Sarcophagus (石棺, Sekikan) is an ghost errie town sealed off due to strange disappearance of it's Human populace.[1]


Sealing of the KeyEdit

Long ago, the great Sorcerer known as Eibon sealed away the Demon Tool only known as the "Key", in truth being the object in which he bound his soul to. Prior to doing so, he installed a security system to include Mechanical Clowns suited to killing those whom attempted to take the Key.[1]

Disappearance of the populaceEdit

Around twenty years ago, the town and it's populace excavated an ancient ruins underground and stumbled upon the Key. Accidentally tampering with it, they unleashed the Mechanical Clown whom then proceeded to devour all humans within the city with no known survivors. Later, people were sent to investigate the disappearance but also disappeared without a trace because of the Mechanical Clowns. Eventually, investigation was called off due to the unknown danger and was sealed off by large walls hastily built.[1]


Arachnophobia vs DWMA ArcEdit

Sent by his father to retrieve the Demon Tool due to it's requirement to active "BREW", a suspicious Death the Kid his partners, Liz and Patty travel to Sarcophagus. Going on the fact that no human had ever returned alive from the town, Kid assumes that it could be a monster, a virus or a chemical weapon, in which case his Shinigami biological makeup would probably make him immune to it. He goes in alone, and tells Liz and Patty to wait for him, as he does not want to endanger his partners.[1]

Inside the town, Kid discovers the shrine, and the Key, and is confronted by the Mechanical Clowns. Although he manages to flee the shrine, Kid starts having difficulty when the Clowns trick him in letting his guard down by assuming symmetrical poses, before attacking him. Thanks to the intervention of his weapon partners, Kid manages to lure both Clowns onto the Ferris wheel, before finishing them offwith a Death Cannon. As he leaves, one of the damaged Clowns relays a recorded message to him from Eibon, warning him about the usage of the Key.[1]


  • Outside view of Sarcophagus.
  • Sarcophagus in the past.
  • Another view of Sarcophagus in the past.

Srcophagus is a noticeable town from a distance due to the large thick stone wall that surrounds it, giving the town its name. Some graffiti can be seen at the bottom of the wall. A single entrance exist that leads directly into the town. In the past, Sarcophagus was a normal town, being very populous and busy, full of people, shops and a fairground with a large ferris wheel. Due to the Mechanical Clown's attack on the town, the buildings are deteriorated and overgrown with moss.

Key LocationsEdit

  • Ancient ruin entrance
  • Ancient ruin corridor and circus ring
  • Magic Tool Eibon's shrine.
  • Ancient Ruins: Within the town is a large dug-up area which leads to the shrine holding the Key. The entrance looks like a small church tower. Inside, a long flight of steps lead one to a large circus ring, in which the Key is stuck on a large ball.


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