Saw leg (鋸脚, Nokoashi) is a fighting style utilized by Giriko due to his Demon Weapon partial transformation.[1]


Episode 34 - Third Gear Saw Leg by Giriko

Saw Leg in action.

Like that of a chainsaw, this ability applies a gear-shift system with to determine it's relative strength; the higher the gear, the stronger the attack is.[1]

  • The ability's most basic form is First Gear (1速, Ichisoku), which although strong enough to force the majority of opponents to either block or avoid, isn't enough to damage Crona's hardened Black Blood.[1]
  • By increasing the level of strength of the attack to Second Gear (2速, Nisoku), even defensive abilities, such as the Black Blood, afford little to no protection.[1]
  • Third Gear (3速, Sansoku), the highest level demonstrated so far, are extremely rare but when conducted display enough power to stop even the force of an avalanche with very little trouble.[2]

This ability can be used in a less offensive manner, that still has battle potential, by also using the saw blades as a pair of motor powered roller blades to move much faster than normal.[1]



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