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Santa Mario Novella Basilica (サンタ・マリオ・ノヴェラ教会 Santa Mario Novuella Kyoukai?) is the church where Maka and Soul first meet Crona, Ragnarok and Medusa. It was the unofficial hideout of the Italian Materazzi gang before they are all killed by Crona.


You gotta love Gothic architecture. It's a cool building which shakes the soul.

Soul, Chapter 4

The church is built in a Gothic style, with a church bell on top and a large stained glass window in the middle. Inside it is like a typical church, with an altar and pews. After the battle with Crona, the church ends up slightly damaged, especially the church's large wooden doors, which get kicked in by Franken Stein.[1] Crona also mentions that the doors to the church open inward, a fact which Maka overlooks in what turns out to be a near-fatal mistake.[2]

The church is identical in appearance to the St. Bell Church that appears in Soul Eater: Monotone Princess.

Part in the StoryEdit

The church is where Maka and Soul first meet Crona and Ragnarok, after they had killed all of the Materazzi members. Commanded by Medusa to kill them, Crona fights Maka and Soul, but after Maka realizes that Soul can be injured by them, even in Weapon form, she decides to retreat. However, she tries to push the doors open, forgetting that Crona had told her that the doors open inward. This gives Crona enough time to deeply wound Soul,[2] before Stein and Spirit enter and fight Crona and Ragnarok, defeating them, but letting them and Medusa get away.[1]

Crona is seen in the church after Maka remembers of their first fight there. Suffering from a slight amnesia, Crona merely remembers a connection between Maka and the church, which leads them to believe that if they waits there for long enough Maka will eventually show up, a fact that was soon proven right.[3]

Upon facing Maka, who located Crona by Soul Perception on orders to assassinate Crona, they announce the murder of their mother, Medusa, and their plan to envelop the world in madness. Crona then refers to the first time they were in Santa Mario, saying "the doors only open inwards, right?" Crona then breaks the door open and escapes capture by Spartoi to fly to The Moon.

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