Samantha (サマンサ, Samansa) was a Necromancer that conspired to create an army of Mummies.[1]


Samantha is somewhat full of herself, having no qualms about using the dead for her own purpose and believing she can control even the most powerful of them. Through her undead troops, she has a quite a number of murders to her name. Samantha has a habit of collected first person narration, which she does not let up when she herself is murdered and continues even after she's been reduced to a hand.[1]


She has short grey hair bordering on white, bulging eyes, black marking on her face, and she goes dressed in a black cloack with black shoes. She wears a typical witch hat, which has a face of its own.[2]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法, Mahō): Being a Witch, Samatha is capable of using Magic. Her Magic type without the Book of the Dead, however, remains unknown.[1]

Enhanced Physiology: Samantha has displayed the ability to survive as long as a part of her remains, which in the demonstration was her left hand. The body part was even capable of speech. She has, however, not displayed the ability to reconstruct herself.[1]


Powerful, undead creatures such as the Wrath of the Pharaoh can bypass the control she has on the undead and turn on her.[1]


Book of the Dead (死者の書, Shisha no sho): With the usage of the Book of the Dead, Samantha can create Mummies and Evil Spirits to control.[1]


Prologues ArcEdit

Samantha sets up shop in the Pyramid of Anubis, where she proceeds to awaken the lesser mummies. She feeds them human souls and sends them out each night to kill more humans, which are added to her troops. The one mummy that takes a little longer for her to revive is Wrath of the Pharaoh, but she eventually does so. She is consumed by him right after as a revenge for meddling with his servants. Only her left hand remains, which "greets" Liz and Patty when they reach the pharaoh's room, terrifying Liz.

Trivia Edit

Her character is possibly a reference to The Witch's Hand, a story where an evil witch is vaniquished and her severed hand is the only thing that remains of her.


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