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The Salvage Arc is the nineteenth named arc within the manga Soul Eater. During this arc, Death recruits witches to perform a spell allowing Spartoi to enter the Book of Eibon to rescue Death the Kid, while Noah moves forward with his plans to acquire everything.

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  • Book of Eibon chapters: Chapter 1 (Lust), Chapter 2 (Gluttony), Chapter 3 (Envy), Chapter 4 (Wrath), Chapter 5 (Pride), Chapter 6 (Sloth), Chapter 7 (Greed), Hidden Section



  • Giant's Razor
  • David

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Business Lunch[edit | edit source]

Maka and Soul determine to learn why Spirit Albarn has brought Blair and other employees from Chupa Cabra's, while Death struggles to move forward with a meeting planning how to rescue his son.

The Great Old One[edit | edit source]

Kid faces the Great Old One of Power

Tired of Spirit Albarn's lollygagging, Death initiates Operation: Rescue Death the Kid, which will require the Calculation Magic of certain witches and the retrieval of a manuscript copy of the Book of Eibon, seized wrongly by a certain student (Maka). Elsewhere, Death the Kid is running out of time, as he finds within the Book of Eibon a "horror" with a fearsome soul wavelength.

Salvage (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

Operation: Rescue Kid commences! Thanks to witches, Spartoi members enter the Book of Eibon to locate where Death the Kid is imprisoned. But Maka Albarn and her peers must first work through the Seven Chapters of this book—starting with the genderbending pages of the Lust Chapter. Meanwhile, Death the Kid faces the Great Old One of Power, learning more about the Eight Warlords—then succumbing to madness.

Salvage (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

Members of Spartoi have their sexes changed

While Death the Kid falls completely under the madness of the Great Old One of Power, Spartoi learn of the lingering aftereffects of the Lust Chapter and struggle to work through the Greed Chapter. Surviving both chapters, Maka Albarn is surprised to be returned to the Death Weapon Meister Academy—until she finds a familiar person who shakes her confidence.

Salvage (Part 3)[edit | edit source]

Within the Book of Eibon, Maka and Soul's confrontation with their own envy of others may end their partnership. Elsewhere, Black☆Star and his peers face a truly maddening weapon while Noah orders Giriko to prepare to avenge Arachne's death.

Salvage (Part 4)[edit | edit source]

When Maka Albarn is too shocked by her experiences in the Envy Chapter, Soul Evans faces Giriko alone in combat, forcing Maka to recognize her weapon's courage. Elsewhere, Liz Thompson and Tsubaki Nakatsukasa learn which of the two is the most lustful, and a maddened Death the Kid prepares to face Black☆Star in their own combat.

Salvage (Part 5)[edit | edit source]

As Maka and Soul shake off the effects of the Envy Chapter, their renewed partnership seems to defeat Giriko. However, the Sloth Chapter may have prevented Maka from locating a hidden threat. Elsewhere, Black☆Star's desire for power to save Death the Kid earns him an invitation to the Book of Eibon's hidden section—where he is determined to retrieve Kid from madness, even if that means fighting him.

Salvage (Part 6)[edit | edit source]

Upon facing a recalcitrant and still insane Kid, Black☆Star is offered an opportunity for power from the Black Mass. Meanwhile, the battle between Maka and Giriko comes to an explosive end.

Salvage (Part 7)[edit | edit source]

As Black☆Star and Kid's madness-influenced battle slowly allows the two to realize what it is from the Black Mass that they desire, Liz Thompson realizes how important Kid has been to her life, and the lives of their friends.

Salvage (Part 8)[edit | edit source]

Black☆Star successfully retrieves Death the Kid from madness, at which point The Great Old One of Power releases the duo and their colleagues to fight Noah in a battle to save not only their teachers but existence itself.

Salvage (Part 9)[edit | edit source]

The members of Spartoi begin their attack against Noah.

Salvage (Part 10)[edit | edit source]

The battle between Kid and Noah (Greed) reaches its conclusion.

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