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Patricia Thompson
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Patty Thompson (Post-Timeskip) Profile
Patty as she appears in the Soul Eater series.
Name Patricia Thompson
Alias(es) Patty Thompson
Romanji Patorishia Tonpuson
Katakana パトリシア・トンプソン
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Female
Age 15-16
Race/Species Demon Weapon
Type of Soul
Weapon Form(s)
Status Alive
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 Death Weapon Meister Academy
Nationality American
Place of Origin Brooklyn, New York [1]
Residence Death City
Team/Group Spartoi
Weapon Partner(s) Elizabeth Thompson (via bond)
Meister Partner(s) Death the Kid

Elizabeth Thompson

Relation(s) Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Unnamed Father (Father)
Elizabeth Thompson (Older sister)
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Narumi Takahira (Japanese, anime)
Cherami Leigh (English, anime)
Manga Debut(s) Prologue #3
Anime Debut(s) Episode 3
Game Debut(s)

Patricia Thompson (パトリシア・トンプソン, Patorishia Tonpuson) is a Demon Weapon and the younger sister of Elizabeth Thompson.[2] Known as one of the "Demon Twin Guns", both her and her sister were known as the "Brooklyn Devils" and were petty thugs until being found by their now current Meister and Shinigami, Death the Kid. Overtime, she reformed from her thieving and ruffian ways along with Liz and became Kid's weapon and later becoming DWMA students within the E.A.T Class.[3][4] She is also formerly a member of Spartoi. Patty is one of the protagonists in Soul Eater.


Patty and her sister, Liz, were abandoned by their mother in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Upon being abandoned, the two underwent an extreme loss of any personal connection to anyone other than themselves, growing increasingly self-centered, and caring only for the well being of one another. In addition to growing an extreme hatred towards their mother, the two also became heavily involved in criminal activity. They became known infamously as simply, "The Thompson Sisters", and would usually commit muggings of people in alley ways, even sometimes getting in trouble with the local mob.


  • Patty turns the Ultimate Written Exam into origami
  • Patty fascinated by a hairclip
  • Patty builds a sculpture from napkins
  • Patty imitates statues of Death
  • Patty frequently sleeps in class or when studying

Patty acts and speaks like a young child, often using a singsong voice. She pronounces words like "hello" and "sorry", as a child would "hullo" and "sowwy", and seems to still be learning about simple things such as assigning animal noises to the right animal.[5] This child-like disposition can lead to her coming across as nosy or insensitive, such as when she boldly asks if Crona is a boy or a girl .[6] However, concepts past extremely basic ones may not have been explained to her due to her generally childish demeanour and inability to understand a lot of things, as exemplified by Liz congratulating her on simply getting animal names right.[7] This lack of knowledge may be due to her growing up on the streets and presumably not having a formal education.

Her current personality differs from the seemingly aggressive personality she had during her time in Brooklyn, developing her current personality after she met Kid. Unlike her sister Liz, Patty enjoys the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude; though she does cheer him up when he gets down on himself about it.

She seems naïve and simple-minded, seeming not to take life seriously. While Patty had these traits before moving to Death City, such as being delighted that Kid referred to her and Liz as beautiful[8] or patting her backside at people she robbed,[9] such simplemindedness was far more violent and nefarious. With time working at Deathbucks Café, Patty would spend off-time building a dragon sculpture out of napkins and frightening Tsugumi Harudori with her ghost Halloween outfit. When taking an important written exam, instead of answering questions, Patty took out crayons and began making an origami giraffe out of her test papers, then "broke its neck." When showering, she scrubs so much shampoo through her hair that she forms suds all over her body.[10] She also seems fascinated by the smallest details, such as children's alphabet books[9] or a hairclip.[10] She frequently laughs, even when something bad happens. For example, when Kid bemoans his asymmetry and says he "want[s] to die," Patty responds with laughter: "Kya ha ha! ♪"[11] and, at other times when he is depressed, even poking him with a stick.[12]

On the few occasions when she loses her temper, her childlike personality is replaced by an almost insane anger, as if her personality returns to how she behaved when a criminal in Brooklyn. Her demeanor can be so frightening that it scares Kid, even to the point of risking running through an asymmetric Tadpole Bomb minefield. Whether these qualities count as her own form of madness has yet to be clarified.

When confronting some serious topics, and dangerous situations, Patty's childishly naïve personality is replaced with a more serious personality, suggesting that her bubbly personality may be a mask or merely how she wants to act. Upon learning that Kim Diehl was scared away from the Academy on accusations of being a witch, she and Liz both looked serious.[10] After Kid is captured by Noah, Patty angrily called her sister a coward and demanded they attack Noah. When Liz broke down crying, Patty showed a surprising amount of maturity by comforting her sister.[13]

When having her gender switched inside the Book of Eibon, Patty's personality leans towards his more crazed side, with a higher amount of aggression as he threatens to "beat (Index) up" with a sadistic look on his face.


Main article: Patricia Thompson/Relationships

While Patty can be combative like Black☆Star, her pleasant demeanor and seeming immaturity makes her seem much friendlier. Although she appreciates and recognizes the valuable traits in her teammates and friends, she is willing to tease them, even her own sister, Liz. However, as demonstrated by her devotion to Liz and Kid, Patty is also loyal and a helpful, as well as talented, teammate in battle.


Patty appears to be physically older than Kid, Black☆Star, Soul, and Maka. She has chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs and light blue eyes. Liz is taller and thinner than Patty: upon their arrival in Death City, Liz is 170 centimeters tall (about 5 feet 7 inches), and Patty is 160 centimeters (about 5 feet 3 inches).[14] Patty's breasts are large also much more in size than her sister, despite being the younger sister of the two, and these and other physical differences between the sisters annoy their meister, Kid, as it makes the sisters asymmetrical in their human form.

Like Liz, Patty's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles resembling the corners of her hat that was part of her initial outfit as Kid's weapon.[15]

In her Demon Pistol form, Patty has an identical appearance as Liz, that of a silver-themed Beretta M9 Pistol. The handle-grip is black and has a small Death mask on it. On the slide assembly are three darker silver triangles next to each other, resembling teeth. Patty and Liz collect the souls by drawing them into the pistol's magazine, and they fired a meister's compressed wavelength rather than bullets, such compressed wavelengths appearing pink as they fire.[15]

When living on the streets of New York, Patty wore a sleeveless top with thin straps, and pants with a worn-out spot on the right knee.[15][16] When Kid offered to take her and Liz as his weapon partners, she wore a sleeveless top with a buttoned collar and jeans.[8]

In Liz's daydreams of Patty, she assumes a more childish appearance, wearing an oversized plaid apron dress with a ribbon tie, a white arm-length shirt, dark stockings, light dress shoes, and a large bow on the left side of her head.[8][17]

Before she was released from probation, Patty, like her sister at the time, wore a DWMA location-monitoring bracelet, with a skull logo on it resembling Death's mask.[18] When not working at Deathbucks, she wore a sleeveless top and jeans.[18][19]

When working at Deathbucks Café, Patty wore the usual waitress outfit, consisting of a short skirt and a skull-shaped tiara. For Halloween, she added a Jack O'Lantern hat—even in combat.[19][20]

In their initial missions as Kid's weapons, Patty and Liz wore cowgirl outfits: a tight, red, sleeveless, turtleneck belly shirt with a white tie, cowboy hat and black, high-heel boots. However, unlike Liz, Patty wears bubble shorts. There is also a subtle difference in her hat. Liz's hat has rims that slant forwards, whereas Patty's hat has rims that are in a perfect curve. Beginning with their mission to the Ghost Ship Nidhogg up until their mission to the Borscht Seven Factory, both sisters also wore white jackets over these outfits. Patty and Liz would return to these outfits, without the jackets, after returning from the Moon so Kid could go to the Witches' Realm, and they would continue to wear these outfits up through Kid's coronation as the new head of the DWMA.

When traveling through the Sahara Desert to investigate the Runaway Express, Patty and Liz wore lengthy tan cloaks and bandannas over their mouths to shield them from the hot desert Sun.[21]

After the assassination of Joe Buttataki, Patty along with other DWMA members wore a black armband on her left bicep.[22]

After joining Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett to confront Risa and Arisa with accusations that they are witches, Patty and Liz wear unbuttoned dress shirts with vertical creases along the front, along with her black armband. Whereas Liz wore a dark, lengthy business skirt, Patty wore dark shorts secured with a belt.[10]

During their infiltration of Baba Yaga Castle, Liz and Patty initially wore their usual attire at that time, the sweater tops with tall collars and ties, but with the addition of wearing a thick long sleeve jacket, with four buttons along the front.[23][24] With help from Eruka Frog, they donned Arachnophobia robes over their outfits, yet somehow were able to find and change into maid outfits, consisting of dark dresses, dark ribbon ties, shoes with ribbons, and light color maids' aprons and hats. They retained these outfits for the rest of their mission infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle, even when wearing Arachnophobia robes over these outfits.[25]

After the defeat of Arachnophobia but before the formation of Spartoi, Patty accompanied Maka and Liz to the Death City basketball court to discuss Noah's abduction of Kid. Patty, Liz, and Maka wore similar attire: a checkerboard skirt and a dress shirt. Patty's was buttoned and her tie securely drawn, and like Maka, she also wore a D-City sweater (looking similar to Meme Tatane's sweater).[26]

In Spartoi uniform, Patty wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a jacket with a high collar like Liz. She keeps her puffy shorts but replaces her cowboy hat with a hat that has floppy 'ears' on each side. Upon their transition into Spartoi, Patty usually retains a hat while Liz does not.

When transformed into a boy upon entering the Book of Eibon, Patty is shown to have shorter hair covered by a beanie hat. She also resembles her psychotic self a bit more, as her eyes look slightly more crazed than in her female form. She wears a white jacket and shirt and dark pants like Liz. The only difference is that Patty has the Spartoi logo on her left shoulder and a large Shinigami skull emblazoned on her back.

When accompanying Kid to Lost Island a second time, Patty wears boots with thick furlike hems, a thick hoodie jacket with similar furlike hems, tight winter pants, mittens with DWMA skull logos, and a winter cap with two symmetrical bobs at the top decorated to look like skull faces. Liz wears the same attire, only her skull cap has only one bob.[27]

Additional official art shows Patty in a variety of outfits, including as a nurse[16] or a light bikini.[28]


  • B Ichi Chapter 7 and Soul Eater Chapter 0.3 - Mana and Patty

    Mana from B. Ichi (left) and Patty's initial design (right)

    Patty's initial design closely resembles that of Mana, a character from Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga series, B. Ichi. In fact, on the cover to one issue of B. Ichi, Mana is wearing a cowboy hat almost identical to that later worn by Patty and Liz.[29]
  • Both Patty and Liz collect and store souls within their magazines in pistol form.
  • Patty seems to be ambidextrous; she uses her right hand to draw or write and she shoots with her left hand.
  • Patty and Liz's last name is a reference to the infamous Thompson submachine gun used by gangsters of the 1920s and 30s. [sourcing needed]
  • In interviews, Atsushi Ōkubo has mentioned that he feels Patty is the character most like him, as well as Black☆Star.
  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Patty ranked 10th.

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