The poison (毒, Doku) used by Shaula is a substance with various mind control and enhancement capabilities.



The substance itself, as the name implies, is venom that is extracted from an actual scorpion.[1] This substance, when entered into the body of a victim, gives the creator immediate control over the victim's will and enables Mind Control. This is then enabled after the usage of a mysterious chant to induce complete control over the victim.[2]

Those under it's influence gain a scorpio sign in their eyes[3] along with experience a spike in physical potential, making them more physically powerful. The venom also prevents them from sleeping (insomnia), allowing the creator to remove the fear within the individual. With the removal of fear and the prevention of sleep, one could create the ideal fighting force with the poison.[4]

Resistance & CureEdit

Synthesized by Franken Stein, a antidote was created in which the solution breaks down the poison within the body. Franken Stein did note that the effect it has mentally on an individual, however, is unknown and may not even work at all.[5] When in use, the antidote is successful in breaking down the poison and causes some pain though for unknown reason, doesn't immediate work and requires the victim to triumph against the poison via will.[6]


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