The Runaway Express

The Runaway Express takes flight

The Runaway Express (暴走特急 Bousou Tokkyuu in Japanese) is a famous steam train, which, due to the Demon Tool known as Eternal Spring being attached to its engine, has been running at unstoppable speeds with no one to control it for a hundred years, hence its name.


The train currently runs in a set direction and route in the Sahara Desert. Because of its fame, a small station platform has been built at one of the places the train appears in. The train always arrives at the platform at a set time, always being right on time, which impresses Death the Kid.


Oh wow! It looks like an earthworm!

Patty, Episode 30

Despite its great power, the Runaway Express is still only a steam train, and has the appearance of one. Its interior gets a little damaged during the fight against Kid, Mizune and the Fisher King. It also gets split up as the Fisher King disconnects a part of it.

The intense power given to the train by Eternal Spring allows it to achieve feats near impossible for a normal steam train, such as speeding along at 500 km per hour and burrowing and leaping out of the ground to reach incredible heights, before diving back onto the ground again.

Part in the StoryEdit

DWMA sends Death the Kid, Liz and Patty to retrieve the Demon Tool, Eternal Spring from the Runaway Express before Arachnophobia can get their hands on it. On witnessing the train's arrival, they end up in a high-speed chase whilst fighting against Mizune and the Fisher King. Kid manages to board the train and battles with the Fisher King, and manages to defeat him. He manages to retrieve the Eternal Spring, bringing the train to its last stop.