Shadow☆Star Zeroth Form: "Masamune" (影☆星・零ノ型「正宗」, Kage☆Boshi: Zero no Kata "Masamune") is one of the Shadow☆Star Forms in which utilizes the Mode: Uncanny Sword transformation.[1]


During this form, the Meister's shadow becomes similar to that of a scarf. The scarf of shadow matter around the Meister's neck has a diverse range of uses. It is solid so it can block attacks and even be used to cut through flesh. It also acts like an extra limb and allows for control reminiscent of the likes of Medusa's Tail Snake. The scarf-like shadow matter can also extend a great distance.[1] The Uncanny Sword itself also undergoes a transformation, the blade lightening and allow for more powerful techniques to be performed.[1]

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