Pochi (ポチ, Pochi) is a small, Japanese Shiba Inu who was the family pet of the Harudoris, Tsugumi Harudori's family. Pochie died during a fatal accident which is never disclosed while its gender is currently unknown.


Pochi is shown to be playful and always having an optimistic, open-mouth smile on its face; not much else is known.


Pochie 2

"Pochie's full body appearance."

Pochi is a small, Japanese breed of dog with pitch black eyes and golden fur mixed with a eggshell accent. The lighter color of Pochi's fur marks little eyebrows formations above its eyes and as customary of its Shiba Inu nature, it swirls its tail counterclockwise. Additionally around the time of Tsugumi's childhood, Pochie wore a red collar as well as looking shorter and younger.


Pochi is the family pet of the Harudoris and as such has a connection with all of them.

The Harudori FamilyEdit

Pochi has been in Tsugumi's family for quite a number of years, estimated at 4–7 years possibly more. As seen in a flashback, Pochie is a very active dog just like two its owners, for example, going out to be with Tsugumi and her elder brother while playing baseball; Pochie is also shown to be very rambunctious and playful side with Tsugumi.

Soul Eater Not!Edit

Appearing only in the anime, Pochi was first seen in the very first episode of Soul Eater Not!. It is the family pet of Tsugumi's former household.

Introduction ArcEdit

As Tsugumi turns the corner, Pochi startles her as she does not want to step on the dog and instead trips, falling into a door, stabing it with her Weapon transformed leg; Pochie later down the series, was being walked by Tsugumi in Japan. He then later appears in episode nine in Tsugumi's flash-back as she remembers playing baseball with her brother.

In the beginning of Episode 10, Kana Altair gives Tsugumi a letter from her parents. She suddenly starts getting emotional and tries to pack her stuff. Meme Tatane picks up the letter and the letter reveals that Pochi was hit by a car and that Pochi didn't survive the operation to save him.


  • Pochi wears its red collar as younger pup but not as an elder.
  • Pochi is both an outside and an inside dog.
  • Pochi is a Shiba Inu, the smallest of the original six spitz breeds of Japanese dogs.

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