Regeneration Magic (再生魔法, Saisei Mahō) is Magic in which specializes in healing.[1]


Episode 5 (NOT!) - Kim using Regeneration Magic

Regeneration Magic in effect.

This magic allows the user to heal or restore others from injuries, ailments, poisoning, etc. In addition to healing other's of their health, it can restore fabric, other objects[2], and even quell forces such as the pull of magic and madness. However, this magic form of magic is unable to heal certain injuries such as scars in which those receiving the treatment do not wish to be healed.[citation needed]


  • From Kim's experiences, it appears as though Regeneration Magic is a taboo in the Witch Order. This is chiefly due to the fact that Regeneration Magic isn't destructive and those under it aren't influenced by the Pull of Magic.


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