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He always had push harder, reach higher. He never knew when to stop. Because of that... he lost himself. The Warrior became a Demon.

Mifune, Episode 46

White Star

White☆Star is the example of a follower of the Path of the Demon

The Path Of The Demon is the direct opposite of the Path Of The Warrior (戦士のパス: Senshi no pasu), with those following it often known as Fallen Warriors. 悪魔のパス (Akuma no pasu), literally means "Devil's Path", relating the path to that of the path of the Kishin.


One who chooses the Path Of The Demon chooses the striving for power and victory over the striving of earnest will and justice. A key difference between this path and the Path of the Kishin is that a person on the Path Of The Demon does not necessarily need to have eaten any Human Souls nor is he necessarily addicted to the urge. A person on this path instead shows a supreme goal of achieving the strongest level of power possible. Whether or not this person chooses to consume pure Souls in order to gain this power is their decision. A person can simply consume Kishin Eggs instead and still be on this path.

An individual's personality and mentality are highly affected by this chosen Path. Usually this person would display a sense of extreme recklessness, inner darkness, power-hungriness, carelessness, over-self-pride, combat-lust, bloodlust, short temper, and fear of defeat.

A person on the Path Of The Demon also becomes so anxious and obsessed with obtaining power, that they will always push themselves higher and hard, without the knowledge of when to stop. In the end, without proper control and understanding of the true use of their accumulated power, they inevitably corrupt their own minds.

A Demon will eventually achieve great strength if not defeated. The most identifiable traits to these Fallen Warriors are that of a distorted Soul Wavelength, and a physical characteristic of darkness involved with the look of their eyes. An example would be White☆Star, who developed bright red glowing eyes by the time of his defeat. Red pupils with black irises, or a simple shadow around the top half of the face showing nothing but black with exception of the eyes themselves can also be traits of a Demon.

One who follows this path also grows to rely on the feel of invincibility and victory, making them very fearful of defeat. A Demon who is defeated cannot accept or handle their loss, and usually becomes extremely frustrated with themselves. So much that their sense of doubt is enough to paralyze their own Wavelengths.

Followers of the Path Of The DemonEdit