Pepper Energy Drink[1] is of of the various beverages that seems to be offered in Death City and specifically, the Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2] According to the label on the can, it is an energy drink.[2]


When Tsugumi arrives at the Academy, she finds herself having to climb the long steps. As she almost drops her stuff, Maka runs up the stairs with relative ease, gives her suitcase back, and introduces herself and encourages her to walk to the top. When Tsugumi is successful in doing so, she finds that Maka had left her a can of Pepper Energy as well as note welcoming her to the academy.[2]


  • In the manga, she is offered Daeth Pepper instead.
  • In promotional art for the anime Soul Eater NOT!, Tsugumi, wearing a bikini and a Deathbucks Café headdress, serves Pepper Energy Drink in a large soda cup for what appears to be a poolside meal, suggesting Deathbucks caters summer events and serves this brand of drink.


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