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While Patty can be combative like Black☆Star, her pleasant demeanor and seeming immaturity makes her seem much friendlier. Although she appreciates and recognizes the valuable traits in her teammates and friends, she is willing to tease them, even her own sister, Liz. However, as demonstrated by her devotion to Liz and Kid, Patty is also loyal and a helpful, as well as talented, teammate in battle.


Liz ThompsonEdit

  • Patty and Tsubaki comfort Liz
  • Patty listens to Liz's fears
  • The sisters celebrate Kid's ascension
  • The sisters dress as maids
  • Patty and Liz listen to Kid discuss Kim
  • Patty helps Liz put up her hair
  • Patty and Liz wait on Lost Island

Patty's only known living family is her older sister, Liz. Prior to their arrival to Death City, Patty and Liz grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, presumably as orphans. This difficult life has forced the sisters to have similar experiences and make unethical choices, such as using their demon weapon abilities to assist themselves in committing robberies and other crimes. Such lives in isolation and near-poverty initially caused Patty and Liz to be distrustful of others, whether their first meister Death the Kid or their customers at Deathbucks Café. However, such difficult times make the duo as close as sisters can be. Patty and Liz also share the same weapon form as Demon Twin Guns. Not only their identical weapon forms but their close bond as sisters makes them equally capable meisters and weapon, each able to wield the other in a variety of combat situations. While Liz is frequently afraid of the supernatural and Patty can take combat far less seriously than her sister, both of them are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the other.

Because they are each other's only family, Patty and Liz have a very close bond, each sister supportive of the other. Liz frequently praises Patty's combat skills,[1] and Patty looking up to Liz and Liz taking care of Patty. Patty as well tends to praise her sister's common sense, attire, and other skills. Patty also will providing help to her, such as putting up her hair in the shower.[2] The two are also frequently in agreement about confronting the same problems. When working at Deathbucks Café, both tended to dislike the same types of customers, initially those who disliked their poor service, but with time those who would bother other customers, especially their new friend like Tsugumi Harudori.[3]

Patty can express frustration with Liz, however. Nevertheless, despite such disagreements and her own seemingly immature demeanor, Patty demonstrates that she loves her sister and will provide all comfort she can to her. When Noah captures Kid, and Liz refuses to fire even one shot at him, Patty chastises Liz for cowardice. Liz then reveals that while she does not want to lose Kid, she fears someone as powerful as Noah could kill Patty. Liz's concern for her safety silences Patty, prompting her to comfort her sister, again demonstrating their powerful bond.[4] When Liz cries in fear of losing Kid before she can thank him for getting Patty off the streets and providing her with a home, Patty along with Tsubaki Nakatsukasa simply hug her.[5]

Whereas Liz tends to take situations seriously, perhaps too seriously, Patty is usually more relaxed. While Liz is frightened of the supernatural, Patty is excited at seeing mummies and monster factories. While Liz thinks her teammate should take combat more seriously, Patty will laugh at opponents' odd appearances or take delight in seeing new transformations. Patty will tease Liz for her fearfulness at the supernatural, even mock her as afraid, but unlike her criticism of Liz for failing to face Noah, these insults seem to be merely for fun, not to actually chastise her sister. Liz also may be willing to tease her sister back. In the anime, Liz lies that she was crying over Tsubaki's relationship with her brother, accusing Patty of being the one who was actually crying.[6] Despite these differences and their mutual insults, the two sisters demonstrate considerable love for each other.


Liz refers to their mother as "the most beautiful whore in Brooklyn." She has stated that she hates her mother for abandoning her and Patty, but is grateful that she gave birth to two beautiful girls. How Patty regards her mother is not yet clear.[5]



  • Kid synchronizes easily with Liz and Patty
  • Patty and Liz tend to the unconscious Kid
  • Patty happily welcomes back Kid
  • Kid sacrifices himself to say Patty and Liz
  • Kid tells Patty not to sacrifice her life for him
  • Patty gets Kid to hurry—by pushing him into a wall
  • Patty and Liz accuse Kid of lying
  • Patty pokes Kid with a stick
  • Patty and Liz are impressed—then embarrassed—by Kid
  • Liz and Patty watch Kid cry

Patty along with her sister Liz are the Demon Twin Guns, wielded by Death the Kid. She was chosen along with her sister because of her weapon form matching with Liz, allowing Kid to preserve his symmetry.

After being rescued by Kid from rival gang members, Patty and Liz, while cautiously distrustful of the meister, still appreciated the rescue. Patty, however, seemed to appreciate Kid far more quickly than Liz, whether from his initial remarks referring to her and Liz as beautiful, or quickly laughing at his humorous obsessions over symmetry. In fact, Liz credits Kid's behavior as giving Patty the very first uproarious laughter she ever heard from Patty. Whether Patty is as aware as Liz of how much Kid has changed her for the better is not clear, although Patty expresses as much happiness being Kid's weapon, even if she is not as sentimental as Liz. Whereas Liz may blush, be quiet, or even cry regarding Kid, Patty tends to look more serious when worrying about his safety and simply smiles or laughs when he is found to be alright.[4][7]

Patty and Kid appreciate each other so much that they are willing to risk their own safety for the other, Kid willing to let Mosquito attack him to protect Patty,[8] and Patty urging Liz to join her in fighting Noah to rescue Kid.[4]

While Kid and Patty get along, however, they can irritate each other. Kid's biggest problem with her is that her human form does not match her sister's, she being more endowed, shorter, and having shorter hair.[9] Patty also can show frustration with Kid, usually when given permission by Liz to do so, such as telling him to get off his ass and plow through a symmetrically arranged minefield of Tadpole Bombs. As well, Patty's attempts to have Kid move along more quickly can cause him injury, whether slamming their rowboat into the side of the Ghost Ship Nidhogg[10] or pushing him into a wall in Baba Yaga Castle.[11]

Despite these annoyances, Patty, Kid, and Liz are all rather close, as Maka Albarn stated that it is difficult for three souls to resonate properly, but it is achieved by the strength of their relationship. According to Franken Stein, Patty and Liz, having lived on the streets, admire Kid for his dignified soul, while Kid admires how their positive souls balance his negative soul. Even though laughs at his fits of symmetry-induced depression, she and Liz cheer him up immediately after almost every time.[9] In a way, Patty and Liz serve as attendants to Kid's health (supplemental art for the manga showing Liz and Patty dressed as nurses while holding up their meister).[12] Overall, Patty and her sister are grateful to Kid for taking them in, allowing for them to redeem themselves.

Kilik RungEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 66 - Kilik versus locals

Kilik aims Liz and Patty at possessed locals

After Noah captures Kid in the Book of Eibon, Kilik serves as a substitute meister for both Liz and Patty on a mission to Medusa's laboratory in Central Africa. Kilik gets along well with Patty, exchanging jokes with her and Liz during the mission, earning all three chastisement from mission leader Azusa Yumi.

Kilik and Liz also work well together in combat as well, Kilik's ability as a Utility Meister allowing him to have Fire and Thunder wield Patty and Liz in combat.

Patty also calls him by the affectionate nickname, "Kiri-chan."

Fire and ThunderEdit

Fire and Thunder Prepare to Fire

Fire and Thunder wield Liz and Patty

Thanks to a Chain Resonance and Kim Diehl's magic, Fire and Thunder assumed Earth Shaman forms to wield Patty and Liz.

When not wielded by Fire and Thunder, Patty seems to get along well with the two, twirling the childlike Earth Shamans in her arms.

Maka's TeamEdit

  • Patty and her classmates ready to stop Medusa's Army
  • Patty can achieve Soul Resonance with her teammates
  • Patty joins her friends for a meal
  • Patty with her teammates
  • Patty and her friends visit Maka in the Dispensary

Before the battle on Lost Island against Arachnophobia for possession of BREW, Patty, Liz, and Kid were assigned to a three-person meister team with Black☆Star, Maka Albarn, and their weapons. Despite initially struggles due to Maka and Black☆Star's personalities and power levels, the team was able to achieve Chain Resonance almost perfectly in their first day of training. At this point, Stein assigned Maka as team leader. After this point, Patty was able to continue resonating well with her teammates, including achieving a Chain Resonance that assisted Maka and Soul Eater in defeating Asura on the Moon.[13]

Maka AlbarnEdit

Soul Eater Episode 25 HD - Patty makes Maka captain

Patty makes Maka captain of their basketball team

Patty seems to consider Maka to be a source of valuable information on some topics. For example, after Noah captured Kid, she and Liz approached Maka to ask what she knew about the Book of Eibon.[14] She admits that perhaps she should follow Maka's example of studying more.[2] Based on how content she looks and how much of Maka's cooking that she eats at her and Soul's apartment, she seems to enjoy the duo's cooking, get-togethers, and company.[15][16] Patty also offers her cap (albeit as part of a complicated trick on her) so Maka's hair doesn't get in her way while they play basketball.[17] In the anime, Maka still has Patty's cap and wears it for another basketball game.[18]

Although largely respectful to Maka, Patty is not above mocking her, such as for her musical tastes or when she lacks information on certain topics. For example, when Maka claimed (erroneously) that she did not know about the Book of Eibon, Patty said she was of "no use."[14] She also makes her captain of their basketball team—so that Maka can pay the penalty should their team lose their bet—then laughs along with Soul and Black☆Star when Maka, losing the bet, has to ask Spirit Albarn to join her on a parent-child outing.[17]

Soul EvansEdit

Although their interactions are limited, Patty is a teammate to Soul, especially as their meisters, Maka and Kid, frequently work together. In their first encounter, a duel of Soul and Black☆Star against Kid, Liz, and Patty, she seemed to hold no ill will towards Soul, in fact sounding impressed as Soul transformed into a weapon in a flashy display. Even after Soul and Black☆Star won the duel on a technicality (Kid collapsing from Soul cutting off a bit of his hair), upon their formal entrance into the Academy, it seems Patty got along with him and his meister, joining them in the Death Room with some concern over Black☆Star and Tsubaki's fight against Masamune Nakatsukasa.[19][20] Later, she attended the party in honor of Soul's recovery after Crona's attack.[15] And when Soul heard Crona describe fear of others, Soul thought of Patty along with their other friends when considering his own initial fears about getting close to other people.[21] In the anime, Soul may have indirectly inspired Patty to turn her Ultimate Written Exam into a giraffe sculpture: she spots how long Soul's neck is as he tries to read off of Kid's test, and the long neck may have reminded her of a giraffe.[22]


Soul Eater Chapter 62 - Patty defeats Black Star

Patty kicks Black☆Star in his testicles

Patty and Black☆Star share quite similar personalities and are usually shown to have a very goofy friendship, the two of them often acting as comedy relief among their peers. They have been prone to pranking Liz, such as pretending to be her children when she attempted to flirt with a boy at a Gallows Mansion party.[23] This kind of irresponsibility can lead Patty to be violent towards Black☆Star, although certainly within the bounds of competition at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, such as when she kicked him in the testicles when his back was turned after a sparring match began.[1]

The similar personalities between Patty and Black☆Star may also be reflected in how they appear in the Lust Chapter of the Book of Eibon. Here, Patty is turned into a boy, with the characteristics of what entices her the most in the opposite sex. One could argue that she looks slightly similar to one of Black☆Star's outfits.[24] At this point, Patty also has a personality similar not only to her time before coming to Death City but also to Black☆Star before following the Path Of the Warrior, when he would desire to start violent fights, smiling darkly with the same dark, wide, fearsome eyes. Also while in the Book of Eibon, Black☆Star becomes similar to Patty.

Very little other than a usually very friendly personality towards everyone is shown with Patti. It is certain that she is best friends with all of the members of the Spartoi and respects anyone else who shows the same alignment as her. However, not a lot has occurred between Patty and others in order to document anymore detailed relationships.

Tsubaki NakatsukasaEdit

As with her relationships with her other teammates, Patty is friendly to Tsubaki. After Tsubaki earned her first soul, Patty was in the Death Room to congratulate her.[25] Patty also seems to enjoy Tsubaki's cooking.[26] Still, Patty is willing to tease Tsubaki. During their mission into the Book of Eibon to rescue Kid, the sexes of Patty and her teammates changed, and the length of time for this sex change was said to depend on the amount of lust held by that person. With Tsubaki being the second-to-last to transform from male back to female, Patty joined Liz in teasing Tsubaki, who responded by pulling a kunai threatening.[27] Despite teasing her, Patty tends to have the same goals as Tsubaki, including comforting Liz who worries for Kid's safety within the Book.[5]

Tsugumi's GroupEdit

Initially, Patty and Liz were terrible waitresses to Deathbucks' frequent customers Tsugumi Harudori, Anya Hepburn, and Meme Tatane, failing to provide their proper orders, demanding tips for poor service, even battling Anya wielding Tsugumi in a duel. Patty and Liz eventually become more welcoming to Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme, frequently hosting them and their friends, even saving a table for their study session.[28] Patty and Liz were even willing to confront disruptive customers whose loudness and poor behavior were disrupting this study group.[28] When Anya was separated from Tsugumi to be returned to her family and Meme was captured by Shaula, Patty and Liz coerced Master into letting them borrow his moped, even firing shots to clear traffic on the roads, to reunite their friends. Despite driving a long distance away from Deathbucks and with no ride back, Patty and Liz even gave up the moped to Tsugumi and Anya to get back to Death City to save Meme.

Tsugumi HarudoriEdit

After her failed duel against Patty and Liz, Tsugumi still had the courage to return to Deathbucks. While Patty and Liz are confused why Tsugumi returns, she admits she finds the sisters frightening but also strong, cool, and beautiful. Patty and Liz are both embarrassed by this praise and slowly act as better waitresses to her and, thanks to her praise, also other customers.[29] Despite coming to appreciate Tsugumi more, Patty is still prone to teasing Tsugumi. In the anime Patty repeatedly gets Tsugumi's orders wrong on purpose, giving her only milk.[30] Patty also makes Tsugumi one of her Trick or Treat victims.[31]

Anya HepburnEdit

  • Patty aims Liz at Anya's head
  • Liz and Patty harass Anya for not leaving a tip

As with Tsugumi, Patty and Liz were initially hostile to Anya, teasing her for her regal demeanor and referring to her sardonically as "Princess" (unaware that she actually was a princess). The two were rude taking her order, intimidated her when she corrected their delivery of the wrong order, and then after work confronted Anya to demand a tip. Frustrated, Anya wielded Tsugumi and challenged the two to a duel. Patty and Liz toyed with Anya, easily disabling her, as Patty held Liz to Anya's head. Despite their criminal background, and likely because they were on probation, Patty and Liz did not take the fight any further. The duel scared Anya aware from Deathbucks, although Tsugumi's willingness to go back to the café, along with an attitude adjustment on the part of Patty and Liz, brought Anya back to the café as a regular customer.[3]

Meme TataneEdit


Soul Eater Chapter 100 - Spartoi respond to Kid's request

Patty with other members of Spartoi

Kim DiehlEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 98 - Liz drags Kid out of girls' shower

Patty laughs at Kid coming into Kim and Jacqueline's shower

Jacqueline O'Lantern DupréEdit

Ox FordEdit

Harvar D. ÉclairEdit

Other DWMA AlliesEdit


Soul Eater Episode 39 HD - Patty manipulates Lord Death statues (2)

Patty manipulates statues of Death

Franken SteinEdit

Azusa Yumi Edit


Although their interactions are limited, Blair is another ally to Maka and hence to Patty. Blair later helps Patty in combat, whether destroying the Borscht Seven Factory,[32] acting as a magical tether for Spartoi in the Book of Eibon to rescue Kid,[33] distracting the Succubus,[34] or fighting Noah.[7]

In the anime, Patty expresses surprise at seeing Blair naked. In the anime, Patty first met Blair when attending a small party at Maka and Soul's apartment to celebrate his release from the infirmary and Black☆Star and Tsubaki's first collected soul. Blair entered the living room in a towel, offering to have a bath with the guests. In the anime only, when Blair's towel came off, Patty can be seen staring along with Kid and Soul; whereas Kid was nervous and Soul had a nosebleed, Patty had her mouth open but made no comment.[15] Also in the anime, in the first opening, Patty grins when a naked Blair crawls onto the couch between her and Liz.[35]


Episode 6 (NOT!) - Master explains what Death City is about to Patty and Liz

Master explains how accepting Death City is to Liz and Patty

Master tolerates Patty and Liz's poor customer service. If disruptive customers threaten to attack Patty and Liz, even if the sisters can manage to face those opponents, Master still will stare down the opponents until they leave his café. Master, however, seems not to want to reveal that he would do so, making sure Patty and Liz do not notice his silent, faraway intervention.[28]



Sleeping Powder

Patty laces Giriko's drink

While Liz thought Giriko was attractive, Patty showed almost no obvious signs of attraction to him. After lacing his alcohol with sleeping powder, she and Liz laughed at their deception, initially hiding it from Kid before proudly saying they took down a member of Arachnophobia with one of their old tricks.[36][37]


When Noah abducts Kid, Patty expresses outrage at Noah. Her initial anger motivates her to demand that Liz use her own demon pistol mode to fire upon him, and if Liz won't fire her, then she should let Patty fire. Her anger for Noah is so intense it motivates Patty to even accuse Liz of cowardice when she initially fails to recognize that Liz does not act in fear that, if Kid could be captured so easily, that any attack by Patty would be useless and could potentially lead to her death.[4] Upon facing Noah later, Patty's anger has subsided, likely due to her focus on defeating him and her happiness to be reunited with Kid.[7]

Medusa GorgonEdit



While Crona was initially an opponent to her meister, even upon their first encounter Patty seemed to take some delight in Crona, which persisted after they joined the DWMA. When facing Crona on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg, Patty expressed confusion, which Liz took to mean her sister saw a bit of their previous criminal behavior in Crona, whereas Patty actually was confused as to Crona's gender. After Crona's arrest by the DWMA and trial enrollment at the Academy, Patty and Liz are quite to welcome them into their clique. They bringing Crona to the party at Gallows Mansion they organize in honor of Maka's recovery from Arachne Gorgon's paralyzing spider threads. In the anime Patty and Liz take Crona out clothes shopping, although Patty seems to be getting some enjoyment out of Crona's appearance in baggy attire.[38] As well, Patty may seem a bit rough on Crona; in the anime she appeared rather violent in their basketball game.[18] When Crona was removed from the DWMA by Medusa Gorgon, Tsubaki referred to Patty and others as some of Crona's friends at the Academy.



Soul Eater Chapter 74 - Black Star, Kilik, Patty struggle to catch Excalibur

Excalibur evades Patty and others

Upon finally encountering Excalibur, whom Kid had been unable to tolerate as a weapon when seeking the Holy Sword's symmetrical appearance, Patty initially laughed at how silly Excalibur appeared, a reaction not too dissimilar from Kid and Black☆Star's initial reactions.[39][40] After Hero managed to cause an explosion that disabled Patty, along with Liz and Kid, as well as Black☆Star, Kilik, and their weapons, upon her next encounter with Excalibur, Patty was noticeably annoyed and angered by the weapon.[39][41] She was so upset that, along with Black☆Star and Kilik, she immediately volunteered to capture or at least distract Excalibur long enough for the Table of Contents to help them escape Excalibur. Upon finding that Excalibur followed her, she grew more exasperated, rather unlike her usual relaxed demeanor. However, her outrage was likely influenced by the chapters in the Book of Eibon in which she encountered him: the Wrath Chapter (where she would be enraged at seeing him) and the Pride Chapter (where she would be rather arrogant towards him).[41]

Mizune FamilyEdit

Eruka FrogEdit


Table of ContentsEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 73 - Patty knocks the Table of Contents

Patty knocks the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents does not serve as an obvious antagonist to Patty, as it does guide her and her teammates to free Kid. However, as revealed later, it is intent on using the various iterations of Noah to acquire all knowledge in the world, which means confronting and harming Patty's allies in the DWMA.

When the Table of Contents attempted, authentically or not, to dissuade Patty and her teammates from navigating the Book of Eibon to its Hidden Section where Kid was kept, Patty was one of the first people to speak adamantly that she was going to free Kid.[42] After her sex was changed in the Lust Chapter, however, Patty had an increasing desire to be violent, clutching the Table of Contents and intending to beat it so as to release pent up aggression. The Table of Contents expressed displeasure and demanded Patty unhand it.[34] However, Patty and the Table of Contents both agree that Excalibur is annoying.[41]


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