Shadow☆Star Third Form" "Severed Shadow" (影☆星・参ノ型[絶影], Kage☆Boshi: San no Kata "Zetsuei") is an enhanced form of Tsubaki's Ninja Sword form after combining it with the power of the Uncanny Sword.[1]


Chapter 50 - Black Star uses Severed Shadow on Mifune

Black☆Star's severed shadows.

This technique transforms the Ninja Sword into a larg,e black kunai-style dagger with white ornate patterns and a long strap of cloth tied to it.[1]

Granting the Meister with extreme speed that they break from their shadow, the afterimages (severed shadows) left behind by the process retains traces of real matter. This means that any hit done to the afterimages has resistance, giving the impression of cutting an opponent.[2]

Because of the afterimage movements not truly being independent, a keen opponent can follow the continuity and movements made by the severed shadows and anticipate the user's next attack.[1]


Image | Animation

Episode 50 - Black Star uses Severed Shadow on Asura

Severed Shadow in the anime.

In the anime, the user of this technique (Black☆Star) possess creates Severed Shadows that acts the same as it's manga counterpart. The only difference, however, is that Severed Shadows is used in Enchanted Sword Mode.[3]


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