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The Sanzu Death Cannon is an anime-exclusive ultimate technique utilized by Death the Kid and his weapon partners the Demon Twin Guns, Patty and Liz.


Death the Kid is able to use this attack by connecting to all three Lines of Sanzu.[1] In the anime, Kid was about to attack Kishin Asura with all his might, even activating Soul Resonance while in Execution Mode. However, before he can unleash anything at all, Asura extends his finger and stabs Kid, leaving him unconscious. Black☆Star was about to attack Asura with vengeance, but they both come to a halt when a powerful aura expands from the still unconscious Kid. Kid began levitating, while his Soul expanded to depths never seen before, leaving Patty and Liz confused.[2] The first Line of Sanzu connects, and the original cannons begin transforming into a black and gold aura. The second and third Lines connect, allowing the aura to fully transform into what becomes two connected massive-cannons that have Shinigami-designed stands. The Resonance rate is so powerful that it reaches at 2000%.[3] Once fired, it's magnitude is so immense that it has the firepower to disintegrate the Kishin Asura in his larger form to his much smaller original form.


The cannons which are distinctively larger than the cannons used in Death Cannon, are mainly gold coloured with a black-white-black lined pattern going across them. A face resembling Shinigami's mask are on both sides of the cannon, with three of the spiky parts digging down in the ground acting as a stand. There are also Shinigami-resembling objects at the nearer-side to Kid that face horizontally instead of toward the ground, facing away from the cannon. When fired, the left cannon powers a green aura while the right cannon powers a red aura, which combine to create a powerful ball of Soul Wavelength. Also when fired, smoke is released from the "Shinigami-masks" on the side nearest to Kid.


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