So the little Shinigami doesn't know anything at all? Did you think the rules and world created by your father are everything? Look, isn't it wonderful? The power that Grimoire have taught me. I will use this power to change the world. I will destroy Shinigami's rule.

—Ponera to Death the Kid, Soul Eater: Monotone Princess

Ponera (ポネラ, Ponera) was a witch princess among the last of her clan, the Paraponera Clan. Alongside her mentor, Grimoire, she plotted to use her clan's power of the soul cocoon destroy the world.[1]


Much of Ponera's personality is shown throughout her interactions with the playable character in question.

Being the last surviving member of her clan and raised by Grimoire, Ponera is a vengeful person with malice towards the world in general. From her interactions with Death the Kid and Maka Albarn, she reveals that much of her disdain comes from the delusion that Death's "rules" of the world allow his allies/followers the freedom do whatever they wish, citing while she is alone. Because of this, she conspires to destroy the world and everyone within it to undo the rules Death has established.

In addition to this, she is arrogant similar to that of Black☆Star, so much so as to feel superiority. In Kid's story, she find herself superior to that of Kid, even going so far as to remark him as a mere "kid" when she thought Grimoire was fighting a full fledged Reaper. Kid remarked that her comment was made because she was frustrated at the fact that Grimoire didn't fight Death himself and was defeated.

However, Ponera has sympathetic and positive qualities. Much of her delusions and mindset came from the teaching of Grimoire, who taught her spiritual powers as an ends meet to make the world his own, unknown to her. She shown capability of placing faith in an individual like Grimoire, being fiercely devoted. Maka once remarked that even she felt sympathetic to her apparent loneliness.


Ponera is a relatively tall girl who,  wearing a gray bug-like crown on her of her dark hair, which is quite short. Coming down to about halfway of her neck. Two long pieces of hair extend from the bangs and hang low over Ponera's face with a pink mark at the end of each of them. She has a curvy figure, with mid size breasts, a thin waist, and small hips.

Her typical clothing consists simply of a long, white sleeveless dress that has trailing pieces of fabric going across the waist area. Two long sleeve-like gloves, separated entirely from the dress, are worn on her arms, ending just after her elbows. Seemingly connected to this gloves her are tattoo like markings spread across her arms up to her shoulder blades. She's also barefoot.


Statements from guidebooks
HP 3,000[2]
Max Base Attack Power 200[2]

Ponera one the most powerful boss in Soul Eater: Monotone Princess, her max HP surpassing all but Grimoire and is more powerful than guest enemies Sid Barrett, Medusa Gorgon, Blair and all other Quest Enemies except The Can, Ugauman, Franken Stein and Johnny Rubber (all who possess the same max base attack power).[2]

Though she sports a higher base attack power, her HP is inferior to Grimoire.[2]

Concept art reveals that although not having been seem completely in-game, Atsushi Ōkubo drew Ponera's complete soul design. Due to her strong magical power, she also has a powerful soul.[2]

With Maba being stated to have the highest level in magical power and being able to execute magical techniques, Ponera is inferior to Maba.[3]

Special Abilities

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a witch under the tutelage of Grimoire, Ponera is skilled in manipulating magic.[1]

Monotone Princess - Ponera in flight

Ponera's wings.

  • Flight (フライト, Furaito): Ponera is capable of manifesting wings with magic that appears similar to that of Maka's grigori soul and allows her to fly.[1]
  • Cocoon: As a member of the Paraponera Clan, Ponera is capable of spinning a magical cocoon capable of siphoning souls from humans and turning them into kishin eggs after a certain amount of time, in which processes kishin power.[1]
  • Merge (合体, Gattai): Ponera is able to merge (and de-merge) herself at will with her doll in order to further empower herself.
Monotone Princess -Paragigus Form


  • Paragigus (パラギガス, Paragigasu):Ponera is capable of enlarging her stuffed toy into a larger creature and merge with it to increase her total power, this form known as the "Paragigus. This power also is connected to the amount of souls collected by her Soul Cocoon and allows for greater power to be achieved.
  • High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Due to the stuff toy being originally in the shape of an ant, the Paragigus form has a physiology and abilities befitting an ant of it's incredible size. This form allows her greater durability, strength, and power making her able to contend with the likes of the top of Death Weapon Meister Academy's students.

List of techniques

Paragigus techniques
  • Consecutive Attack (連続攻撃, Renzoku Kōgeki) A continuous attack with the Paragigus's front leg.
  • Pierce (突き刺す, Tsukisasu): A stab attack with the four legs from the Paragigus.
Spatial Magic techniques
  • Teleport (転送, Tensō): A magic that allows Ponera to instantaneously move from one location to another.
Other magic techniques
  • Paraherumu (パラヘルム, Paraherumu):A magic in which allows Ponera to create several pillars of concentrated light in which can be sent lineally or spun towards her direction, making it difficult to dodge. The nature of it also possess paralysis capabilities and as such, can slow down an opponent hit by the attack.
  • Photon Arrow (フォトンアロー, Foton Arō): A magic in which allows Ponera the create and shoot numerous rays of light towards a opponent.


Stuffed Doll: Ponera is carrying a bug-shaped ragdoll in which can enlarge and fuse with Ponera into a giant monster.



Monotone Princess arc


  • Both Ponera and the sorcerer, Noah (Wrath), share some similarities. Both Ponera and Noah share the same theme and have fused with their associated familiars in their battles.Soul Eater Chapter 103
  • Despite her apparent looks, she is known to at least be older than members of Maka's team, having remarked the Meisters as literal "kids".


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