Ryoku (リョク, Ryoku) is a young boy from Needle Village who became one of Masamune Nakatsukasa's victims of Soul Possession.[1]


Ryoku is one of the most level headed people in his village appearing as calm and collected through most occurrences, except when it comes to his fear/hatred of the Star Clan. Ryōku is fearful of their power and their ways of battle, even losing self confidence in himself while comparing himself to Black☆Star.[1]


Ryōku's appearance consists of a pewter colored bandana wrapped around his blackish hair, along with his outfit being a two tone blue shirt with green designs on it. He has bronze eyes. Ryōku wears dark blue shorts with his kimono top tied around his waist which his colored of a violet shade and having geta on his feet.

While under the Uncanny Sword's Soul Possession, his 's skin becomes pale and his hair lightens a shade. The markings of the Uncanny Sword appear on his face and his pupils become red as his sclera becomes a rust color.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Shadow Weapon Meister (暗器職人, Anki Shokunin): Although Ryoku once chose the Uncanny Sword as a weapon when given a choice by Masamune, it is unknown how much skill he truly possessed on his own as he was taken over promptly after.[1]

Physical abilities: Ryoku possess some physical ability enough for him to be a suitable host for Masamune capable of fighting Black☆Star. How much of this skill applies to Ryoku himself, however, is unknown.[1]



Sickle: His preferred weapon of choice is a simple sickle with a wooden handle and curved, clean blade.[1]

Partnered with Masamune

Main article: Masamune Nakatsukasa Uncanny Sword (妖刀, Yōtō): Ryoku once wielded the Uncanny Sword, granting him potentially power over shadows as well as a notable blade capable of cutting through at least Human flesh. However, while wielding the blade, he is possessed by Masamune Nakatsukasa via Soul Possession.[1]

Ryōku - (25)

Ryoku while possessed

  • Uncanny Sword Possession: While wielding the Uncanny Sword, Ryoku is possssed by the weapon trasnformer of the weapon form (Masamune) and as a result, his entire skill is derived from the aforementioned male.[1]
  • Puppet Shadow (傀儡影, Kugutsu Kage): Masamune controls the shadow of the person he has possessed for pincer attacks. The puppet can only say "shadow".[1]
  • Puppet Thrust (傀儡突き, Kugutsuzuki): By folding the Shadow Puppet around the blade, Masamune can increase the range of a lunge thrust.[1]
  • Split Branches (枝分かれ, Edawakare): After the Puppet Strike, large spikes come out from the shadow's body to skewer the enemy at close range.[1]



Uncanny Sword arcEdit



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