Pelt of the Fire Rat (火鼠の皮衣, Hinezumi No Kawaginu) is one of the two clothes changes Kaguya can utilize in her Wardrobe Change magic.[1]


The Pelt of the Fire Rat appears on Kaguya as a large furcoat in which it's "tail" sticks upward. This also gives Kaguya hands the appearance of them being like that of a cartoonish rat. While wearing this, this enables Kaguya to possess not only Magic but even access one of the pelt's own attacks.[1]



  • "Pelt of the Fire Rat" comes from the well-known Japanese folklore Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or Princess Kaguya. The sought after Princess Kaguya tells her five princely suitors that they each much bring her a rare treasure. One of them was a pelt (or Robe) of a fire rat.[2]


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