of her, he thinks that her aggressive behavior is intentional in order to avoid others. He tells the girls that they can use the money however they want it, and heads off.

Death Fest Arc

Before the summer, Ox inadvertently serves as a role model for the troublemaking N.O.T. punks, Raid and Hao. After their defeat by Anya Hepburn in a duel, the two ask for her help to learn how to be better fighters and students, in the hopes of impressing girls. Anya takes Raid and Hao to observe Ox's work, including his studies and his physical training, all in the hope of attracting the girl he loves. While Ox indeed serves as an example for Raid and Hao to be better students and better trainers, they are shocked when they see Ox's work still fails to attract Kim, who dismisses Ox as without money and with a creepy hairstyle. Raid and Hao demand Anya explain, who simply answers that even hard work has its limits.

That fall, on Halloween, Ox and his weapon Harvar D. Éclair join their fellow E.A.T. students in the Death Festival. As the city has numerous Traitors hidden throughout the city, Ox does not initially notice their presence in the audience gathering around his duel with fellow E.A.T. student Tom. As Ox and Tom engage in a friendly match to advance to the next stage of the competition, the battle is inconclusive as Tom is attacked by Traitors from the audience, stabbed in the neck with Shaula's Poison, possessing him against his will.

Possessed, Tom lunges at Ox. To keep Tom from attacking bystanders, Ox draws the fight away from the spectators and to the top of a car, which happens to contain Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, escorting Anya Hepburn out of Death City. Anya urges Ox to get in the car, but he refuses, ordering his friends to drive away to safety. As the car peels off, Ox leaps off in time and lands safely on the road, continuing to battle Tom and other Traitors until the DWMA can remove Shaula's possession over them.

After Tsugumi Harudori, her friends, and the arrival of Death, Death the Kid, and numerous Death Scythes allows for the killing of Shaula Gorgon, Ox's peers return to normal. It is assumed Ox recovered from any injuries and assisted his classmates in bringing medical aid to these possessed students.

The Experiment Arc

Stein tells the class of the exceptionally hard written test that is going to be held in a week's time. A student asks whether Ox will score the highest grade as he had last year, and Ox replies confidently that he will. However, in the end, he comes only second in the year, scoring 99 out of 100, with Maka beating him by getting full marks.

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Black Dragon Arc

This section contains an instance from an anime not present in the manga and/or a deviation

A Fight to the Death at the Anniversary Celebration Arc

When Eruka, Free and Medusa trap the entire student body and staff of the DWMA (apart from a few who manages to escape thanks to Sid) in an Spatial Magic: Independent Cube spell in the school, Ox tries to break out of the cube by using Harvar in Weapon form, but fails. After the magic fades, he and everyone else escape, only to see Shinigami fighting against the recently freed Asura. However, Ox and the others are told by Sid to focus on helping the people in Death City who are injured.

The Reunion Express Arc

Lightning King

During class practice, Ox accidentally fries Maka and Black Star

To combat against Arachne's awakening, Stein starts the class by teaching the students about using Soul Resonance in teams to fight against Arachnophobia. As a test, he calls up Ox and Harvar, Maka and Soul, and Black Star. He begins by explaining the importance of them matching their Wavelengths with others around them, aside from their partner. Stein then tells the students to attack him by working together as a team. Harvar transforms into his Weapon form, Soul into his, and Black Star fights without a weapon. When Ox attempts to attack Stein, he instead accidentally attacks Black Star in the rump and subsequently shocks him with Harvar's electric abilities. When Ox tries once more, he again stabs Black Star, who is in the way, and electrifies him. He later ends up doing this again, this time shocking Maka as well, which Black Star is in contact with. Everyone in the class laughs at them as Stein watches on in dismay.

Black Star, now thoroughly angered, immediately challenges Ox to a duel. Ox accepts this, saying that he cannot stand Black Star either, and he questions Black Star's abilities, believing he could never rival the 'Skilled General Lightning King.' This only serves to anger Black Star more, who quickly knocks Ox out and sends him flying across the room.

After Maka runs off after a fight with Black Star, Ox, with Harvar in Weapon form, is with Kilik Rung, Kim and their partners, wondering if Maka had fallen out with her group.

"BREW" - The Tempest Arc

Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, Patty, Kim, Jacqueline, Kilik Rung, Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, Ox and Harvar are all chose out of the One-Star Meisters to assist the DWMA in acquiring the powerful Demon Tool Brew before Arachnophobia in Lost Island. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. The students' job is to prevent Arachnophobia forces from entering the field whilst Marie and Stein go inside. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat. Maka questions on this, saying that she does not want to leave Marie and Stein behind. Ox replies that if they go in the field, the enemies will follow and the battle will get out-of-hand, leading to people being lost because of staying in the field for too long. He questions Maka, saying if she deserves to be top of the class.

However, as Arachnophobia troops attack, Ox defends Maka from an ambush, and in the end, lets Maka, Kid, Black Star and their partners go into the field, whilst he, Kilik Rung, Kim and their partners stay behind to fight. Ox proves to be a great fighter, incapacitating large numbers of soldiers, and performing a flawless Chain Resonance with Kilik Rung, managing to take down a Golem. He also briefly flirts with Kim, telling her to answer to his love soon. She grumpily replies that she only will if he becomes rich. Ox happily states that he will start studying as soon as he gets home. Soon after, twenty minutes pass, and Kim and Jacqueline go to order the signal for retreat. Ox and Kilik Rung defend her whilst she does this.

The two Meister and Weapon pairs manage to finally defeat all the soldiers. Battered and exhausted, Ox admits that in the end, it was not a very elegant fight, but Kilik Rung says that it does not matter, as long as they won. An exhausted Stein and Marie return from the field, and they approach them, concerned. Marie tries to go back in the field to help Maka and the others, but Stein tells her that the effects of the field do not fade immediately, saying that she will only die needlessly if she goes back. Kilik Rung and Ox volunteer to go after them. Marie tries to stop them, saying that she will fail all of their grades if they go against her orders. Harvar questions whether it is right to go, worrying for Ox's grades. However Ox asks him why he is indecisive, saying along with Kilik Rung that there is no need to think for an answer, as helping their friends is what it means to be a the DWMA student.

They enter the field, and meet up with Maka and the others after their battle with Mosquito. Suddenly, the inside of the field explodes, much to Ox and Kilik Rung's horror. However, Maka and Kid explain that the magnetic field replays the final moments before the explosion that created the field, saying that this is all a hologram. They soon realize this as the explosion does not hurt them.

They all exit the field to meet Marie and Stein. Marie makes a move to strike them, but then hugs them all, saying that they will all still have a talking-to when they get back. Soon the rest of the DWMA's forces arrive and they all go back to Death City. Overall, the mission for getting Brew is a failure, as they believe Arachnophobia has got it.

The Clown Arc

Ox meets up with Kilik Rung who is deciding on which extracurricular assignment to go on and which other person to go with. When asked, Ox states that he has already picked a mission regarding Arachnophobia, but before Kilik Rung can ask if he can go with him, Ox states firmly that he will of course go with Kim. Kilik Rung wishes him good luck as he and Harvar go look for her.

Ox eventually returns to Kilik Rung with an erratic, yet depressed look on his face. Kilik Rung asks about Kim. Ox replies that Kim had declined, stating that she would never be seen with someone with a ridiculous hairstyle as himself. Kilik Rung recommends shaving it off. Ox understands how Kilik Rung would view his hairstyle as strange but, even if the woman he loves detests them, he says still cannot get rid of his two 'pillars' of hair, as it is these two pillars that give him the knowledge to save his friends and the power to protect the ones he loves - the lightning that drives him forward. He then goes on that Kim turns away from him, not because they are ridiculous, but because they are not polished enough.

Kilik Rung notes that Ox is fired up, fitting the requirement for the mission he had just chosen, to defeat the Wrath Giant - an uplifting and fired-up heart. He offers Ox to go with him on the mission, and he agrees. He goes to the receptionist, who has already seen what happened and super-approves their mission.

Deal Arc

Mira Naigus meets with Ox and Kilik Rung and their partners (who are all shirtless), telling them to meet with Kim and Jacqueline when they get back and tell them that Shinigami wishes to see them. They wait for her at the DWMA's entrance, and they meet with Maka and Soul, who had just defeated the Clown. Maka and Soul questions why they were shirtless, and it is explained that they went to confront the Wrath Giant, but ended up befriending him and dancing naked around a campfire instead. Soul states that they seemed to have fun, whilst Maka and his mission was boring. Maka protests that they still managed to learn Majin Hunt. Interested in the new technique, Ox takes notes as Maka explains the technique to him, whilst Soul and Ox, being rather bored by them, talk about music.

Soon, Ox sees Kim and Jacqueline, and gleefully welcomes them back. However, Kim ignores him and greets Maka instead, much to his embarrassment. Kim comments negatively on him being without a shirt, and asks him why he is here. Ox admits that although 90% of the reason was to see Kim, he was also told to relay a message to them.

The group is then approached by Nygus, who tells them that she needs to speak to the two girls. However, some of her associates act rather violently towards them. Alarmed, the two girls flee, as Ox looks on, confused with the others.

An alarmed Ox along with the others listens to Kid, who had just arrived, saying that Kim is actually a Witch. Kilik Rung is angered that they treated Kim like a criminal, saying that it was better if people like him and Ox who are friends talk to her instead. Ox explains that it could not be helped, as Kid had only gotten back, and having a Witch in the DWMA is a big deal. Kilik Rung is angered by Ox remaining so calm, despite Kim leaving, and storms off, determined to look for her. Ox states that Kim will not be able to be found, and Kilik Rungs tells him to shut up, calling him "baldie." However, he soon apologizes and leaves, along with Soul.

Later, in the male showers of the DWMA, Ox overhears some boys talking about Kim in a bad way. He approaches them, saying that if they are going to carry on like that, they should go outside. However, the boys punch him, asking him why they have to go outside in order to fight someone who is stronger there. They say that geeks like him are insignificant to people like them. Ox says he understands everything they say, but says that they are missing one thing out: that Kim is a beautiful person in every way. The boys keep on beating him, and a battered Ox is later seen by Harvar and Kilik Rung. Ox asks Kilik Rung if he saw, and Kilik Rung asks back if he wanted help. Ox says no, saying that their punches are nothing compared to Black Star's punch. Kilik Rung happily agrees.

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle Arc

Ox and Harvar are called upon by Sid along with Soul, Maka, Kilik Rung and their partners. They hear that they had found Arachnophobia's main headquarters, but are then told that the person who they have to work with is Medusa, who had also blown Kim's cover. Maka, along with a reluctant Soul, agree to take on the mission. Kilik Rung asks what Ox would do, and Ox replies that they are chosen for this because their powers are needed. Since it is an order, he will obey it. Kilik Rung asks him if he is sure in working with the person who had blown Kim and Jacqueline's cover, causing them to run away. Ox then states that he will strike down Medusa the moment she does anything suspicious. He states that he will need Kilik Rung for this mission as well, leading to the Meister's agreement to go on the mission.

Lightning King Quake

Ox attacks the Squid(?)

They, along with Kid, Liz and Patty, meet up with Medusa and trek through the Amazon Rainforest to Baba Yaga's Castle. On the way, they meet a squid(?), a normal animal that had mutated with the magic polluting the area due to Arachnophobia's Demon Tool manufacturing. Medusa briefly assists Ox by pulling him out of the squid(?)'s attack with Vector Plate. Seeing that no attacks seem to harm it, Medusa uses Analysis Disassemble to peel apart the magic coating protecting the creature, and Kilik Rung defeats it using Triple F powered up by Vector Boost.

Later, the group goes into a tunnel, where they meet with one of the disguised Mizune. Medusa hears from the Mizune that Kim and Jacqueline are in Arachnophobia, which startles Ox. Medusa explains that Arachne can make almost anyone join her by tempting them with her words.

Continuing down the tunnel, they meet up with Eruka, who gives them Arachnophobia uniforms to disguise themselves in. The group finally infiltrates the castle. However, because everyone is wearing the exact same uniform (although Ox has his two pillars of hair still prominent in the uniform), they cannot tell who is who and are briefly separated. Ox, Harvar and Kilik Rung end up having to entertain Mosquito with a game of chess. Ox realizes that he is really weak at chess, and wonders if he should just beat him at the game. Kilik Rung is almost found out as Fire and Thunder fight in his uniform, but thankfully, Mosquito only mistakes him for a new Artefact Soldier.

After a while, all of the students manage to reunite, and Ox and the others all embrace Medusa in joy as they finally find her. Medusa states that she was doing some preparations for the invasion and executes their initial invasion plan. Arachne's room is sealed with eight Locks. Each of the castle's towers that look like the legs of a spider contains one Lock. The students are told to destroy two Locks, whilst her own forces will destroy the rest. She, Maka and Soul will head towards Arachne's room. She uses Vector Conduct on Ox, Kilik Rung, and Kid to help them find the Locks. At the same time, Ox updates on their situation to Azusa, whom he is in contact with via Long-Range Resonance.

Ox and Kilik Rung, with their partners go on towards the Lock, seeing a couple of Arachnophobia members in labcoats, talking on how the Moral Manipulation Machine had become a success. Ox suddenly picks up Kim's Soul Wavelength. Kilik Rung encourages Ox to go after her, saying that he will take care of the Lock. Ox, thankful, does so.

The two enter a strange room full of steam that seems to have the same effect of cannabis. They meet some dazed Arachnophobia soldiers, and later, the two split up to look for Kim. On his own, Ox reflects on how he had always thrown his feelings at Kim without considering her feelings. He calls himself a fool, saying that maybe Kim would not have run away if he had tried to understand her more. Determined to apologize to her, he focuses on her Wavelength and manages to meet with her and Jacqueline.

However, she is seen to be acting strangely, attempting to seduce Ox. Ox pushes him away, saying that a person like her will never do this. However, he pushes Kim too hard and she falls over, and Ox apologizes, pulling her up and asking if she is hurt. However, Kim takes the opportunity to suddenly stab him with a knife, being under the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine. She kicks the critically injured Ox, mocking him on being a gentleman, saying that they are boring, and that Arachnophobia is the most popular thing right now. She then proceeds to assault the injured Ox, only too be temporarily stopped by an alarm caused by Black Star invading the castle. Jacqueline also uses the opportunity to assault Ox but before the situation becomes grim, Harvar enters the scene, only to find Ox, bloody and on the floor, at the hands of Kim. Ox tells him to be careful as Kim and Jacqueline seem to be controlled as something. Harvar, however, refuses to believe him, saying that Kim was tricking them form the start, saying that she is a Witch through and through. Realizing Ox's critical condition, he prepares to attack Kim in order to protect his Meister, despite Ox's protest.

Harvar manages to stab Kim, killing her, much to Ox's sadness. Ox still tries to save her by attempting to use first aid on her wound, but then is startled as Kim's wound is gone. She wakes up and kicks him away, and Ox and Harvar wonder on why she is still alive. They then realize that Kim is a Tanuki Witch, and that she is a master of Regeneration Magic. Ox says that she is indeed an angel, and Kim agrees that she is different from most Witches, which is why she had suffered so much. Using Jacqueline, she blasts fire at them, but Harvar manages to shield Ox from the blast. Harvar tries to kill Kim again before she can use her magic, but Ox tells him that he will fight. Harvar protests at first, but when he finds tat Ox is unmoved, transforms into his Weapon form.

Soul Eater Chapter 51 - Ox knocks down the Pillars

Ox shows Kim people can change

Whilst fighting, Kim explains that Witches born with destructive magic go through what is known as the Sway of Magic as they get older, in which they become destructive in nature as well. But because she had been given with restorative magic and not destructive, she is not under the Sway of Magic, and because of that she could neither be accepted in the Witch community or in the DWMA. She attacks with Volantern, which Ox cannot dodge due to his injury. Ox explains that the DWMA is willing to accept her, but Kim denies this. She says that she is finally able to feel like she belongs somewhere after joining Arachnophobia and having the Moral Manipulation Machine used on her. Ox questions on why she is crying then. She says that as a Witch, she cannot change, just as Ox cannot change his hairstyle. Ox replies to this by putting down Harvar, and says that people can change, saying that Kim being a Witch does not matter. He snaps his hairstyle in two, promising her that he will make a place where she can belong. After being shown his undying love for her, Kim finally manages to return to normal, and bursts into tears.

Jacqueline, still under the effects of the Moral Manipulation Machine, tries to attack but is incapacitated by Harvar, who proposes that they return her to normal. Kim, realizing Ox's wound, heals him, and also restores his hair, kissing him on the nose as she does so, leading to them both blushing furiously.

After restoring Jacqueline's morality, they all go and assist Kilik Rung and the three Meister and Weapon teams go on and destroy the Lock.

Afterwards, Arachne tries to drag down everyone in the vicinity of the castle into madness, and Ox and his friends (apart from Harvar) are heavily affected by the insanity. However, Maka and Soul manages to save them, with Soul spreading Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength to everyone.

Grigori Arc

Ox is first seen again in the dojo of the DWMA both battered and bruised after losing against a sparring match with Patty. He and Harvar, comment on Patty's athletic ability, comparing it to Maka's. Ox notes that Kim surpasses both in terms of cuteness. This is the first time when he is shown with his new hairstyle. When Black Star appears and emphasizes that he cannot get rid of the scar on his shoulder due to promising to Mifune to be a Warrior God, all the girls, including Kim, blush, much to Ox's surprise.

He is later seen to be a part of the new the DWMA Elite Unit, Spartoi.

Ox watches Black Star and Stein's sparring match, commenting on how both Stein and Black Star are taking the practice session too seriously. Kilik Rung replies that, for people at their level, fighting the way they are is only practice for them.

Salvage Arc

Eruka, Risa and Arisa and Kim prepare to use their Arithmetic Magic spell to open a portal between the manuscript of the Book of Eibon and the real one in Noah (Greed)'s possession. Ox acts as the support, proofreading all the calculations. He watches along with Harvar, Sid and the Witches as Maka, Soul, Kilik Rung, Blair, Fire, Thunder, Liz, Patty, Black Star and Tsubaki enter the Book, and monitor their progress.

Afterwards, Ox receives word that Tezca Tlipoca the Death Scythe is dead, Nygus, Stein, Sid and Marie, the people in charge of attacking Noah, are injured and that the Spartoi members are fighting Noah. Kim wonders if they are going to be all right, and Ox admits that he does not know, but he says that he knows that they will not lose so easily. He later hears that Spartoi have defeated Noah and that Kid has been saved, and joyfully relays the information to the others. They all then watch, surprised, as the manuscript of the Book of Eibon bursts into flames.

War on the Moon Arc

Death orders the assassination of Crona due to their pursuit to become a Kishin. Ox finds himself caught in the middle in arguments between his partner Harvar and his girlfriend Kim, the former determined to follows Death's order exactly and the latter sympathizing with Crona based on her own experiences as a witch leading her to feel under threat of execution.

While in Italy, Ox depends on Maka to locate Crona's soul wavelength. He orders his peers in Spartoi to split up to find Crona, unaware that Maka has lied to him and already located her friend. After Maka fails to persuade Crona to give up the quest to become a Kishin, Crona's power increases in order to attain flight, at which point Ox's soul perception can sense Crona. Bringing Harvar, Kim, and Jacqueline with him to Crona's location, they are too late to stop Crona's escape to the Moon. Realizing that they are not strong enough to catch up with Crona (a remark that Black Star takes as an insult to his abilities), Ox suggests returning to Death City to report this update to Death.

Ox leaves Italy with Harvar, Kim, Jacqueline, Kilik, Fire, and Thunder to return to Death City to update Death on Crona's escape for the Moon. At this time, he like his teammates returns to his previous appearance, shaving his head again except for his twin pillars (which leads Kim, upon reuniting with him on the Moon, to slap him in annoyance for returning to this "creepy" look).

Ox accompanies Kid on his return in the Demon Airship to the Moon. Kid urges the crew to speed up their arrival to the Moon, on the hope that his visit to the Witches' Realm will convince the witches to join their battle against Asura. Even if the Airship, damaged by its previous engagement with Asura's clowns, may not hold up for a return flight back to Earth, let alone this current flight to the Moon, Kid argues the witches will save them in time. While some on board such as Azusa Yumi are initially not convinced, Ox speaks along with his classmates on behalf of Kid, agreeing to follow the shinigami into combat.

Upon arriving on the Moon, the Airship is destroyed by Asura's witches—but the arrival of Kim Diehl and other witches saves Ox and their friends, transporting them to the Moon to begin their battle against the Kishin.

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Ox asks Kim to dance

In Ox's last appearance, he convinces Kim to dance with him

After Maka Albarn's team traps the Kishin and Crona on the Moon, Ox returns with his classmates to Death City. In the face of the demise of Death, Kid assumes the role of a full shinigami and new leader of Death City. Ox joins his friends to celebrate Kid's coronation. When Kid announces that Kim will aid the DWMA to negotiate peace with the witches, Ox offers his assistance to her—then asks her to dance at the celebration, and she hesitantly accepts the offer, just for that one day.


  • Ox's name alludes to the famous University of Oxford, emphasizing his intelligence and status as one of the smartest students at the Academy. Similarly, his partner, Harvar D. Éclair, derives his name from another famous school, Harvard University.
  • Ox appears to be based on the Fear Factory's Vice President Rodigy, from Atsushi's earlier series B. Ichi. Rodigy and Ox share similar haircuts, shaved heads with twin pillars of hair shaped like lightning bolts. Whereas Rodigy's electrical powers are innate due to his Dokeshi condition, Ox's powers are through his lightning weapon, Harvar.[21]
  • An early version of Ox has his two pillars of hair shaped more like lightning bolts. Surprisingly, he even appears to have had hair in a striped pattern instead of his normally shaved head.[22]
  • In the Official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Ox ranked 23rd, along with Kim Diehl and Eruka Frog.


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