A Scythe (大鎌,Ōgama) is a sort of polearm-like weapon which is used in a similar way to a staff.


Typically sporting a long pole and a long, curved blade, the scythe in Soul Eater is seen as one of the most effective and powerful weapons in the series.[1] Demon Weapons who are scythes are able to utilize techniques from the Hunter series .[2]

Various scythe meisters are seen in the series. Franken Stein, Maka, Maka's Mother, and Death are all renowned scythe meisters, able to use the scythe with incredible mastery. Soul Evans and Spirit Albarn are known demon weapons who transform into scythes.

List of Demon Weapon Scythes


  • In real life, the scythe is used as an agricultural hand tool for mowing grass and harvesting crops.
  • Scythes in the real world are often known to actually be impractical weapons, which contrasts to their use in fiction and folklore.

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  1. Soul Eater Anime: Episode 48; Considering Death is at his most powerful with a scythe and Maka has access to very powerful attacks that could potentially kill immortals, it's plausible the scythe in Soul Eater is considered to be a powerful weapon.
  2. Soul Eater Anime: Episode 48 and 50;Both showcasing Maka and Death utilizing the Kishin Hunter. On another note, both Maka, Stein, and Maka's mother have been noted to able to utilize the technique.
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