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I'll let you have it. This is the light of the Gods.

Death the Kid, Chapter 81

Parent's Seven Rays (親の七光, Pearentsu Sebunn Reizu) is one of Death the Kid's most powerful moves (only in the Manga), that can only be utilized through the prior connection of two of the Lines of Sanzu that are displayed within his hair. It is performed by conducting a Soul Resonance with Liz and Patty. A potential requirement may be that Liz and Patty need to be in their Death Eagle .42 mode in order to use this move; however, this has not been explicitly stated.

Like most of Kid's powerful moves, the attack has a number of stages to go through before its completion.

It first begins with Kid performing Soul Resonance with Liz and Patty, which causes them to enter Execution Mode. Even at this point, one of the Lines of Sanzu is already connected.[1]

Patty then gives the all clear, telling Kid that their Soul Wavelength circuits are connected and that the Resonance levels are stable, reporting the apparent noise level in their Resonance.[2]

The next stage is called Coffin Construction (棺桶構築, Koffinn Kouchiku), where Kid fabricates five small coffins that are in the shape of cannons, which subsequently proceed to float in a symmetrical formation behind him. These coffins have triggers attached to them that look like Shinigami's mask.[3]

Next, Kid connects his second Line of Sanzu and makes them extend out from his head like halos. The following stage begins with Commencing Rotation (回転開始, Kaiten Kaishi) in which Death the Kid apparently makes the air in the immediate vicinity spin into a tornado, through the use of his Lines of Sanzu.[4]

This completes the charging sequence for the attack. The last thing Kid does is the final stage Coffin Release (棺桶開放, Koffinn Kaihou), in which the triggers of the five coffins release, letting forth a powerful ray of light from each of them. At the same time, Kid points Liz and Patty upward, shooting a ray of light from both of them, totalling the amount of rays to seven. These rays shoot upwards into the air, before dipping down and shooting towards the enemy. Unlike his Death Cannon ability, the fired energy appears more similar to lasers rather than the commonly observed blasts. The beams are powerful enough to cut through even the most powerful of foes, evidenced when it easily dismembers and beheads the enormous form of the Horror Dragon. Kid can also make the seven beams converge into one giant skull-shaped ray that results in a huge destructive explosion.[5]

  • Stage 1 - "Soul Wavelength Connection"
  • Stage 2 - "Coffin Construction"
  • Stage 3 - "Commencing Rotation"
  • The skull-shaped blast destroys Noah

It is first used in the final fight against Noah. Death the Kid uses the seven beams of light to kill the Horror Dragon, before making the lights converge into one in order to kill Noah.


  • The name of the attack comes from a Japanese saying.'Parent's seven lights' (親の七光, Oya no Nana Hikari) is the term given to children who are granted many privileges due to their parent's influence. Soul refers to this phrase when first meeting Kid, accusing Kid for getting everything he wants from his father. Parent's Seven Rays, is an attack used to symbolize that Death the Kid is not dependent upon his parents, in this case specifically his father, influence anymore.
  • Despite Kid's obsession over symmetry, he shows absolutely no problem in performing this move, even though during Kid's and Soul's first meeting, Kid breaks down crying when Soul mentions the number seven, ironically, when he mentions the parents seven lights.


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