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The Prologues arc is the first story arc of Soul Eater. This arc focuses on and introducing some of the DWMA's most skilled Meisters and Demon Weapons within the Especially Advantaged Talent Class.



Notable Instances

Manga and Anime Difference

  • The anime introduces the concept of the Kishin Egg in this arc, contrasting to the manga's evil people souls hunted from Shinigami's List. There's also the fact that the anime also has ordinary humans consume souls, whereas it was originally in the manga only Demon Weapons can consume souls. This is one of the various inconsistencies within the anime.
  • The anime features an anime-only scene in which Tsubaki and Black☆Star go back to Death Weapon Meister Academy and look for more missions, meeting up with Soul and Maka in the process before being called to the Death Room, whereas the manga showed Tsubaki and Black☆Star remaining in the same city after their failed attempt to assassinate Al Capone and speak to death via the Shinigami Smoke Bomb. Another was featured in which Sid informs Soul and Black☆Star about Death the Kid, in which later spawned an inconsistency from Soul Eater Not!'s timeframe, in which dictates during this time of the Prologues arc, Sid should actually be dead from being killed by Shaula Gorgon.

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