Sanzu River Shot (三途川撃, Sansu Ribaa Shotto) is a Soul Resonance technique used by Death the Kid with the Demon Twin Guns.[1]


Rapid | Three Shot

Soul Eater Episode 3 - Kid kills Pharaoh Anubis with Sanzu River Shot (rapid variation)

Rapid version

With the Demon Twin Guns, the user begins firing rapid shots at the opponent at quick speeds, overwhelming the enemy with powerful and rapid shots capable of destroying a body. When used by a Death God such as Kid, this results in a horizontal blast of power.[2]

One variation of this technique is executed by firing three-successive shots towards an opponent, resulting in a quick stream of wavelength bullets towards an opponent.[1]


  • When used in Chapter 32.5, the attack has a different spelling (三途リバーショット).


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