Pot of Fire (ポット・オブ・ファイア, Potto obu Faia) is the weapon form of the demon pot, Fire.[1]


The weapon form adopt the shape of a grey, ornately decorated large boxing-gloves. They only slightly resemble a pot from around the gloves' openings, which look like the mouths of pots. The transformation also features metal knuckle plates in which have "Pot of Fire" on it respectively. On the plate, there is the slight "human" factor in their design: the same large, doe-shaped eyes.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Pyrokinesis: The notable ability with the Pot of Fire is it's power to control and manipulate fire, allowing it's meister to enhance their attacks with this element.[1]

Affinity with Pot of Thunder: When paired with the Pot of Thunder, the Pot of Fire can allow for both elements to combined with the other during soul resonance to achieve unique attacks.[2]

List of techniquesEdit


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