Pig (豚, Buta) was a Demon that resides in the Gluttony chapter in the Book of Eibon.[2]


Its appearance is of a huge, heavily obese pig that stands and walks on its hind legs. It is very ugly, its appearance almost like gluttony personified, with a wide drooling mouth set with sharp teeth. It has round googly eyes and its left eye is smaller than its right. The only piece of clothing it wears is an apron that covers the front of his body, marked with two stars and some flowery embroidery around the edges. For a weapon, it also carries around a large butcher's knife.[3]


As part of the Gluttony Chapter, the pig is, suffice to say, incredibly gluttonous and defensive of its food. It attacks anyone who attempts to take its food in the restaurant that it lives in the Gluttony Chapter. Despite resembling a pig, it is never fussy and will eat absolutely anything, meat and humans included. It also seems to have a high pride of its own meat, never hesitating to boast about how delicious it is to anyone who can hear. This is, as part of the Gluttony Chapter, an attempt for people to give into their gluttony and devour the pig as well, who tempts them to eat them. However, it actually does not want to be eaten, despite bragging about its taste, meaning that its intelligence may be called into question.[3]


Salvage arcEdit

Soul Eater Chapter 73 - Pig attacks

Pig attacks Patty and Black Star.

Travelling through the Book of Eibon to find Death the Kid, the Spartoi members find themselves in the Chapter of Gluttony. Black☆Star, Patty Thompson and Kilik Rung, immediately lured by all the food in the Chapter, wander into a restaurant, but are attacked by the pig who lives there. Black☆Star, Patty and Kirikou attempt to fight it with their partners, but after the pig boasts about how it tastes delicious, they all crazily go on to eat it. Black☆Star chops off one of the pig's arms, to its dismay, and Kirikou fries it with Pot of Fire. Tasting the fried meat and its deliciousness, Black☆Star and Kirikou cut up and fry all of the pig and begin gorging on its flesh. Even Maka, who is watching with Tsubaki, Blair and Soul, says that she has begun to feel that she wants to eat as well. However, Soul has The Table of Contents to move on to the next Chapter before they get consumed by their gluttony.[3]


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