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Ragnarok (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku), also known as the Demon Sword (魔剣, Maken), is the weapon partner of Crona. Born a normal demon weapon, he was melted by Medusa in a vat of Black Blood while in his weapon form and mixed into Crona's blood.[5]


Described as possessing a bullying nature compared to his meister's introverted personality by Stein himself, Ragnarok is rude, abrasive, loud-mouthed, and confident in his abilities.[4]

As a bully, Ragnarok is easily irritated, rude and violent, having no qualms about beating up his meister, giving Crona noogies, and depriving them of sleep purposefully.[1][4] He has a habit of calling other people names, such as when he calls Maka a cow, a sow,[6] and an idiot, and Dr Stein a "screwhead".[7][8] He also has a deceitful nature, not above taking advantage of Marie Mjolnir's kindness and lying to her[9] and haggling Maka for candy even in serious situations despite knowing it was unnecessary.[10]

Despite his bullying nature, he is intimidated from time to time when Crona manages to stand up to him, remarking to finding his meister scary.[1] Ragnarok is also perverted, flipping Maka's skirt up with intent on deriving some pleasure (only to criticize he did not)[11] and pulling on Crona's skirt with no other known reason.[12]


Ragnarok stretches out of Crona's back, as he is physically merged with Crona's blood. Ragnarok has a very muscular body, large gloved hands, and spikes on several parts of his body, but no legs. His face consists of a large egg shape, with no visible mouth and a giant white X on his face where his nose should be, with large ping-pong ball-like eyes with Xs for pupils. As the series progressed, Ragnarok becomes even more muscular and large, showing his continuation to eat innocent souls.

However, after Death confiscates the souls he has eaten (He had his soul cleansed by Maka in the anime), his size shrinks considerably. In this chibi form, he looks similar but different; his head and hands are spherical, his body is much smaller and his muscles are less defined.

After Crona returns to Medusa's side and disappears for quite some time, Ragnarok grows once again, but still not eating as many souls as before, he appears taller, with a lean, slim body.

Ragnarok's soul is red and has the giant 'X' that is present on the center of his face. After the absorption of a vast amount of innocent souls, resulting in his Black Dragon form, where two thin wings are extended outwards from the top of his soul.

Special Abilities[]

Black Blood (黒血, Kokketsu): Having been melted into a vat full of Black Blood by Medusa, Ragnarok's form is modified from the Black Blood and grants him various abilities to himself and his Meister, Crona. aka remarked that it's because of Ragnarok's support over their muscle system along with their movements is that Crona can perform extraordinary, strength-related feats such as blocking the Witch-Hunt with a single arm.[13] He also regulates Crona's blood and hardens it to prevent it from damaging Crona. This capability is powerful enough to block out attacks from the Demon Scythe.[4]

  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): Using the Black Blood's manipulation abilities, Ragnarok can morph the Black Blood into transformations. For every soul that Ragnarok absorbs, he becomes larger and can shape himself into more versitle forms.

Real Black Dragon form.

  • Real Black Dragon (真の黒龍, Shin no Kokuryū): A special transformation of Rangarok's own with the Black Blood after absorbing the souls on the Ghost Ship Nidhogg (in which was called the Black Dragon). Seemingly modelling from the experience, Ragnarok transformed into a vaguely, dragon-like creature. For Crona, this allows them to have wings for flight.[14]
  • Full-Weapon Transformation (全身武器, Zenshin buki):Originally a Demon Weapon, Ragnarok can transform into a weapon and normal form as well. Formerly, he had a humane appearance.[4]
  • Black Sword (暗黒剤(あんこくけん), Ankoku Ken): Ragnarok's weapon transformation allows him to take the form of a long, large, black Scandinavian broadsword with a grey hilt, a white stripe down the middle and spikes around the guard which resemble those on Ragnarok's ordinary body. Such a transformation is powerful enough to easily cut through human flesh as well as have special techniques.[4]

Wavelength Control (波長コントロール, Hachō Kontorōru): As a Demon Weapon, he can control his own Meister's wavelength.[4]

List of techniques[]

Black Blood techniques
Wavelength Control techniques
  • Scream Resonance (悲鳴共鳴, Himei Kyōmei): A special type of Soul Resonance in which utilizes a high-pitched scream during the resonance process emitted from Ragnarok's mouth. This sound wave makes Ragnarok vibrate like an electric saw, increasing his cutting power, and can also radiate through the air causing internal damage to an opponent even weapons within their Demon Weapon form. Only a powerful Death Scythe like Spirit Albarn can face the Screech Resonance without any pain.[1]


At some point, he was taken by the witch, Medusa Gorgon, and melted in a vat of Black Blood in his weapon form, becoming mixed . Miraculously surviving the event, he was then poured into Crona's bloodstream, mixing both the power of a meister and a demon weapon and creating an engineered type of bond.[5]


Demon Sword arc[]

Black Dragon arc[]

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Bodyguard arc[]

Reunion Express arc[]

Internal Investigation arc[]

Operation Capture Baba Yaga Castle arc[]

Witch's Research arc[]

Mad Blood arc[]

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War on the Moon arc[]

War on the Moon II arc[]

Dark Side of the Moon arc[]


  • Ragnarok possesses a variety of references to Viking lore - most notably his name, which comes from the Ragnarök series of events within Norse mythology. Given his status as a Demon Sword, Crona's supposed need to become a world-destroying Kishin and Medusa's stance on evolution, his name is appropriate; the Ragnarök events dictate the end of the world and the emergence of a new and better one afterwards. Also, he takes the weapon form of a Scandinavian broadsword, with Scandinavia being the Viking homeland.
  • Fire Brigade of Flames, also created by Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo, features a Fire Demon, a character with simplistic eyes, no obvious face, and who shouts "PIGGY"—all similar to Ragnarok's appearance.[15]


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