Shadow☆Star Second Form: "Leaf of the Moonlit Night (影☆星・弐ノ型[月夜葉], Kage☆Boshi Ni no Kata: Tsukiyoha) is a Shadow☆Star Form technique using the shuriken form and imbues it power with the Uncanny Sword.[1]


Transformed into it's more advanced variant, a large four-pointed shuriken, constructed from four black (and vaguely leaf-shaped) blades with ornate white patterns on them extending outwards from a wide circular ring acting as the weapons center.[1]

It can be be thrown with considerable force at a target, using the high speed of the rotations and sharp blades to easily slice through the majority of objects. When used, it easily cuts through attacks such as Screech Delta shock waves. The true power of this form lies lies in the significance of the large hole present within the ring. In addition, by inserting a hand into this specific section, A Meister's fist is immediately coated with a smooth black substance that is accented by ornate white patterns, which proceeds upwards with the shuriken to just past his wrist. The Meister is then able to release a substantially powerful blast of energy, which not only causes a distinct extension in the surrounding blades but also emits a significant conclusive force directed forwards. The extent of this blast is such that it can even damage a hardened layer of Black Blood.[1]


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