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Path of the Warrior (also known as known as Way of the Warrior and The Martial Way) is a set philosophy that is the direct opposite of the Path Of The Demon.


The philosophy behind this path is that the "Warrior" who follows this path strives to fight from earnest of will and righteousness over selfish and dark emotions and concepts such as greed, power, and fear. Those who follow this path tend to have more positive personality traits such as being, heroric, courageous, etc. However, there's no determining the exact personality that makes a Warrior, as people will possess different ones.[1]

Mastering the PathEdit

It is incredibly difficult to truly "master" this path, which requires a lot of dedication and persistence as well as a great deal of self-awareness. Those who master the path often go through a great struggle, sometimes being on the tipping point between the Warrior's Path and the Demon's Path.[1]

Warrior GodEdit

Black Star God-Slaying Attack 001

Black☆Star, an individual considered to be a Warrior God.

A Warrior God (武神, Bushin), also known as "God of Combat", is a powerful individual whose power resides in their overall amazing physical prowess. They are very devout followers of the Path Of The Warrior. However, they should not be confused for true gods like a Death God. Despite having the status of a Warrior God, even Black☆Star admitted that he couldn't take on Asura, a true god, on his own.[2] He was even unable to deal out lasting damage towards Asura, even when he was under the influence of Soul's Piano and in a Chain Resonance.




Former FollowersEdit


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