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The Paraponera Clan (パラポネラ」一族<, Paraponera Ichizoku) was a mysterious clan that resides underground and once opposed Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


The Paraponera Clan was said to have been born from magic nested underground.[1]


Monotone Princess arc

Enacting their plan to destroy the world, Grimoire begins to gather a mass of humans while Ponera spins her clan's special cocoon to take human souls to create the Gigants. During this time, as they gathered human souls, they also allied with the likes of Killbell and Nars Garnier on false promises of making them reborn to their liking and earned the attention of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]

During their investigation, Maka's team encounters Killbell, whom is killed by the team leader and her weapon partner in battle and they uncover him revealing a possibility of the capable of turning a Human's soul into a kishin egg without consumption.[1]

Nars is later encountered by Death the Kid and the Thompson Sisters during the DWMA's investigation into the Paraponera Clan as they attempt to uncover their identity and goal. After Nal's death, a stray werewolf by the name of Alone then takes the clan's coccon for himself. Becoming a person of interest in the DWMA, the Paraponera Clan also learns of Alone's taking of the cocoon. Ponera and Grimoire both plan to retrieve it themselves.[1]

Ponera and Grimoire close in to retrieve their cocoon, though Death Weapon Meister Academy beat them to finding Alone's residence and slays the Werewolf before claiming one of the clan's cocoon. Ponera and Grimoire oversee Alone's defeat, the Witch entrusting the Sorcerer to retrieve the cocoon himself before the both of them teleport away from the scene.[1]

The Paraponera Clan later appear under Patchwork Labs to retrieve the clan's cocoon in DWMA's custody lead by Grimoire. During their attack, their identity and leader is surprisingly revealed by Dr. Medusa. Successful in retrieving the cocoon, Grimoire sends a Gigant to attack Black☆Star and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa though the creature is defeated.[1]

As Death Weapon Meister Academy searches the underground caverns, Kid's team uncovers both a developing Gigant and Grimoire himself, who reveals his true intent on ruling the world as a "all-powerful wizard" by using Ponera's cocoons to create an army of Kishins and use his ability to absorb the power of a soul through his book, making him more powerful than even a Grim Reaper.[1]


Paraponera insignia

A formidable clan, the Paraponera Clan are capable of military-like tactics and strategy, having been able to elude and evade Death Weapon Meister Academy as well as have their identity remain a mystery.[1]

  • Paramyles: The main combatants of the Paraponera Clan and are the results of humans whose souls have been absorbed into the clan's cocoon and are controlled by the likes of Grimoire and/or Ponera via a form of Manipulation Magic.[1]
  • Gigant: Ant-like Kishin creatures that are the final result of the clan's cocoons taking in a Human soul. These beings are considered Kishin and as such, possess Kishin Power. Although strong, they are not nearly as as Kishin Asura.[1]

Special Abilities

  • Magic (魔法, Mahō): Composed of witches and wizards, The Paraponera Clan has considerable talents in magic, responsible for using it to create special cocoons and magical lifeforms capable of battling.[1]
  • Mind Control (マインドコントロール, Maindo Kontorōru): Some members of the clan are able to use some form of mind control upon those whose soul have been aborbed into the cocoon and turn them into Paramyres.[1]

Advanced magical techniques

  • Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): Witches of the Paraponera Clan are also capable of using advanced techniques such as soul protect and are able to imbue it into their creations like the kishin cocoon.[1]

Rare abilities

  • Kishin Cocoon (鬼神の繭, Kishin no Mayu): A special cocoon that contains a yorishiro and is able to draw and absorb human souls (like that of a magic weapon). When a large (but unknown) amount of souls are absorbed, it is supposedly capable of producing the powers of a kishin. The cocoon is also has a soul protect on it to prevent meisters from tracking it.[1]

List of members

Name Race Ranking Status
Ponera Witch Queen Deceased
Grimoire Wizard Teacher Inactive
Killbell Human Ally Deceased
Nals Garnier Phantom Ally Deceased


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