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Rachel Boyd (レイチェル・ボイド, Reicheru Boido) is a resident of Death City who became the victim of Medusa Gorgon's possession after her battle with Franken Stein and Death Scythe.[2]


Rachel was a typical, innocent and curious young girl prior to her possession by Medusa.[2]



Reunion Express arc

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Medusa Possessing Rachel

Medusa taking over Rachel's body in the manga

While out shopping with her mom, five-year-old Rachel Boyd spotted a dog and, being curious, ran over to pet it. Unknown to her however, Medusa, who had lost her original body in the fight with Stein, was possessing the dog as a temporary vessel. No sooner than Rachel got close, Medusa quickly possessed the child before her mother caught up.

Medusa played the role of the girl while in her household (presumably to allow the possession to take full control) before abruptly leaving when she noticed a spider sneaking around the house, much to the distress of her mother who filed a missing report to DWMA.

Medusa then kept Rachel's body for some time, though as she claims to Death and Spirit during their meeting it was only temporary until she regains her magic. Upon her exit from the Boyd residence, Medusa located her previous lackey, Eruka, in a forest. Even in Rachel's body, Medusa's presence terrified Eruka, in part because Medusa still controlled the snakes placed into the frog witch's body. Under the threat of death, Eruka followed Medusa's instructions, as she, Free, and the Mizune Sisters impersonated Arachnophobia agents to be placed within Baba Yaga Castle.

Realizing Arachne's spider already alerted her sister to her survival, Medusa came to Baba Yaga Castle after her lackeys were in place within Arachnophobia. During her family reunion with Arachne, each Gorgon sister warned the other not to interfere, Arachne showing little concern about attacking Medusa even when possessing five-year-old Rachel's body. Although surrounded by Giriko, Mosquito, and Mifune, Medusa, within Rachel's body, continued her departure, as Arachne refused to attack.

Medusa returned to Death City with the goal of obtaining the services of her child, Crona. Even when Medusa was in Rachel's body, Crona could recognize the witch. Before leaving Death City, Medusa within Rachel's body alerted Crona that she would leave additional instructions, but not before the witch could sense madness circling the city.

"BREW" - The Tempest arc

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Internal Investigation Arc

See also: Medusa Gorgon In the following weeks, Medusa used Rachel's body to arrive at one of the witch's many lairs. From this location, she continued to send orders to Crona, Eruka, and the Mizune Sisters towards the successful poisoning of Marie Mjolnir, the retrieval of Brew, and the infection of madness upon Stein. With this work accomplished, Medusa, within Rachel's body, ordered the return of Crona to her, but the child was hesitant, refusing to leave the DWMA and friends like Maka Albarn. How Medusa, within Rachel, convinced or physically coerced Crona back to her is not yet clear.

Arachnophobia vs DWMA Arc

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Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc

See also: Medusa Gorgon In the manga, Medusa, about a month after Rachel went missing, arrived at the DWMA, having surrendered herself to Death with a proposal: she will lead DWMA students to the hidden location of Arachnophobia, and she promises to inform Maka of the location of Crona.

Medusa's help to DWMA to raid Baba Yaga's castle afforded Maka the opportunity to defeat Arachne, which leaves behind that witch's body separated from her soul. As Soul and Maka claim Arachne's soul, Medusa seizes upon the opportunity to abandon Rachel's body and possess Arachne's. Medusa gloats that her allegiance with the DWMA was a plot from the beginning to obtain the body of her eldest sister before escaping, all without giving Maka even one clue as to Crona's location.

It is shown in the anime during the credits of the final episode that Azusa and Marie returned Rachel to her parents.

Dark Side of the Moon arc

Soul Eater Chapter 113 - Rachel Boyd

Rachel and her parents look up to see the Black Blood eclipse of the Moon.

Outside with her parents, Rachel points to the sky, where the Moon now looks as if it has undergone an eclipse. She and her parents do not yet realize that the Black Blood of Asura, along with that of Crona and Soul Eater, circles the satellite, trapping the Kishin.


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