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The Reunion Express Arc is the tenth story arc in Soul Eater. As Medusa returns from the grave, Stein attempts to teach his students on a new technique, only for it to pose problems regarding teamwork. Meanwhile, Kid is tasked by his father to retrieve the Eternal Spring from the Runaway Express but becomes suspicious of his father and the creator of the Demon Tools, Eibon.



Notable InstancesEdit


  • Although there may be debate about whether Rachel was living in Death City, later evidence in Chapter 113 suggests that the girl and her family were residing in that city. 
  • Maka's concern for Tsubaki and confusion about Black☆Star's behavior foreshadows her argument with the ninja later in this arc regarding his seemingly arrogant bellicose demeanor.
  • Chapter 29 identifies Medusa as Arachne's younger sister.
  • In Chapter 38, Azusa Yumi informs Joe Buttataki that she received notification on May 22 that Justin Law would join her in locating the Kishin. She also states that Kid's mission to retrieve the Eternal Spring from the Sahara Desert was the day before, May 21. Therefore Kid's mission as well as his party for Crona occur on May 21.
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Medusa refers to Crona as “something” left behind in Death City, rather than “someone.” This dialogue choice may indicate how little Medusa thinks of her own child.
  • A later chapter during the Moon battle will reveal part of Soul’s introductory piano performance for Maka.
  • Medusa informs Crona that in this chapter she sensed that madness circling Death City, hinted later to be associated with Joe Buttataki's killer.
  • Kid reveals that the Kishin's revival took place on April 1, as did the Eve to Shibusen's founding, which means Shibusen was founded on April 2.


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