Shadow☆Star Form (影☆星の[型], Kage☆Boshi no Kata),[2] also just simply referred to as Shadow☆Star (影☆星, Kage☆Boshi), are a set of forms that allow for weapon transformations that can control shadows and even create more powerful, weapon forms.[2]


During this Soul Resonance, the weapon can utilize the Meister's own shadow and manipulate it for a variety of uses in a whip-like manner. This can be subsequently used to repeatedly attack the enemy, with the intention of landing multiple crushing blows, that are also capable of slicing the opponent apart.[1]


Just like the use of the Uncanny Sword, usage of Shadow☆Star without the acceptance of the Will of Nakatsukasa and by force can wear and lead to a collapse of a Meister's soul.[3] Speical training for strengthening the soul can help minimize the damage although damage is still applied regardless.[4]

List of Shadow☆Star FormsEdit


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