Sealing (封印, Fūin) is a special ability in which allows the ability to inhibit an individual.[1]


Sealing allows a user the ability to inhibit an ability of an individual, ranging from the likes of magic[2] to even one's mobility,[1] though some requirements are seemingly necessary.

When sealing magic like that of magics derived from the demon eye, unknown but special markings are placed on a rag in which is then bound to an individual (in this case, around their eyes). These markings make it impossible to utilize magic until it is removed.[2]

Although sealing madness is possible, sealing such a power is seemingly more difficult due to the nature. When Death sealed Asura, only Asura's skin could make a seal capable of doing so.[3]

While users may be capable of sealing individuals even as powerful as a Kishin, there comes to be some sort of major cost; sealing a powerful true god seems to somehow require the likes of a goshitai to have been made for sealing them as well as various tags with special marking on them made. Sealing a powerful entity such as a god comes to a great sacrifice: the user can only move from within the limits of their soul and the sealing must be maintained.[1]

Types of SealsEdit


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