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Soul Eater NOT Episode 9 - Deathbucks
Preparations! Arc
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Chapter 35 (NOT!) - Chapter 37 (NOT!)


Episode 10 (NOT!)

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Death Fest arc

The Preparations Arc is the fifth story arc of the series Soul Eater Not! As Death City prepares for both Halloween and the upcoming EAT student brawl, the Death Festival, Tsugumi Harudori receives depressing news from her family. As she struggles with how to accept loss, Tsugumi lashes out at Meme Tatane, compromising their friendship. Meanwhile, Shaula Gorgon makes a bold move to proceed with her plan to attack Death City, which will result in the death of one of Tsugumi's mentors.



Notable Instances

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Meme's attack on Sid has the whole Statue of Liberty upside down, the tip of its torch stabbed into Sid's forehead. In the anime, Meme's attack demolishing the entire statue, its stone laid across all of Sid's body. Sid's blood is spilled in this attack in the anime, covering Meme's body and also used to deliver Shaula's message that while the DWMA sleeps, her troops are awake.


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