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Patricia Thompson (パトリシア・トンプソン, Patorishia Tonpuson) is a Demon Weapon and the younger sister of Elizabeth Thompson.[5] Known as one of the "Demon Twin Guns", both her and her sister were known as the "Brooklyn Devils" and were petty thugs until being found by their now current Meister and Shinigami, Death the Kid. Overtime, she reformed from her thieving and ruffian ways along with Liz and became Kid's weapon and later becoming DWMA students within the E.A.T Class.[6][7] She is also formerly a member of Spartoi.


Patty acts and speaks like a young child, often using a singsong voice. She pronounces words like "hello" and "sorry", as a child would "hullo" and "sowwy", and seems to still be learning about simple things such as assigning animal noises to the right animal.[8] This child-like disposition can lead to her coming across as nosy or insensitive, such as when she boldly asks if Crona is a boy or a girl .[9] However, concepts past extremely basic ones may not have been explained to her due to her generally childish demeanour and inability to understand a lot of things, as exemplified by Liz congratulating her on simply getting animal names right.[10] This lack of knowledge may be due to her growing up on the streets and presumably not having a formal education.

Her current personality differs from the seemingly aggressive personality she had during her time in Brooklyn, developing her current personality after she met Kid. Unlike her sister Liz, Patty enjoys the drama brought on by Kid's perfectionist attitude; though she does cheer him up when he gets down on himself about it.

She seems naïve and simple-minded, seeming not to take life seriously. While Patty had these traits before moving to Death City, such as being delighted that Kid referred to her and Liz as beautiful[11] or patting her backside at people she robbed,[12] such simplemindedness was far more violent and nefarious. With time working at Deathbucks Café, Patty would spend off-time building a dragon sculpture out of napkins and frightening Tsugumi Harudori with her ghost Halloween outfit. When taking an important written exam, instead of answering questions, Patty took out crayons and began making an origami giraffe out of her test papers, then "broke its neck." When showering, she scrubs so much shampoo through her hair that she forms suds all over her body.[13] She also seems fascinated by the smallest details, such as children's alphabet books[12] or a hairclip.[13] She frequently laughs, even when something bad happens. For example, when Kid bemoans his asymmetry and says he "want[s] to die," Patty responds with laughter: "Kya ha ha! ♪"[14] and, at other times when he is depressed, even poking him with a stick.[15]

On the few occasions when she loses her temper, her childlike personality is replaced by an almost insane anger, as if her personality returns to how she behaved when a criminal in Brooklyn. Her demeanor can be so frightening that it scares Kid, even to the point of risking running through an asymmetric Tadpole Bomb minefield. Whether these qualities count as her own form of madness has yet to be clarified.

When confronting some serious topics, and dangerous situations, Patty's childishly naïve personality is replaced with a more serious personality, suggesting that her bubbly personality may be a mask or merely how she wants to act. Upon learning that Kim Diehl was scared away from the Academy on accusations of being a witch, she and Liz both looked serious.[13] After Kid is captured by Noah, Patty angrily called her sister a coward and demanded they attack Noah. When Liz broke down crying, Patty showed a surprising amount of maturity by comforting her sister.[16]

When having her gender switched inside the Book of Eibon, Patty's personality leans towards his more crazed side, with a higher amount of aggression as he threatens to "beat (Index) up" with a sadistic look on his face.


Patty appears to be physically older than Kid, Black☆Star, Soul, and Maka. She has chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs and light blue eyes. Liz is taller and thinner than Patty: upon their arrival in Death City, Liz is 170 centimeters tall (about 5 feet 7 inches), and Patty is 160 centimeters (about 5 feet 3 inches).[17] Patty's breasts are large also much more in size than her sister, despite being the younger sister of the two, and these and other physical differences between the sisters annoy their meister, Kid, as it makes the sisters asymmetrical in their human form.

Like Liz, Patty's soul has a pink color and has two curved triangles resembling the corners of her hat that was part of her initial outfit as Kid's weapon.[18]

In her Demon Pistol form, Patty has an identical appearance as Liz, that of a silver-themed Beretta M9 Pistol. The handle-grip is black and has a small Death mask on it. On the slide assembly are three darker silver triangles next to each other, resembling teeth. Patty and Liz collect the souls by drawing them into the pistol's magazine, and they fired a meister's compressed wavelength rather than bullets, such compressed wavelengths appearing pink as they fire.[18]

When living on the streets of New York, Patty wore a sleeveless top with thin straps, and pants with a worn-out spot on the right knee.[18][19] When Kid offered to take her and Liz as his weapon partners, she wore a sleeveless top with a buttoned collar and jeans.[11]

In Liz's daydreams of Patty, she assumes a more childish appearance, wearing an oversized plaid apron dress with a ribbon tie, a white arm-length shirt, dark stockings, light dress shoes, and a large bow on the left side of her head.[11][20]

Before she was released from probation, Patty, like her sister at the time, wore a DWMA location-monitoring bracelet, with a skull logo on it resembling Death's mask.[21] When not working at Deathbucks, she wore a sleeveless top and jeans.[21][22]

When working at Deathbucks Café, Patty wore the usual waitress outfit, consisting of a short skirt and a skull-shaped tiara. For Halloween, she added a Jack O'Lantern hat—even in combat.[22][23]

In their initial missions as Kid's weapons, Patty and Liz wore cowgirl outfits: a tight, red, sleeveless, turtleneck belly shirt with a white tie, cowboy hat and black, high-heel boots. However, unlike Liz, Patty wears bubble shorts. There is also a subtle difference in her hat. Liz's hat has rims that slant forwards, whereas Patty's hat has rims that are in a perfect curve. Beginning with their mission to the Ghost Ship Nidhogg up until their mission to the Borscht Seven Factory, both sisters also wore white jackets over these outfits. Patty and Liz would return to these outfits, without the jackets, after returning from the Moon so Kid could go to the Witches' Realm, and they would continue to wear these outfits up through Kid's coronation as the new head of the DWMA.

When traveling through the Sahara Desert to investigate the Runaway Express, Patty and Liz wore lengthy tan cloaks and bandannas over their mouths to shield them from the hot desert Sun.[24]

After the assassination of Joe Buttataki, Patty along with other DWMA members wore a black armband on her left bicep.[25]

After joining Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett to confront Risa and Arisa with accusations that they are witches, Patty and Liz wear unbuttoned dress shirts with vertical creases along the front, along with her black armband. Whereas Liz wore a dark, lengthy business skirt, Patty wore dark shorts secured with a belt.[13]

During their infiltration of Baba Yaga Castle, Liz and Patty initially wore their usual attire at that time, the sweater tops with tall collars and ties, but with the addition of wearing a thick long sleeve jacket, with four buttons along the front.[26][27] With help from Eruka Frog, they donned Arachnophobia robes over their outfits, yet somehow were able to find and change into maid outfits, consisting of dark dresses, dark ribbon ties, shoes with ribbons, and light color maids' aprons and hats. They retained these outfits for the rest of their mission infiltrating Baba Yaga Castle, even when wearing Arachnophobia robes over these outfits.[28]

After the defeat of Arachnophobia but before the formation of Spartoi, Patty accompanied Maka and Liz to the Death City basketball court to discuss Noah's abduction of Kid. Patty, Liz, and Maka wore similar attire: a checkerboard skirt and a dress shirt. Patty's was buttoned and her tie securely drawn, and like Maka, she also wore a D-City sweater (looking similar to Meme Tatane's sweater).[29]

In Spartoi uniform, Patty wears a zip-up top over a blue vest and a jacket with a high collar like Liz. She keeps her puffy shorts but replaces her cowboy hat with a hat that has floppy 'ears' on each side. Upon their transition into Spartoi, Patty usually retains a hat while Liz does not.

When transformed into a boy upon entering the Book of Eibon, Patty is shown to have shorter hair covered by a beanie hat. She also resembles her psychotic self a bit more, as her eyes look slightly more crazed than in her female form. She wears a white jacket and shirt and dark pants like Liz. The only difference is that Patty has the Spartoi logo on her left shoulder and a large Shinigami skull emblazoned on her back.

When accompanying Kid to Lost Island a second time, Patty wears boots with thick furlike hems, a thick hoodie jacket with similar furlike hems, tight winter pants, mittens with DWMA skull logos, and a winter cap with two symmetrical bobs at the top decorated to look like skull faces. Liz wears the same attire, only her skull cap has only one bob.[30]

Additional official art shows Patty in a variety of outfits, including as a nurse[19] or a light bikini.[31]

Special Abilities[]

Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin Buki): As a Demon Weapon, Patty is capable of transforming into her weapon form. Unlike other weapons, when in sync with Liz, Patty can take advantage of the transformation powers for quick evasion into her sister's hand and vice versa.[1]

  • Demon Twin Guns (二丁魔拳銃, Nichō Makenjū): A weapon form that appears as a silver-themed Beretta M9 pistol, she compresses the wavelength of their Meister and fire shots of it towards an opponent. It's power depends on the Meister using the weapon form.[32]

Marksmanship (銃撃技, Jūgeki Waza): Though Sid describes her style as chaotic and disheveled and she exhibits inconsistencies in grip and form, she is shocking accurate when shooting targets downrange[33] and is a capable gun-type meister when using her sister's weapon form via a bond.[34] She was capable of easily fending off mummies with accurate shots.[1]

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): Although a weapon, Patty is capable unarmed combatant much to the surprise of her classmates, who remarked that her skill was never revealed due to being in Kid's shadow, and impressed Mira Naigus. She was capable of battling five opponents in the row in which included Ox Ford, Harvar, Kilik and Kim without stop while taking a surprise win from Black☆Star due to her fighting dirty.[35]

Dexterity and Balance: Patty is able to hold a basketball on just one finger.[29]


Despite her skill and capabilities, her prowess is not in league with both Mosquito[36] or Noah (Greed).[37]


Partnered with Liz via Bond

Demon Twin Guns (二丁魔拳銃, Nichō Makenjū): Using Liz's weapon form, her shots are powerful enough to kill Mummies with ease.[1]


Liz and Patty on the streets of Brooklyn, known as the Brooklyn Devils.

Born from an unknown woman who was known to be the prettiest prostitute in New York, Patty and her older sister, Elizabeth, were abandoned at an early age.[38] Both sisters learned of their transformation powers as Demon Weapons, using them to commit crimes in order to support themselves financially and to protect themselves from other criminals.[39] One of their other tactics, beyond using their weapon forms to rob others, involved sleeping powder.[40]

Their notoriety earned them the nickname the "Brooklyn Devils." Their crimes even garnered the attention of the DWMA, including one of their important members, Death the Kid.[41][42]

Patty and Liz are saved by Death the Kid from a gang

Upon encountering Kid, Liz, high on drugs, used Patty's demon pistol form in an attempt to blackmail and steal from him, to no avail and unaware he was a God of Death.[43] However, when Liz and Patty were cornered by gang members, Kid saved the two, revealed he was a God of Death, and offered to take them as his weapon partners "to build a perfect world." Conspiring with Patty, Liz planned to steal Kid's status and wealth. Kid took Patty and Liz to Death City, where they are placed into DWMA's custody and put on probation for their crimes.[44]


Traitors arc[]

Liz and Patty take an opportunity to pick on Anya for not leaving a tip.

During Patty and her sister's probation at Deathbucks Café, Patty rudely serves of the NOT Class trio (Meme, Tsugumi, Anya). Despite being told she got the order wrong by Anya, Patty states she doesn't care and threatens all three to eat what's given to them or they'll "regret it".[45] After finishing their shift, Patty along with her hang outside the cafe and spot the trio they served earlier. Both of them take the opportunity to pick on Anya, having picked up on her wealthy background based on her dress. Backing the three into a corner in an alleyway, Patty is present as Liz challenges all three of them as well as insult them. When Anya accepts the challenge, Patty is the one who transforms into her weapon form.[46]

Patty holding Liz to the back of Anya's head.

Using Patty, Liz intimidates both Anya and Tsugumi and Patty watches as Liz chastises them on the concept of being unfair in a street fight. When Liz offers a free shot and Anya takes it, both of them switch places with Patty holding a gun to the back of her head. Citing that they're not fighting on equal footing, Patty shoots and intentionally misses. With Liz explaining that they're not wanting to get into serious trouble while on probation, both sisters let the trio go.[47]

While Anya and Meme are initially too intimidated to return to Deathbucks, Tsugumi does, returning day after day because she enjoys Master's cafe too much, and she also admires Patty and Liz's strength as fellow demon weapons.[48]

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Master explaining to Liz and Patty about Death City's nature in accepting others.

Tsugumi discovers that Patty and Liz's poor service continues to drive away customers, although Master himself does not seemed worried.[49] As Liz complains how they are doing their best, she and Patty are approached by Tsugumi. As the Thompsons are confused why Tsugumi keeps returning to the cafe, Tsugumi explains that she is indeed afraid of the sisters, but she still admires their strength, considering them to be cool and beautiful, which impresses, even embarrasses, Patty and Liz. Supporting Tsugumi's point, new customers arrive who, despite knowing the Thompsons' poor service, are interested to see such attractive waitresses. Master then supports Tsugumi's point, reassuring Patty and Liz that they do not have to pretend to be nice or be tough because people in Death City are understanding, focused not on external appearances but on the soul itself. He then tells the sisters to get back to work.[50]

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At Deathbucks, Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya are joined by Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré and Kim Diehl for a group study session to prepare for their mid-term exam. Patty and Liz saved a seat for the students. While Patty and Liz still are brusch waiting on the students, the two at least take the students' orders. But neither one writes down the orders, still over-confident in themselves and ignoring what was said to them. Patty and Liz return with orders, Liz bragging that she has so much experience now working at Deathbucks that she can read people's faces for their orders. As Patty and Liz leave, Tsugumi and her friends trade orders: Liz got the correct orders, just to the wrong people (although Meme cannot remember her order).[51]

Liz and Patty confront disruptive customers

Later that day, Patty and Liz tend to another table where poorly behaving NOT students are disrupting Tsugumi's table. Patty and Liz threaten to beat the students. As those NOT students stand up, they see Master glare at them and quickly leave. Before Patty and Liz can turn around to see why the NOT students left without a fight, they see Master, who is now washing glasses, as if nothing happened.[51] That same day, Patty and Liz are then joined by Tsugumi, Meme, Anya, and Jacqueline as waitresses to help with the increased number of customers—but they took so long to change into outfits that the customer rush has already been served.[51]

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JOT arc[]

Patty builds a dragon sculpture from napkins

Over the next few weeks, Patty and Liz keep working at Deathbucks, as boredom sets in with so few customers, especially before noon. While Liz complains Master is too serious, struggling to hear jokes from him or mess with his hair, Patty constructs a sculpture in the shape of a dragon out of napkins, surprising Liz. In the anime these events take place earlier, during Tsugumi's study group.[52]

Preparations! arc[]

Patty frightens Tsugumi and Liz

When Halloween approaches, Patty, Liz, and Master get to work to decorate Deathbucks for the holiday.[53] Tsugumi and her meisters arrive at Deathbucks with a request: Eternal Feather gave them a poster to publicize the DWMA's upcoming Death Festival. While Anya teases Master's "cute little" moped, Patty, wearing a frightening ghost outfit, manages to scares not only Tsugumi but also Liz. Patty is too happy with herself, imagining how well she can use this outfit to intimidate Death City residents into handing over their "valuables," before Master can explain that Trick or Treating involves candy only.[54]

Death Fest arc[]

The night before Halloween, the witch Shaula Gorgon possesses Meme and kills Sid Barrett. Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore separate Anya from Tsugumi, revealing Anya to actually be Princess Anastasia Yngling and demanding she be returned to her family at Yngling Castle.[55]

Liz clears a path for Tsugumi by firing Patty

The next day, on Halloween, the Death Festival begins. At Deathbucks, Patty and Liz hear the explosions from the festival and mistake it for the EAT students' battle, not realizing it is an attack by Shaula and her Traitors. They then see Tsugumi run to them, asking for their help. While Patty frowns at Tsugumi's long-winded explanation, Liz yells at the NOT student to get to the point. The trio then enter Deathbucks and demand Master hand over his moped. Liz and Tsugumi get on the moped, while Patty enters her pistol form, which Liz fires into the air to clear away traffic as they speed to the Death City Airport to stop Anya from leaving.[56]

Patty and Liz find Anya's car crashed, with her and the other riders safe. After Tsugumi and Anya reunite and decide to find Meme to rescue her from possession, Patty and Liz give up the moped to let them drive to Shaula's location.[56] After Tsugumi and Anya depart, Liz and Patty return to Death City, whether on foot or by other transportation, where Liz, wielding Patty, assists in incapacitating Traitors,[57] before Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme defeat Shaula.[58]

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Before Prologues arc[]

Patty and her sister with their new Meister.

With time, Patty and her sisters adjust to their new Meister's emotional outbursts and fixation on symmetry. One day at Gallows Mansion, Patty and Liz cannot stop laughing at their new Meister's eccentricities. This especially changes Patty, who became more happy with her life then she was previously. Her newfound change behavior was even noticed by her older sister and had since dropped must of her thuggish side of her personality.[59]

Prologues arc[]

Patty fires at Mummies

On a mission to hunt the Master Thief Lupin, Kid loses their target due to his obsession with having Liz and Patty pose symmetrically. After complaining about the different body shapes of Liz and Patty, and groping the sisters, Kid falls into self-loathing when Liz identifies the lines in Kid's hair as asymmetrical. After Liz and Patty coaxed Kid out of his self-loathing, they made a call to Death for a new mission—and told Death not to bring up Kid's hair.[60]

Death assigns Patty, Liz, and Kid to a dangerous mission in Egypt (Hegypt in the original manga), where the witch Samantha is creating mummies to terrorize locals. Upon encountering mummies inside the Pyramid Anubis, Kid leaves without Patty and Liz noticing to confirm whether he left the painting in their home, Gallows Mansion, out of alignment. While Patty laughs at the mummies, Liz is terrified of these supernatural beings. Alone, Patty and Liz wield each other to destroy mummmies, but are soon captured by the Wrath of the Pharaoh. Kid returns to find that the Wrath has undressed Patty and Liz—embarrassing him and prompting him to leave, until he sees how dangerous the Wrath is. Kid frees Patty and Liz and, after witnessing how asymmetrical is the Wrath, destroys it with Patty and Liz—destroying the Pyramid of Anubis in the process. As punishment, Death removes the souls collected from Patty and Liz.[60]

Remedial Lessons arc[]

Patty with her partners in the Death Room

She later appears alongside her sister and Kid as they listen to the story about Stein and observe the newly resurrected zombie Sid Barrett battle Maka Albarn, Black☆Star, and their weapons in the students' extra lesson.[61] When Kid intervenes and demands he be enrolled as an Academy student so he may aid Maka and Black☆Star in their extra lesson, she follows Kid, only to watch him collapse in the hallway before coming to his new classmates' aid, overcome by worry that he failed to properly fold toilet paper at Gallows Mansion.[62]

Patty pokes her unconscious meister after his duel

Later, she and the group enroll at DWMA only to be challenged by Soul and Black☆Star. Victory is assured, until Kid notices one of his bangs has been cut, causing him to faint from shock.[63]

By this point, at least according to Maka Albarn and Franken Stein, both Patty and Liz have come to admire Kid's dignified soul, as he balances their less refined behavior.[63]

Demon Sword arc[]

Some time after Crona injures Soul Eater and infects him with Black Blood, Kid and Black☆Star travel to the Eternal Cave in a failed attempt to partner with the Holy Sword, Excalibur. The next day, Kid and Black☆Star and their weapons run into each other. Kid and Black☆Star shake hands and say they have good partners. In the manga Patty smiles while Liz and Tsubaki look confused; in the anime, Patty looks equally confused.[64]

Uncanny Sword arc[]

Maka, Liz, and Patty welcome back Tsubaki

In the Death Room, Patty joined Kid and Liz, as well as Soul, Maka, Stein, and Death, to observe via the Death Mirror Black☆Star and Tsubaki's battle against the Uncanny Sword, Masamune Nakatsukasa. In the anime, Patty and Liz brought snacks, annoying Maka. During their observation of the fight, Patty and her colleagues learned that Masamune was Tsubaki's brother and witnessed as she defeated him to claim his soul. Learning about Tsubaki's sibling caused Liz to break out crying, prompting Patty to console her. Upon Black☆Star and Tsubaki's return, Patty welcomed Tsubaki—until Liz lied and pretended it was Patty who cried.[65]

Patty, Kid, and Soul see Blair naked

Later, Patty joined Liz and Kid in visiting Maka and Soul's apartment for a party to celebrate Soul's recent release from the infirmary after his injury by Crona and Ragnarok, and Black☆Star and Tsubaki earning their first soul. Patty giggled and patted her stomach, suggesting she enjoyed the food. In the anime, she also met Blair, whose towel fell off when entering the living room.[66]

Experiment arc[]

Patty threatens her origami giraffe

Stein announces the Ultimate Written Exam, a test for both meisters and weapons. Patty and Liz try to used to the idea of taking tests, but the sisters' attempts at studying are interrupted, Patty falling asleep and Liz focused on reading magazines and painting her nails. During the exam itself, instead of answering questions, Patty makes an origami giraffe out of her test papers and with crayons. Before the end of the exam, Patty snaps the neck of her giraffe and declares victory. Although not attempting to actually answer any questions, the pattern of the giraffe coloring answered enough questions correctly to get her two points. Death still requires she take a make-up exam.[67]

Black Dragon arc[]

Patty then joins Kid and Liz on a mission to investigate strange happenings along the Baltic shoreline, learning that they are caused by a giant black ghost ship, the Nidhogg. While Liz is frightened at the prospect of finding ghosts, Patty excitedly comes on deck with Kid.[19]

Using Soul Perception, Kid follows the path to a room full of souls, none evidently on Death's kill list. When Patty asks whether they may acquire them, Kid warns her that to do so would be to become a Kishin. Kid and Patty's discussion is interrupted by the arrival of the Flying Dutchman, who explains he serves "the Kishin closest" to Kid. Before Kid can get an explanation, the Dutchman separates Patty and Kid from Liz—amusing Patty but frustrating Kid, unable to attack without having both weapons for the sake of symmetry.[19]

Patty mocks Liz for being melodramatic about their past in New York

Kid and Patty escape the Dutchman to the deck, reuniting with Liz, who was guided there by the ship's ghosts. Kid arms himself again with Patty and Liz to face the Dutchman—until that Kishin worshipper is beheaded by Crona, wielding the demon sword Ragnarok. After Ragnarok swallows all the ship's souls, Patty begins to ask her sister a question. While Liz thinks Patty was going to ask whether Crona is like they were when they terrorized New York City as the Devils of Brooklyn, Patty instead asks what is Crona's gender, then laughs at how melodramatic Liz seems. Kid uses Patty and Liz to fire at Crona, avoid the still living Dutchman's attacks, and escape the sinking Nidhogg. However, when Kid is distracted by the symmetrical sky, they lose track of Crona.[19][68]

Upon returning to Death City that night, Patty and Liz are excused by Kid, who meets with his father to learn who is the Kishin closest to him: the Kishin that is trapped underneath Death City, Asura. Kid seems to keep this secret from Patty and Liz for the time being.[68][69]

Legend of the Holy Sword 2[]

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A Fight to the Death at the Big Bash arc[]

Patty and her classmates agree to fight alongside Stein

The following night, at the eve anniversary celebration for the founding of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Kid struggles to keep this secret about Asura from Patty and their friends. After Patty joins Kid and Liz in a symmetrical dance, they are interrupted by the arrival of Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus, who barely survived their mission to investigate the witch behind Crona and Ragnarok. After Sid announces this witch is Medusa Gorgon, the witch escapes and, with Eruka Frog and Free, begins to seal the Academy's students in an Independent Cube. Sid uses Forced Burial to produce an exit that allows Patty, her classmates, and Stein to escape to the underground. Once there, the students change out of their party attire and into their usual outfits, ready to help Stein stop Medusa's attempt to resurrect Asura.[69]

Once underground, after the team unites with Spirit Albarn, who also managed to escape the Independent Cube, Stein gives instructions to Patty and her classmates: she and other demon weapons are to remain in weapon form to stave off the approaching madness of Asura, and while Black☆Star and Tsubaki will hold back Crona and Ragnarok, Patty, Liz, Kid, Maka, and Soul are to stop Free and Eruka from injecting Black Blood into Asura. Kid skates past Medusa, Crona, and Ragnarok on Beelzebub.[70]

Patty tells Kid to get moving

Kid continues to ride Beelzebub through the halls of the underground, until he notices flying towards him a Tadpole Bomb. Patty calls out that more await them down the hall. Kid is disgusted by how haphazardly the bombs are arranged.[71] Kid refuses to listen to Liz's encouragement, claiming that fear of the bombs is as irrational as her fear of monsters. Patty reminds her sister that bombs are already dangerous, hence Kid's fear is rational. Liz asks Patty to assume her "voice of authority": Patty assumes a frightening face and tells the "good-for-nothing" Kid to move it. Motivated by Patty's harsh words, Kid, in tears, rides along Beelzebub through the bombs, setting them off such that their blasts actually propel him at a faster pace. As Patty cackles with delight, the teary-eyed Kid insults her for being such "a moron."[72]

Liz and Patty happy to see Kid overcome asymmetry

Further ahead underground, Kid arrives at ruins, with statues and pillars torn apart. He finds this lack of symmetry disgusting, but his thoughts are turned towards what he senses as Asura's Soul Wavelength, worrying Patty and Liz. Patty then senses a heat source coming towards them. Kid sees the flash of light and dodges in time, but the cannon fire blasts through the ruins, the resulting explosion knocking Kid and Beelzebub down. Kid looks up to see the cannon was fired by the now transformed werewolf, Free. Knowing Free is immortal, Kid cannot kill him in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, he tries to keep his distance and fire at Free with Death Cannon. But Free remains standing. Kid tries to focus, but he soon becomes distracted by how asymmetrical the ruins are. As Kid can only scratch his head with obsession over this situation, Patty and Liz struggle to get him to focus. The solution comes in the form of Black☆Star, armed with Tsubaki, who in his excitement at catching up to Kid ends up kicking him. After Liz distracts Kid by pointing out that Free is asymmetrical as well—only his left leg is attached to a ball and chain—she and Patty are overjoyed as Kid renews his determination to stop Free.[73]

But Kid ends up holstering Patty and Liz, realizing that Free is now avoiding Black☆Star in hand-to-hand combat when the immortal werewolf has little to fear. Kid shows Free is actually a Forwarding Vision illusion. Kid takes Patty and Liz with him to catch up to Free and Eruka, now already at the Kishin Shrine, with Black☆Star and Tsubaki following.[73]

Kid skates into the Kishin Shrine, but he is blocked by Free. Kid fires Patty and Liz at Free, trying to move him out of the way before Eruka injects Black Blood into Asura, sealed in a bag of his own skin. When Kid starts to hallucinate Asura in front of him, however, he fires Patty and Liz into the air, thinking Asura is right there. When Kid shakes off the illusion, he continues to fire upon Free with Patty and Liz. Black☆Star dashes by Kid and Free and attempts to slice through Eruka's needle, but he too falls for a hallucination, instead slicing through the seals. Once Eruka injects Asura, he resurrects.[74]

Patty and Liz pick up their unconscious meister

As Asura regains his footing and attempts to resume a more human form, Black☆Star attempts to fight back, without Tsubaki. Witnessing Black☆Star's willingness to fight, Kid orders the Thompsons to join this battle, Patty sounding more enthusiastic than Liz. When Asura easily disables Black☆Star and Kid with just flicks of his skin scarves, Patty and Liz can only watch helplessly along with Tsubaki. Patty and the other weapons then witness the arrival of Maka, wielding Soul, who attempts to leap at Asura, who escaping by flying out through the ceiling. Maka holds onto Asura's scarves and is pulled above ground, eventually knocked unconscious. As Asura escapes Death City, even tearing through Death himself, all Patty and Liz can do is return to human form and, with Tsubaki, retrieve Kid and Black☆Star to provide medical care and bring home.[75]

Patty nominates Maka captain of their basketball team

Although the Academy orders Patty and her classmates to stay indoors to recover from their injuries, Patty leaves home to join her friends for a basketball game to get out of their depression over the failed mission. Liz does not join them, not desiring to break a nail. The students play on two teams: Patty, Black☆Star, and Maka versus Kid, Tsubaki, and Soul. While Maka is annoyed, as she does not know how to play basketball, Patty removes her cap and puts it on Maka's head. Their classmates suggest a bet: whichever team loses will have their captain face a punishment, Kid having a painting made asymmetrical at Gallows Mansion, and Maka having to go on a father-daughter outing with Spirit Albarn. Maka is shocked to learn that she was made captain when Patty put the cap onto her. Maka's team loses, and to Patty's amusement, she has to approach Spirit to ask him to join her that weekend for a day out—which causes Spirit to vomit out of joy.[76]

Bodyguard arc[]

Patty and friends meet Maka in the Dispensary

Meanwhile, Crona is enrolled at the Academy, following their capture by the DWMA for assisting Medusa in resurrecting Asura. Crona's first mission to Loew Village leads to Maka being paralyzed by the newly resurrected witch Arachne Gorgon.[77] Patty, along with her classmates, visit Maka in the Academy's Infirmary, where she laughs at Maka's embarrassment over being fed by Soul then having her face drawn upon with marker by Black☆Star. Patty and Liz then offer to host a party at Gallows Mansion to celebrate Maka's recovery, once she is released. Patty, along with her friends, then express annoyance at Kid's fixation on making the Infirmary's medicine shelf symmetrical and trying to interfere with party preparations.[78]

Reunion Express arc[]

After Maka fully recovers from her paralysis, she returns to Class Crescent Moon for Stein's lesson on Duel Arts. Patty and Liz say they will host a party at Gallows Mansion, for Maka's recovery as well as to welcome Crona to the Academy. Their party plans are interrupted by Stein, who throws a scalpel at the students to get them to focus on the day's lesson: practicing to fight in teams in order to prepare to face Arachne's organization Arachnophobia. Stein passes over choosing Patty and her teammates for the class demonstration, reasoning that they are not serious enough contenders, amusing Patty and Liz but annoying Kid. Patty then watches with surprise and some amusement as Stein easily disables Black☆Star (fighting without Tsubaki), Maka (wielding Soul), and Ox Ford (wielding Harvar D. Éclair).[79]

Liz and Patty take Crona out for clothes

In the anime, Patty, Liz, and Kid help their friends acclimate Crona to the Academy, dining with them and taking them out for clothes shopping.[80]

At the party at Gallows Mansion for Maka and Crona, Patty and Black☆Star consume much of the food Tsubaki prepared. When Liz lies to a handsome young man that she made the food, Patty and Black☆Star seize Liz, pretending to be her children and scaring away the man. Furious, Liz chases Patty and Black☆Star. After Liz calms down, Patty and their friends inform Crona that they consider them a friend and welcome them into their clique.[81]

Patty is interrupted by Kid, who comes to tell her and Liz that they just have been assigned a mission to the Runaway Express train stop at the Sahara Desert, to recover the legendary locomotive's Demon Tool, the Eternal Spring. At the train stop, Patty complains about the heat, then becomes irritated when a nearby tourist squeaks at her, not bothering to carry on a conversation. Liz distracts Patty with building a sandcastle until the train arrives, when it explodes out of the sand. At that moment, the tourist, actually one of the Mizune Family, releases her Soul Protect to fly after the train. Patty then notices Mizune left something behind: a Tadpole Bomb that explodes. Patty and Liz comment how big and fast the "worm" was that exploded out of the sand. Kid orders the sisters to transform into weapons before he rides Beelzebub to chase after the Runaway Express.[82]

Patty aims Liz at the Runaway Express

Unfortunately, the Runaway Express follows an erratic rather than linear path, crashing into the skateboarding Kid. As a result, the reaper calls upon Patty to transform back into human mode to keep an eye above them for additional aerial bombings and use Liz to shoot upon the Fisher King. Patty's attacks successfully impede the Fisher King's path to the engine room to acquire the demon tool Eternal Spring, and prevent him from firing back upon Kid.[82]

But then Kid directs his skateboard to a nearby sand dune, performing a 360-degree kickflip (and rattling Patty's nerves). Liz demands Kid stop his stunts before he flings off Patty, but Kid responds that he cannot pass up an opportunity to use the desert for at least one or two skateboard tricks. He convinces Patty to join him for a 3600-degree (ten-rotation) no hander, confusing the Fisher King until he sees that this trick allowed the two to helicopter onto the top of the train, successfully landing in a train car to face the Fisher King.[82]

Kid struggles to battle the Fisher King, who manages to disconnect that car from the rest of the train. The Fisher King fires his rail, latching his hook onto the locomotive's cars before they are out of sight and, with a "Goodbye," sails off from the rear cars to leave Kid behind. Kid tosses Patty and Liz at the Fisher King, instructing the Thompsons to transform and perform linkage: Liz grasps the Fisher King by the ankles, Patty her sister's, and Kid Patty's. The rear cars crash just as the extra weight on the Fisher King causes the four to drop and roll into the locomotive's cars.[82]

Patty and Liz resume their weapon form, as Kid quickly disables the Fisher King. As the sun sets, Patty, Liz, and Kid claim ownership of the Eternal Spring. But Patty then overhears the Fisher King mock Kid, pointing out to him that the locomotive is marked by its creators: the sorcerer Eibon but also his partner, Death himself. Before Kid can interrogate the Fisher King as to the meaning of these signatures, Sid Barrett and Mira Naigus arrive, assassinating the Fisher King. Sid, Mira, and the DWMA African Branch relieve Patty and her teammates. While Patty and Liz walk into the night with water bottles to rehydrate, Kid is pensive.[82]

Legend of the Holy Sword[]

Patty, Kid, and Liz challenge Excalibur

Patty joins Kid and Liz in confronting the EAT student Hero, who becomes meister to the Holy Sword Excalibur. In the anime, Patty laughs at Excalibur's funny appearance, Kid is more intent on attacking the annoying Holy Sword. Despite firing multiple shots of Patty and Liz, Hero is able to use Excalibur to defeat Patty, Kid, and Liz, along with Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Kilik Rung, and Fire and Thunder.[83]

"BREW" - The Tempest arc[]

In the anime Patty joins Liz to bring Black☆Star and Tsubaki to join their classmates for Chain Resonance practice with Stein at the Academy's Second Campus. In the manga only Liz retrieves Black☆Star and Tsubaki.[84]

Liz and Patty achieve Chain Resonance with classmates

Once the team is brought together, Stein instructs the three-meister team in Chain Resonance, reminding them that, should they fail, he will remove all of the team members from his class. This news upsets Maka and, thanks to Black☆Star's stubbornness and greater power, compromising their resonance and leading Maka to punch Black☆Star. Eventually, Maka tries to be more flexible and work with Black☆Star, achieving Chain Resonance to keep them in Stein's class and get Patty and her teammates a spot on the mission to Lost Island.[84]

That night, Patty watches as Maka demands Black☆Star punch her as punishment for her earlier behavior. As Black☆Star easily knocks Maka hard along the street and into garbage, her teammates are horrified or resigned, while Patty cackles.[84]

Stein and Marie Mjolnir bring Patty and her classmates to Lost Island in search of the Demon Tool BREW before Arachnophobia claims it. After explaining that the magnetic vortex can cause damage to human bodies after 20 minutes inside, Stein and Marie instruct Patty and her classmates to wait: if they fail to return from the magnetic vortex in that 20 minutes, then the students are to send a retreat alert.[85]

After 15 minutes pass, Kid decides he will enter the vortex to retrieve Stein and Marie, ordering Patty and Liz to stay behind. When their teammates are ambushed by Arachnophobia soldiers, however, Patty and Liz join Kid, along with Maka, Black☆Star, and their weapons in the vortex. They find Stein suffering from madness and order Marie to take him out of the vortex. Marie protests until Patty and the others remind her that she has been in the vortex too long, and they are the last option to retrieve BREW.[85]

After directing Stein and Marie out of the vortex, Patty and her teammates proceed to BREW's location, but they are shocked to see, flying above them, is Death as he looked 800 years ago.[85] Kid explains that the vortex shows imagines frozen from 800 years ago, so what they are seeing is an illusion. These illusions include seeing Arachne, other witches, and Eibon.[85]

Patty and the students then notice Arachnophobia agent Mosquito, who has already recovered BREW. Patty and her classmates challenge Mosquito to retrieve BREW, pointing out that Mosquito's body is starting to disintegrate from remaining inside the magnetic field for more than 20 minutes. Mosquito responds by transforming into his Form from 100 Years Ago, which extends how long he may stay inside the magnetic field.[85] Kid hesitates to join the battle, fixated on having seen Eibon and wanting to learn his connection to Death. But Patty, Liz, and Maka demand he help them fight Mosquito. Kid sacrifices the opportunity to learn about Eibon and fights Mosquito.[86]

Patty and Liz's Death Cannon empowered by Chain Resonance

Mosquito is too strong for Patty and her teammates. Soul therefore offers to use the Black Blood with Chain Resonance, taking the form of his musical playing, to empower Patty and the others to defeat Mosquito.[86] Empowered by the Black Blood through Chain Resonance, Kid uses Patty and Liz to punch the pistols more powerfully into Mosquito's face, then to produce a more powerful Death Cannon attack, Patty and Liz's twin blasts severing Mosquito's arms. Patty and Liz say they are impressed with Soul's piano playing empowering them. But Soul and Kid stop the battle, realizing that their 20 minutes inside the vortex is almost up before the magnetic field compromises their health, and realizing that Mosquito can change into another one of his forms to extend his time in the field. Mosquito mocks Patty and her classmates as they depart, defeated.[87]

Patty and her classmates then run into Ox Ford and Kilik Rung, who escorted her and their classmates out of the vortex, but not before witnessing the explosion on Lost Island 800 years ago.[87]

Upon their exit from the magnetic field, Patty and the students approach a waiting Marie, tending to the mentally and emotionally addled Stein, to inform that they were unable to retrieve BREW. Furious at the students for disobeying her orders, Marie pulls back her hand—to unleash a tight hug of thankfulness for Patty and the other students' safety, and a promise to punish them upon their return to Death City.[87]

Internal Investigation (Manga Version)[]

Mira Naigus, Sid Barrett, Liz, and Patty watch Kid duel Black Star

After their return from Lost Island, Patty and all students and staff undergo examination by Mira Naigus at the Dispensary to check for any after-effects from the magnetic field. Patty and Liz then see Black☆Star grow upset when Kid says he had no side-effects, unaware that the ninja was just chastised by Mira not to over-exert himself because he lacks the body of a god. Patty and Liz then witness as Black☆Star leaps out a hallway window and smashes a spire on the Academy, ruining the school's symmetry. Black☆Star says Kid can retaliate by accepting his challenge of a duel.[88] Patty and Liz watch as Kid is forced to brutally knock Black☆Star unconscious to stop his self-destruction in this duel.[89]

Eibon Investigation arc[]

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Arachnophobia vs DWMA arc[]

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Clown arc[]

Patty pokes Kid while Borscht Seven Factory explodes

At this point, Crona left the DWMA and rejoined Medusa Gorgon, who survived her apparent death by Stein and Spirit to possess the body of Rachel Boyd.[90] Patty then joins Kid, Liz, Maka, Soul, and Blair on a mission to the Borscht Seven Factory, an abandoned factory in Russia rumored to be associated with cases of madness. Patty and Liz are surprised how much steam comes from a supposedly abandoned factory. Kid refuses to enter, complaining the air vent Maka, Soul, and Blair enter is too dirty. Kid instead wanders around the building, unable to find a front door. His search exhausts him, as he says he is trying to find an exit. Patty corrects Kid that they are seeking an entrance, prompting an annoyed shinigami to tell "Little Miss Particular" to shut up. Liz urges Kid not to leave Soul, Maka, and Blair alone. But as she sees how horrifying the Russian factory appear, Liz realizes this is, as Patty calls it, a Factory Monster. Liz commands Patty to be quiet as she tries to persuade Kid that they should return home immediately.[31] Patty mocks Liz for being as afraid as Kid, but Liz responds: "Let the world go to hell, as long as I don't run into any monsters." Patty replies that "princesses are the worst."[91] Later, Patty pokes Kid, still collapsed in depressed, with a stick. Behind her, the Factory explodes: Maka and Soul defeated a Clown that was madness incarnate, and Blair destroyed the Factory with a self-destruct button, along with its proprietor, the Flying Dutchman.[15]

The Deal arc[]

Later, Medusa Gorgon, possessing Rachel Boyd's body, surrendered herself to the DWMA with BREW and intelligence revealing three witches inside Death City. Based on this intelligence, in weapon form, Patty and Liz joined Kid and DWMA Security outside Chupa♡Cabra's, while Spirit Albarn and Sid Barrett entered. Inside, Spirit and Sid confronted Risa and Arisa with Medusa's accusation. While Patty, Liz, and Kid blocked the front entrance to Chupa♡Cabra's, Spirit and Sid convinced the witches to surrender. After Security escorted Risa and Arisa to prison, Spirit and Sid revealed in front of Patty that Kim Diehl was also accused by Medusa of being a witch.[92]

Patty and Liz listen to Kid discuss Kim Diehl

By the time Patty, Liz, and Kid returned to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Kim along with Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré had escaped Security, fearful that they were in danger. Patty listened as Kid asked permission from Mira Naigus to explain himself to their friends, alone. Patty listened as Kilik and Ox argued strongly over the revelation that Kim is a witch. Soul led Kilik, Fire, and Thunder away to cool off. Patty then heard Kid reveal to Maka, Ox, and Harvar that the revelation of Kim's witch identity came from Medusa.[13]

Some time later, one morning, Patty joined her classmates for a track run. In the girls' shower room, Patty listened to comparison of everyone's running time, including Liz complaining that Kid wanted eight seconds exactly. When Liz complained about gym in the morning compromising her desire to study in the afternoon, Patty said at least they get lunch first, then proceeded to scrub so much shampoo in her hair that her entire body was covered in suds. Patty then heard Maka refuse to join Liz in skipping class. When Liz assumed Maka was going to spend lunch studying in the library, Patty laughed that she should follow Maka's example.[13]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc[]

The DWMA makes a deal with Medusa to have her lead specific DWMA students she chooses to infiltrate Arachnophobia's headquarters at Baba Yaga Castle in the Amazon. As part of the deal, Sid Barrett demands Medusa include on her team Patty, Liz, and Kid who will against Medusa should she turn against them.[26]

The next day, Death leaves the Death Room to meet with Patty and other students before they leave Death City. Death reminds Patty and others that Azusa Yumi and her team will be outside Arachnophobia's spiderweb Sensor Network in the Amazon.[26]

Medusa leads Patty and others on a boat ride through the Amazon River, before getting off to walk on foot. Along the river, Patty and the others sees that Arachne's experiments with magic (guided by Noah) have polluted the foliage. Concerned the river water is a trap, Kid orders Patty not to "do anything stupid."[26]

Out of the river, the Squid(?) monster emerges. From the branches above, Kid fires Patty and Liz upon the monster, with little effect. Medusa finally defeats the monster by enchanting Kilik Rung's weapons.[26]

Patty and her teammates arrive at a mineshaft, which will lead to Baba Yaga Castle. They are met by one of the Mizune Sisters, disguised as an Arachnophobia agent. Unknown to Patty and her teammates, save Kid and Maka, they are followed by the Death Scythe of South America, Tezca Tlipoca, and his meister Enrique.[26][27]

Liz and Patty accuse Kid of lying about his illuminated backside

Inside the mineshaft, Kilik holds up the Squid(?)'s soul, which Kid collects. Patty and others, however, notice Kid's backside illuminate, where he is secretly keeping BREW. Kid lies that he must have left his flashlight on in his backpocket. Patty and Liz accuse Kid of lying, pointing out he would never carry a flashlight because he would be so disagreeable about carrying such an item in only one hand and hence be asymmetrical. Kid mentally begs for Patty and Liz to stop talking.[27]

Patty's group continues to travel through the mineshaft until resting for the night. The next day, they meet with Eruka Frog, disguised as an Arachnophobia agent, who brings additional Arachnophobia agent uniforms and masks, ordering Patty and the others to put on to infiltrate Baba Yaga Castle, which is just beyond the mineshaft.[27]

Patty puts sleeping powder into Giriko's drink

Upon entering Baba Yaga Castle in their disguises, Patty, the other DWMA students and Medusa are separated to perform various tasks. Maka is dragged into Giriko's room to clean up his drunken mess. Upon hearing Maka's voice, Giriko realizes she is female and demands to see whether she looks attractive under her mask. Maka fears Giriko will recognize her from their first battle in Loew Village. Before Giriko can unmask her, Patty and Liz enter, no longer in Arachnophobia outfits but in maids' uniforms. Patty and Liz distract Giriko, allowing Maka to escape.[27] He quickly takes an interest in Liz, who uses her charms to distract him while Patty slips sleeping powder into his drink, leaving him unconscious for the remainder of the DWMA's attack on Baba Yaga Castle, including the assassination of Arachne.[40]

Patty and classmates joyfully reunite with Medusa

When the DWMA students reunite, they collapse atop each other, whether from exhaustion, injured groins, or, for Patty and Liz (still dressed as maids), joy from hanging out with an inebriated Giriko. Kid demands to know what his weapons were doing, but they are hesitant to answer. When Medusa returns to the students, Patty and the others (except Liz) tearfully clutch her, happy to reunite.[27]

Patty and Liz change back into their Arachnophobia disguises, with their maids uniforms still on underneath.[93] The DWMA had assigned Patty, Liz, and Kid to follow Medusa, but the witch assigns them to infiltrate Tower Eight of Baba Yaga Castle to destroy its Lock. Kid refuses until Maka offers to take his place to surveil Maka.[93][94]

After separating from their teammates, on their way to Tower Eight, Patty, Liz, and Kid stop when an alarm goes off throughout Baba Yaga Castle. Patty assures Liz she did not trip the alarm. Kid grins but does not immediately tell Patty and Liz that he knows the alarm was set off by Black☆Star, who he senses just arrived with Tsubaki.[93][95]

Patty shoves Kid into a wall

Later, Kid refuses to go any further because the path they have taken up this point has had a perfect symmetrical pattern—left then right—only now they must make another left to reach Tower Eight. As Patty and Liz try to pry Kid's grasp from the wall, Liz finally offers to cover his eyes so he cannot tell where he is moving. Kid agrees, and Patty leads—as she pushes Kid into a wall.[96]

Patty and others are discovered by Free

Kid then senses an opponent in the shadows: Mosquito. Before Patty and Liz can transform, they are all interrupted by Free. While Liz takes Kid's wrist and looks afraid, Patty simply looks surprised. Whereas Free was supposed to be in Tower Two, he became lost and arrived here at Tower Eight.[96] Free decides to help Patty, Liz, and Kid fight Mosquito and destroy Tower Eight's Lock.[97]

As Patty and Liz transform, Mosquito assumes his 100-year form. Kid fires Patty and Liz at Mosquito, only for his opponent's thick arms to block their shots. Mosquito decides to use his Form from 200 Years Ago. Patty is surprised to hear someone like Mosquito has multiple forms in addition to the one from their battle for Brew on Lost Island. While Mosquito is faster and now climbs wall, Kid still blocks his needle-nose attacks with Patty and Liz in demon pistol form.[97]

Free performs Ice Bind, freezing the floor around Mosquito's feet to allow Kid to fire more shots from Patty and Liz at Mosquito's face. After freezing Mosquiot again with A Vasili: Frigid Jailhouse, Free orders Kid to join him in one more attack: as Free assumes his wolf form to fire Demon Eye Cannon, Kid transforms Patty and Liz into Death Cannon, their combined cannons leaving behind a tattered but still living Mosquito.[97]

Kid commands Patty not risk her life

Mosquito then initiates his Form from 400 Years Ago, appearing as a handsome, proper, much young man, with a cravat and dark suit, almost resembling a butler. Patty is not impressed by his "lame" look, while Liz thinks the previous 200-year form looked much stronger. But Mosquito immediately turns into bats to practically teleport behind Free and slice him in half, then appears behind Kid and severing his left arm, whose hand was holding Patty.[97] This severance also severs Patty from her shared soul space with Liz. Patty calls out to Kid, who obsesses how he has lost bilateral symmetry. Patty prepares to transform to her human form, but Kid loudly orders her to stay in her weapon form. Mosquito seizes Kid and leaves both his severed arm and Patty in weapon form on the floor, while he tosses around Kid, who still clutches Liz in weapon form.[98]

Despite his injuries, Kid tells Mosquito that he will never let Arachnophobia win. Kid is then surprised to see BREW react to him, his soul wavelength swelling. One of Kid's Lines of Sanzu connect for the very first time. Kid uses Death Claw to reconnect his severed arm, bringing Patty back into his hand and reuniting Patty and Liz in their shared soul space. Liz welcomes back Patty to their resonance.[98]

Patty and Liz transform into Death Eagle .42

Kid approaches Mosquito, punching him with and blocking his punches with Patty and Liz in weapon form and their new Death Arm Blocking. Kid commands Patty and Liz to begin soul resonance, upgrading the sisters into Death Eagle .42, impressing both sisters. Despite Mosquito using Darkness Discord to attack with the ultrasonic waves of 800 bats, Kid uses Patty and Liz to fire Sanzu River Shot and Sanzu Fall Shot to injure Mosquito. But the shots through Patty and Liz exhaust Kid, causing BREW to fall from him and end its empowering influence over Patty, Liz, and Kid.[98]

Patty and her teammates then hear an explosion, as Free destroyed Tower Eight's Lock. Mosquito retreats. Patty and Liz transform back into their human forms, with Patty asking whether Kid is okay and Liz asking how to proceed. Kid orders Patty and Liz to become weapons again and to follow Mosquito.[98][99] Kid also explains that, as Eruka and the Mizune will need a distraction to complete destroying Baba Yaga Castle's other Locks, it is best to follow Mosquito to the Castle's center and stage a massive fight there.[99]

While still sensing Mosquito's Soul Wavelength, Kid feels lost. Patty, still in weapon form, complains how even someone as powerful as Kid has a difficult time defeating one of Arachnophobia's members. Liz, also in weapon form, brags how she and Patty managed to drug Giriko with sleeping powder. Kid is surprised Patty and Liz carry sleeping powder, which the siblings explain was a trick of theirs "from the old days."[40]

Kid tosses Liz and Patty to save them from Noah

Kid follows Mosquito's Soul Wavelength to bring Patty and Liz, in weapon form, to Baba Yaga Castle's Security Operations Room. Patty and her partners are shocked to see Mosquito is fighting a fellow Arachnophobia member, Noah, under the alias of Eibon, and attacking Mosquito with a Magic Worm from the Book of Eibon.[16][40] Noah easily kills the fully transformed Mosquito. Patty, Liz, and Kid Kid hide behind a corner but are quickly found by Noah, who decides he will add the Shinigami to his collection. Recognizing that Noah is about to pull him into the Book of Eibon, Kid tosses Patty and Liz in weapon form aside before he is absorbed into the Book.[16]

Patty listens to Liz's fears

While Noah gloats over his acquisition, Liz, still in her maid attire, changes into her human form and aims Patty in her weapon form at Noah, demanding that he release Kid. Noah says that Liz's beauty isn't enough for her to be part of his collection, adding that he will allow her to live. As Noah departs, Liz cannot stand to fire at him: she lowers Patty. From within her weapon form, Patty yells at Liz, calling her a coward. Liz begins crying and explains: if Kid could not stand against Noah, neither could she, and she refuses to risk Patty's life against the more powerful Noah. Patty looks conflicted. As Liz collapses to her knees, Patty transforms back into her human form, still in her maid outfit, where she stands next to Liz. She pats Liz's head and asks what they are supposed to do now.[16]

Patty and others fall under Arachne's Madness

Meanwhile, Arachne Gorgon has unleashed her new level of magic, until she is able to take on the form of Madness itself. Patty and Liz cover their heads trying to withstand the madness. However, using the Black Blood, Soul is able to transmit Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength through Arachne's madness-spreading spiderwebs, cancelling out the madness and saving Patty and others.[100] Maka and Soul conclude Operation: Capture Baba Yaga Castle by assassinating Arachne to destroy Arachnophobia, but they are unable to stop Medusa, who escapes Rachel Boyd's body and possesses the corpse of Arachne.[101]

Grigori arc[]

Patty and Liz describe the Book of Eibon to Maka

Upon their return to Death City, Patty and Liz catch up with Maka at the basketball court. With Kid captured by Noah, Patty and Liz asks book expert Maka what she knows about the Book of Eibon. Maka is shocked but feigns ignorance. Patty buys the lie, calling Maka useless.[29]

In Kid's absence, Patty and Liz return to the Death Weapon Meister Academy to train to get stronger. In sparring class, Tsubaki and Mira Naigus are impressed how well Patty fights against Kim, who with Jacqueline left Arachnophobia and rejoined the DWMA. Jacqueline says that Patty has fought five partners in a row, including Kilik Rung and a bruised Ox Ford, without tiring, leading Mira to recognize how Patty is wasted as a weapon given her in-person combat skills. Kim finally collapses and admits defeat. Liz proudly praises Patty's strength at length to their classmates, annoying them. Ox says Kim is still cuter than Patty, while Harvar wonders whether Patty is stronger than Maka. Tsubaki admits she would be as proud as Liz if her meister were fighting.[35]

Patty defeats Black☆Star

Black☆Star, although still injured from his fight against Mifune at Baba Yaga Castle that led to the samurai's death, then challenges Patty. Kilik thinks Black☆Star will beat Patty, prompting Jacqueline to remind Kilik he lost against Patty. Black☆Star then assures Angela Leon, whom the DWMA took in after Mifune's death, that he will beat Patty. After Mira initiates the sparring match, Black☆Star calls a time out to make the fight even, and more interesting, with a handicap: he orders Tsubaki to bind his hands so he does not attack Patty directly with his wavelength. Distracted, Black☆Star fails to anticipate Patty running up behind him and kicking him in the testicles.[35]

As Tsubaki and others bemoan Black☆Star's foolishness, Liz continues to praise Patty's fighting skills, before falling into sadness with the reminder that both Thompson sisters must train more if they are to rescue Kid. Sid then interrupts Patty's sparring to inform Mira that Soul has now acquired his one hundredth soul to become a Death Scythe.[35]

Patty and her classmates join the newly returned Stein and Marie Mjolnir to witness Soul consume Arachne's witch soul to become a Death Scythe. Patty and her classmates are also now dressed in new uniforms to inaugurate what Death calls the DWMA's "Kid Squad," renamed by Stein as Spartoi.[35]

Patty practices firing Liz

With Spartoi now formed, Patty practices shooting with Sid. Liz compliments Patty for being on target, even as Patty's gait and singing surprise Sid, who has no idea how to advise Patty without compromising her success.[102]

Some time later, Patty joins Liz, Tsubaki, and Black☆Star for Death Robbins ice cream at a Death City fountain. While Patty has a large ice cream cone, the others discuss concerns about whether Maka can get back on track after making Soul into a flight-capable Death Scythe.[33]

Witch's Research arc[]

Patty and Liz are led by Azusa Yumi to act alongside Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder as Kilik Rung’s weapons to investigate one of Medusa Gorgon’s laboratories in Central Africa. Upon entering the laboratory, Patty spots specimens on one of the shelves. She attempts to have a staring contest with an eyeball in a jar. After Liz and Kilik mock Patty for not allowing the eye to retain is "eye-dentity” and how Azusa "puts the 'eye' in eyesight,” they are interrupted by an annoyed Azusa, telling them through their Demon Tool Incom to get back to work or get "kick[ed] in the ass.”[103]

Kilik aims Patty and Liz at possessed locals

After Kilik gathers the necessary materials, they exit the laboratory, where they are attracted by locals under Medusa’s possession. Patty notices the locals have something odd about their eyes (and which she thinks would impress Azusa). Kilik dodges returns gunfire at the locals, instructing Patty and Liz to adjust their wavelengths to nonlethal rounds. After escaping a Molotov cocktail, Patty warns Kilik that an RPG is coming at him. Kilik escapes this attack as well and is airlifted with Patty and Liz by two other members of this missions: Kim Diehl, riding Jacqueline O’Lantern Dupré in her weapon form.[103]

At a rendezvous point, Patty plays with Fire and Thunder while Kim files her report with Kim. The group is then approached by one of Medusa’s creations, the Black Clown, who proceeds to attack them.[103]

Fire and Thunder wield Liz and Patty

Kilik orders Patty, along with Liz, Fire, and Thunder, to transform, while Kim wields Jacqueline. The Black Clown foments madness in Kilik and Kim. Kilik tries to focus, firing Patty and Liz at the Clown. Knocking back the creature, Kilik holsters Patty and Liz so he can punch the Clown with Fire and Thunder. Kilik then tells Kim to start a Resonance Chain. Kim directs her magic into Fire and Thunder, awakening their Earth Shaman abilities so that each one takes Patty and Liz to then fire E3!!! (Extreme Element Effect). The attack seems to destroy the Black Clown, but its remnants manage to dissolve and, on orders from Medusa, return to her newest lair.[104]

Salvage arc[]

That same day or closely thereafter, Patty and Liz storm into the Death Room, interrupting a meeting Death holds to punish Maka for checking out the Book of Eibon manuscript without proper permission. Patty and Liz confirm that Death has found a way to free Kid from the Book of Eibon, but Stein warns entry this mission is dangerous. Patty and Liz demand to join this mission, and Death eventually agrees.[105]

Later, Patty gathers with other members of Spartoi: Liz, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, Tsubaki, Kilik, Fire, and Thunder, as well as Blair in cat form. They are transported into the Book of Eibon manuscript by the witches Kim, Risa, Arisa, and Eruka Frog, recently captured by Black☆Star and Tsubaki.[105]

Upon entering the Book, Patty and her teammates meet the Table of Contents, who offers to guide them to Kid’s location, in the book’s Hidden Section. However, it warns her that this hidden section houses "the onset of madness," and to enter will require "paying a price." Patty, along with Kilik and Tsubaki, claim that they understand these risks and are willing to do what is necessary to save Kid.[105]

Patty and Liz in the Lust Chapter

The Table of Contents speaks in an unknown language to open a portal to the book's first chapter, Lust. Inside, Patty and her teammates have their sexes changed, men becoming women, and women becoming men, all appearing in accordance with which characteristics they find appealing in that sex. Patty has shorter hair covered by a beanie hat. She also resembles her past psychotic self a bit more, as her eyes look slightly more crazed. She also wears a white jacket and shirt and dark pants like Liz, differing in that Patty's has the Spartoi logo on her left shoulder and a large Shinigami skull emblazoned on her back.

In the Lust Chapter, Patty is impressed how "bad ass” Liz now looks. After saying she and Liz have not changed much, Patty expresses desire "to start kickin' some major ass." Patty grabs The Table of Contents, intending to punch the contraption. Liz then notices something moving within the twisted structures around them. Liz clutches Patty, who thinks Liz looks humorous as a man when so frightened. From the curtains, the Succubus emerges. Patty and Liz mock their teammates’ reactions to the Succubus, until both Patty and Liz too become enamored by the Succubus as well. They escape thanks to Blair attacking the Succubus and the Table of Contents opening a new portal.[105][106]

Patty and Black☆Star dodge the pig.

In the next chapter, Gluttony, Patty and Black☆Star notice the wonderful smells of dumplings, soups, and other meals. Patty and Black☆Star enter one restaurant and begin eating all the food that they can find, ignoring Tsubaki's warnings. As they eat, Patty and Black☆Star are confronted by the pig, who says it will test the mettle of their souls, as it slices at the two with a cleaver. Shocked to face a pig that desires to cut, cook, and consume these students (and is naked under just an apron), Patty and Black☆Star wield Liz and Tsubaki (as Patty realizes Liz feels the same in gun form despite her change of sex, as Liz says guns are clunky regardless of gender). Realizing that they can eat the pig, Patty and Black☆Star, along with Kilik, kill and consume the pig, becoming more and more mad for food. Soul orders the Table of Contents to transport them out of the Gluttony Chapter.[106]

Excalibur evades Patty and others

Upon transportation, the team is separated: Maka and Soul are sent to the Envy Chapter, while Patty and the rest are sent to the Wrath Chapter.[106][107] Patty, as well as Black☆Star and Kilik, are back to their previous sexes, while Liz, Tsubaki, and Blair are still male. Patty, Black☆Star, and Kilik are furious: they are hungry, and she cannot stand Black☆Star and Kilik's complaining. Patty, Black☆Star, and Kilik also call Liz a "horny-ass cougar" and a "typical blonde" with a "goddamn hissy fit.” Patty and Black☆Star then demand that the noise stop. But her fury only increases as the other captive of the Wrath Chapter is revealed: Excalibur. The Table of Contents explains it cannot conjure an escape from Excalibur so long as the Holy Sword keeps interrupting his incantation. Patty, Black☆Star, and Kilik, infuriated, promise to distract the Holy Sword. But as the three try to grab Excalibur, the weapon leaps away, thinking the three are wasting time with a game. As the three yell that it is Excalibur wasting time, The Table of Contents completes its message, causing the Wrath Chapter to flip to the next chapter.[107]

Excalibur annoys Kilik, Black☆Star, and Patty

Unfortunately, Excalibur follows Patty and her teammates into the Pride Chapter, cause her to freak out more. Excalibur offers to help them escape, offering himself to Liz as the Holy Sword to slice out of the Pride Chapter and to Kid in the Hidden Section. When Liz is too prideful to complete the task, instead throwing Excalibur out of the Book and back to the Eternal Cave, Patty and the rest tell Liz not to worry over her mistake.[107]

Patty and Liz tease Tsubaki

The team then is transported by the Table of Contents to the Greed Chapter, where Patty continues to mock Liz and Tsubaki for still being men, which means they are "nymphos.” When Tsubaki is the last to transform into a woman again, Liz joins Patty in mocking Tsubaki. Tsubaki responds by holding a kunai threateningly at the Thompsons.[108]

In the Greed Chapter, a portal opens near Patty’s feet, welcoming Black☆Star to enter to battle and retrieve Kid, now suffering from the madness of the Great Old One of Power. Before departing, Black☆Star promises Patty and Liz that he is bringing home their meister “as a souvenir.” With that, Black☆Star enters before the portal closes behind him.[109]

Meanwhile, in the Hidden Section, Black☆Star, also suffering the same madness as Kid, still manages to remind Kid that his plan to destroy all existence is absurd: would Kid also sacrifice the lives of Patty and Liz for this symmetry of nothingness?[11]

Patty and Tsubaki comfort Liz

Back in the Greed Chapter, Liz remembers how she and Patty first met Kid, and how he saved them from thugs. Instead of destroying/capturing them, like he was sent to do, he asked them to be his weapon partners and gave them a chance to redeem themselves. She and Patty had been planning on using Kid's Shinigami status to gain the money and power they craved, believing he was just a spoiled brat. However, the more time they spent with Kid, the more they grew to care for him, a fact Liz realizes after watching Patty laugh herself to tears.[11]

It begins to rain money down on the group, and Liz thinks to herself that she doesn't care about money, all she wants is for Kid and Black☆Star to return safely. Patty and Tsubaki ask if she's ok, and she begins to cry, saying "I haven't thanked him yet." Both girls simply smile and pull her into a hug. Liz says "Kid" and begins crying more openly and is shaking.[11]

Patty and Liz welcome back Kid

While Spartoi was inside the Book of Eibon, the DWMA had sent a team of Stein, Marie Mjolnir, Sid Barrett, Mira Naigus, and Tezca Tlipoca to Noah’s Headquarters to fight him and his colleagues, Gopher and the defected Death Scythe Justin Law directly. After seeming to kill Tezca and injuring the others so badly that they could barely fight, Noah then opens the Book of Eibon to release Manticore. However, as Kid and Black☆Star made a deal with the Great Old of Power, the Old One allows them, Patty, and their teammates to escape with the Manticore.[110] Patty and Liz transform to be wielded by Kid, at which point Liz blushes and welcomes Kid back, while Patty simply smiles and calls out Kid's name.[111]

Patty prepares Execution Mode

In the battle against Noah, Kid first connects the first Line of Sanzu, as he proceeds to fire shots from Patty and Liz at Noah and Gopher.[111] Finally, Kid gives a long explanation to Noah as to his values and why he intends to execute him. While these remarks impress Maka for seeming to “surpass human understanding,” Patty and Liz are embarrassed at how overly formal Kid is at requesting their help. Kid uses the second Line of Sanzu to unleash Execution Mode in Patty and Liz, initiating Coffin Construction and obliterating Noah with Patty and Liz’s new resonance technique with Kid, Parent’s Seven Rays. While Noah is destroyed, Justin escapes, and Gopher escapes with the Book of Eibon.[112]

Mad Blood arc[]

Patty and Liz on Lost Island

After reuniting with his father, Kid grows worried about Death’s plans to find and destroy Asura. He asks for permission to travel back to Lost Island to try to find Eibon, who may know Asura’s location.[113] At Lost Island, Patty and Liz wait outside while Kid finds and questions Eibon, without learning where Asura is located.[30][114]

Hunt arc[]

Patty, Kid, and Liz leave Lost Island and return to the DWMA to meet with other members of Spartoi. Patty learns the discord among the team members, who disagree whether to follow Death’s recent order to execute Crona, following their attacks on Russia and Ukraine, effectively killing the Death Scythe Tsar Pushka and his meister Feodor.[115]

Patty and Liz are unable to write their wills

After attempting to sense Crona's soul, Maka instead follow a trail of madness up to the Moon. Along with Tezca Tlipoca, revealed to have survived Justin Law destroying his body but not his soul, Maka notifies Death that Asura is on the Moon. The DWMA prepares to fly there to attack Asura. At this point, the DWMA also informs Patty and Liz how fatal the battle against Asura may be, requiring the two of them to write wills. In Gallows Mansion, Patty and Liz are struggling to write, in part because they have no one else to pass on their estate. Other members of the DWMA, such as Spirit Albarn, are aware that they are writing these wills.[116]

War on the Moon arc[]

Patty joins Liz and Kid, along with other DWMA troops, on the newly created Demon Airship, powered by the Eternal Spring. Following Stein's orders, Kid, wielding his weapons, leads Auntie and other airborne troops to land on the Moon, conduct the first wave of attacks on Asura's Clown Army, and clear space on the Moon's surface for the Airship to land. But Kid is shocked to see the Clowns fire lasers at other troopers, impaling them. Once Kid lands on the Moon, he is attacked by the Clown Kaguya. Kid fires Patty and Liz's shots at Kaguya, who blocks with her Angel's Raiment. Kid leaps above to attack from on high, yet Kaguya uses the flame atop her head to form a leash that wraps around Kid's leg, twirling him. Kid's neck is then caught by a crescent launched by Moonlight. As Patty and Liz call out to their meister, Kid is caught in the explosion.[117]

Patty is silent as Liz calls out to Kid, who is injured and seized by Kaguya. Auntie intervenes, freeing Kid and knocking back Kaguya. Kid proceeds to battle Kaguya, who mocks Kid for attempting to flip her Angel’s Raiment to peek under her dress. Patty defends her meister against accusations of perversion (although by claiming Kid is a fully mature pervert, not a “brat” of a pervert).[118]

Patty, Liz, and Kid watch as Justin Law is about to kill Auntie

Kid continues to fire shots from Patty and Liz, failing to break through the Angel’s Raiment. Auntie again intervenes, her punch managing to knock the win out of Kaguya despite her supposedly impervious body. After knocking back Kaguya, Auntie instructs Kid to stop holding back and unleash his strength.[118] Kaguya then transforms her Angel's Raiment into a Heavenly Raiment Wall to protect herself and her fellow Clown Moonlight. Kid fires Patty and Liz's shots through a Death Cannon, which creates holes in the wall, but which almost immediately close up again. Auntie instructs Kid to keep firing Patty and Liz's Death Cannon shots at the Wall. On Patty and Liz's next Death Cannon shot, Auntie follows it, jumping through the wall before Kaguya can reform her raiment. Strapped to a parachute case full of bombs, Auntie detonates the explosives. Once the debris clears, Patty, Liz, and Kid are surprised to see Auntie has survived and is back on her feet. Moonlight is destroyed as well, but Kaguya is still standing. And Kaguya now sees someone standing behind Auntie: Justin Law. Auntie senses his presence even before Patty, Liz, and Kid can warn her. But it is too late: Justin's guillotine has sliced her at the waist, killing her. Justin tosses her corpse down, allowing it to reform into Auntie's soul, which Justin's flames consume.[118][119]

After yelling at Justin because of this murder, Kid renews his attack against Kaguya and other Clowns, using Patty and Liz's shots with increased fury. Although sweating with some fear, Kid smiles. While he desired to beat out of Kaguya the information about Asura's location, Kid says he need not do so: "Auntie taught me the way." Kid's grin curls upward, his outfit darkening and a familiar cravat appearing around his neck: as he resembles how he did when facing the Great Old One of Power, Kid feels madness take ahold of him. Kid dashes forward, blasting away clowns with Patty and Liz in demon pistol form. One of the Thompsons warns Kid that White Rabbit and another clown are approaching Kid, who already sees the two, knocking them down. While madness has empowered Kid, he worries that, without Maka Albarn's Anti-Demon Wavelength in Chain Resonance, madness will soon overwhelm him.[120] Kid is eventually seized by the Three-Faced Clown and about to be attacked by the Colossus Clown. The Colossus Clown merely tosses Kid, who despite being bound lands on his feet. White Rabbit and the Jester Clown pursue Kid.[121]

Patty and Liz are impressed with Kid's power with Madness and the Line of Sanzu

Frustrated, Kid roars, uniting the First Line of Sanzu with Release, transforming Liz and Patty into Death Eagle .42. Still, even without having to use either Patty or Liz, Kid rips apart the Three-Faced Clown. Kid then slides past White Rabbit and the Jester Clown, knocking them down with Patty and Liz before ramming one of Death Eagle .42 into the Colossus Clown's left first and fires. One skull-shape blast from either Patty or Liz erupts from the Colossus Clown, decimating it. Kid then turns to kill the Elephantine Clown. While Patty and Liz are pleased with this development, Kid mocks Kaguya's "friends" for being so pathetic. Kid tells Kaguya to prepare for her death. But he surprised when the clown simply chuckles. As happened before, the remains of the clowns dig into the Moon's surface, forming into orbs topped with flames, then reform from the surface as Clowns: the ones Kid just killed are reformed. Kaguya mocks Kid, claiming he cannot defeat the clowns due to Asura's infinite madness, and Kid too will inevitably fall into that madness.[121]

Eventually, Kid connects two Lines of Sanzu connected. He is interrupted by a DWMA soldier who passes along an order from Death: Kid is to return to Demon Airship for return to Death City. While Kid refuses the order to keep firing Patty and Liz at the Elephantine Clown, Stein intervenes and insists that Kid return with Marie Mjolnir. Kid, still carrying Patty and Liz in weapon form, and Marie all reluctantly leave for the Airship. On the Airship, Patty and Liz seem to revert to their human form and leave Kid alone to receive his orders from Death, namely to return with Marie, Azusa Yumi, and others to Death City to prepare for a peace treaty: to convince the Witch Council to ally with the DWMA to finally defeat Asura.[122]

Witches Trial arc[]

As the Demon Airship departs, Patty and Liz look with concern at Kid's desire to get off the ship to re-join their DWMA peers in combat on the Moon. The Thompsons then watch as Marie Mjolnir reminds Kid that he has a mission to the Witches' Realm first.[123]

Patty laughs as Liz drags Kid out of the girls' shower

Upon returning to the Death Room, Death informs Patty, Kid, and Liz that Kim Diehl and her weapon Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré returned from Italy and were going to take a quick shower. Kid grows irritated, finding the timing inappropriate. He makes his way towards the Girls' Shower Room and confronts Kim and Jacqueline, naked, that they need to hurry up. Patty and Liz, having changed out of their Spartoi uniforms into towels, approach Kid from behind; Liz knocks Kid unconscious and drags him away, apologizing to Kim and Jacqueline while Patty watches.[123]

Patty changes out of her towel and back into her original cowgirl-themed uniform. In the Death Room, she joins Kid, Liz, and other teammates and even witches to hear Death's explanation: Kid will lead a team to the Witches' Realm to negotiate an alliance against Asura. Death asks Patty, along with Liz and Jacqueline, to stay behind so not to provoke the Witches. After Kim opens a portal to the Witches' Realm, Patty, Liz, and Death wave goodbye to Kid as he enters the portal along with the designated group.[123]

While waiting for Kid to return, Patty and Liz hear Death's concern whether his son and his team can properly negotiate with the witches. As he speaks, a portal opens into the Witches' Realm, but only Kid emerges, explaining to Patty and the rest that Kim sent him back alone to finalize any potential alliance with the DWMA.[124]

Patty is impressed by--then laughs at--Kid

After Kid orders expedited repairs to get the Demon Airship ready for immediate departure back to the Moon, Patty and her teammates get back on board, joined now with their Spartoi classmates who were previously in Italy, minus Kim, Maka, Soul, Black☆Star, and Tsubaki. Upon departure, Kid says, "The natural order of things cannot stand with our relationship so strained. Order is attempting to evolve." Liz tells Kid such an evolution is going to be "in fits and starts," annoying Kid, who says that much is obvious. Patty clutches Kid in a hug and laughs. Kilik Rung then explains to Patty, Liz, and Kid that Maka's team gave him armbands for the trio to wear, each one emblazoned with a logo resembling Soul Eater's soul. Kid promises to wear just one armband to evolve beyond his desire for symmetry. After placing the armband on his left bicep, he impresses Patty and Liz—until he collapses in panic over the need to be "neat and tidy." Then Gen's team announces that it will be one hour until they land on the Moon—which prompts Kid to beg that they delay the arrival by four hours, and which prompts Liz to expect Gen will kill Kid for these interruptions while Patty simply giggles.[124]

Patty and others agree to follow Kid

The Demon Airship nears the Moon. Kid expresses confidence the Witches will join their alliance against Asura. But Azusa Yumi is not convinced. Kid admits he may be naive, yet ideals must be realized, and if giving up his ideals is what must be done to be an adult, then he would rather live up to his name and remain a kid. Kid reminds Azusa that there are 36 members currently on the Airship. Kid promises that, if anyone opposes his plan, he will call off the attack. But Patty and everyone else, including eventually Azusa, agree to follow Kid. With that, the team announces "full speed ahead!"[125]

War on the Moon II arc[]

Patty braces for impact

When the Demon Airship reaches enemy airspace, Moonlight fires at the ship. Kid orders everyone to brace for impact, as Liz grips the bridge's banister—and Patty grips her sister. As the laser gets closer to the Airship, Kid calls to the witches to witness the DWMA's faith in them to come to their rescue. As more lasers pierce the Airship, the Bridge Commander announces that the Demon Airship is crashing. As Liz, still held onto by Patty, holds onto Kid, he realizes the witches are not coming, until he shouts that he still has faith in their arrival. Suddenly, the head witch Maba teleports next to Kid, teleporting Patty and everyone else to the Moon's surface, protected by Maba's Independent Cube. After reviewing their plan to attack the Clowns, now de-powered by the witches' use of Soul Protect Bullets, Patty and Liz transform into their demon pistol forms, wielded by Kid to assist his teammates, and the newly arrived Maka and Black☆Star, to destroy the Clowns.[126][127] After the Witches depart to leave the fight to the DWMA, Crona emerges, having swallowed Asura and Noah themselves.[127][128]

Dark Side of the Moon arc[]

Kid fears that Crona's new madness will overwhelm anyone but the Death Scythes and meisters, as well as Black☆Star, himself, and their weapons. He orders Free to use Spatial Magic to teleported everyone else to the Earth—but is shocked to see that Free also teleported himself, Patty, and Liz, along with Franken Stein, Marie Mjolnir, and many Death Scythes. Patty looks confused until Kid realizes what happened. Kid immediately flies on Beezlebub to return himself, Patty, and Liz to the Moon to help Maka and Black☆Star defeat Crona.[129]

As Kid flies back, Patty sees the tooth fall out of the Moon's mouth, then asks whether it was one of the Moon's baby teeth, while Liz worries the Moon will need dentures before Kid admonishes his weapons to focus on returning to Maka and Black☆Star.[130] Along this flight, Maka and Spirit manage to reach Crona, which allows Asura to reassert control and swallow Crona.[131][132] Kid finally approaches the Moon's mouth. While Patty and Liz complain that this third trip to the Moon is "not so special anymore," Kid senses Asura's wavelength. Wielding Patty and Liz, lands alongside Maka and Black☆Star and tells Asura that he has "come to settle the score in my father's stead."[132]

Patty and Liz becomes Death Eagle .42

But Patty and others are then shocked to hear Asura refer to Kid as his "brother," identifying them as both fragments of Death. Patty and Liz begin to notice the physical resemblance between the brothers. Having connected his first and second Lines of Sanzu to transform Patty and Liz into Death Eagle .42, Kid fires at Asura, but his newly discovered brother's words bother him. Even as Kid worries that this association with Asura makes them similar, Patty and their friends encourage Kid to keep fighting and that he is not the same as Asura.[133]

Later, Asura manages to fire a laser directly at Black☆Star's face. The ninja manages to swallow the laser and fire it back at Asura. While his friends are amazed, Black☆Star proclaims that he can do anything a god may do—except he speaks in such a roundabout way that he confuses Patty and Liz.[133]

Kid then aims Patty and Liz at Asura, but his scarves slice across his shoulders. Furious to then see his friends under attack, Kid flies towards Asura, shooting multiple rounds from Patty and Liz. While Kid manages to recover and remains in flight, he looks pained, worried that, should he awaken his full shinigami abilities, he will become like Asura. When Maka loudly disagrees, assuring Kid that he is kind and that friends like Patty know him better than anyone else, Kid is shocked at her belief in him. Patty and Liz call to Kid to join the battle already. Kid flies up behind Maka and Black☆Star to thank them. Patty and their friends agree that Asura is no true shinigami, and only Kid can be one, as demonstrated by the witches’ faith in him. Patty and Liz see the third Line of Sanzu about to connect, until a vertical line of energy to light up the sky with an explosion, with three levels of radial energy expanding from this line. Patty now sees Kid fully transformed, able to control his Madness of Order and prove that, unlike Asura, he will not abuse his power because he has faith in humanity.[134][135]

Kid flies towards Asura, firing upon him with Patty and Liz from close distance. But even Kid's attack cannot stop Asura as he blasts Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid away with a shot of his power into the Moon's surface, temporarily immobilizing the meisters and their weapons. Later, Maka is stabbed through the chest by Asura, recovering through Black Blood to unlock her new powers, the Grigori Dress.[135][136]

Maka then asks Black☆Star and Kid to immobilize Asura long enough for her to enter him and remove Crona from inside. Kid fires Patty and Liz at Asura, but Asura still knocks him and the other meisters down to the Moon, immobilized again. Asura’s cackling provides a sufficient distraction for Kid to fire Patty and Liz again, helping to give Maka enough time to slice into Asura and enter with Soul to find Crona inside.[136]

Patty resonates with her teammates

With Maka and Soul inside to find Crona, Kid continues to use Patty and Liz’s shots to distract Asura while Maka and Soul search for Crona. Inside Asura’s soul, Maka and Soul can sense the souls of Patty and others. Upon discovering Crona, Maka and Soul are shocked that they refuse to leave, intending to use BREW and Black Blood to trap themselves and Asura and therefore protect the word. Soul then uses the souls of Patty and everyone else in the world to trace a path out of Asura. Asura realizes Crona’s plan, attempting to seal the wound before Maka and Soul can escape. Maka calls to Patty and their teammates to commence a Chain Resonance that allows her and Soul’s escape and begins the geyser of Black Blood from Asura's body, beginning to seal him, and Crona, on the Moon.[137]

But this flood of Black Blood sweeps around the Moon before Patty’s DWMA allies can escape. Patty and her teammates watch as Spirit Albarn, Marie Mjolnir, Sid Barrett, Akane Hoshi, Clay Sizemore, and Mira Naigus are seeming swallowed by the Black Blood to be trapped forever.[137] Maka then senses and informs Patty and the others that these allies were teleported off the Moon. She follows their souls to the DWMA, where Patty and the others discover they are safe.[138]

Under the influence of the Madness of Boobs, Kid gropes Patty and Liz

Patty later learns that, when Kid became a full shinigami, Death died, with Kid now the new Lord Death. Patty also learns that the Black Blood around the Moon has now produced a Madness of Boobs, which inspired Kid to frequently grope Patty and Liz’s breasts, and even inspires Patty to grope Liz’s.[138]

Patty and Liz's last appearance in Soul Eater

At the coronation of Kid as the new Shinigami, Patty and Liz are surprised how long it takes Kid to be satisfied with having his mask bestowed onto him, symmetrically. Hearing Kid’s call for humans and witches to work together for a “stronger world,” Patty and Liz clutch hands and celebrate.[138]


  • Mana from B. Ichi (left) and Patty's initial design (right)

    Patty's initial design closely resembles that of Mana, a character from Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo's previous manga series, B. Ichi. In fact, on the cover to one issue of B. Ichi, Mana is wearing a cowboy hat almost identical to that later worn by Patty and Liz.[139]
  • Both Patty and Liz collect and store souls within their magazines in pistol form.
  • Patty seems to be ambidextrous; she uses her right hand to draw or write and she shoots with her left hand.
  • Patty and Liz's last name is a reference to the infamous Thompson submachine gun used by gangsters of the 1920s and 30s. [sourcing needed]
  • In interviews, Atsushi Ōkubo has mentioned that he feels Patty is the character most like him, as well as Black☆Star.
  • In the official popularity poll taken by the manga's readers, Patty ranked 10th.


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