I don't know what you gave her, but that meager attempt cannot overcome my brainwashing! Such shallow bonds! "Partners"? "Friends"? They're only tools to fill the emptiness within your hearts. "Souls"? "Resonance"? Don't make me laugh! This town is filled with hideous hypocrisy.

—Shaula to Tsugumi and friends, Chapter 39 (NOT!)

Shaula Gorgon (シャウラ・ゴーゴン, Shaura Gōgon) was the third and youngest of the Gorgon Sisters[4] who conspired to take down Death Weapon Meister Academy with the usage of her Traitors.[6]

Cultural References

Shaula's name comes from both astronomy and astrology. The name "Shaula" is the traditional Arabic name for a star system called Lambda Scorpii, which is a part of the constellation of Scorpius. It roughly translates to "the raised [tail], as it is found in the tail of the scorpion (Scorpius)". Given the fact that Shaula's emblem is that of the symbol of the star sign, Scorpio (♏), and she has the theme of scorpion stingers in her appearance, her name befits these other allusions.


Shaula, like her older sibling Medusa, shares an interest in experimental research, driven by the singular interest in destroying the organization known as DWMA[sourcing needed]. It is since she seemed to have developed into a strong sense of ambition but at the cost of her becoming both boastful and conceited. Rather like Medusa, she remains composed even while being dismissive of her previous experiments, especially of those whom are not deemed useful any longer. She seems to be using these Traitors as prototypes to further the creation of a being capable of defeating the students of DWMA, an objective which is strangely similar to those of her relations. She also seems to share Arachne's fondness of lavish and high-quality things, demonstrated by the various furnishings that adorn her initial office.[7]

Shaula is a sinister individual, having immense hatred against those align with the DWMA. She holds no remorse in manipulating others with mind control to her own means and even seems to enjoy doing so. Rarely, has she been seen losing her composure much like her sisters. She's not above taking advantage of others much like her sisters. She seems to have no regard for taking any sort of human life & takes joy in taking it. She finds the concept of friendship and compassion meaningless, looking at it as humans trying to fill a void in their heart. She even finds the concept of a Soul Resonance foolish and hypocritical from DWMA.[8]


Shaula, unlike her sisters, demonstrates all the qualities of a typical teenage girl rather than those of a mature woman, leading to the assertion that she is the youngest amongst her two siblings. Her pale and unblemished complexion serves to accentuate her slender facial features, which are characterized by the unusual iris displayed by both of her eyes, a trait seemingly shared by all the members of her immediate family. Alluding to her scorpion theme, this distinctive feature takes the shape of two interlocking scorpion stingers, which together form one complete circle located at the center of each eye (which also looks like the yin yang to some viewers). Continuing with this motif, her floral patterned or headscarf covered hair is arranged into a long loose plait that ends in the shape of a scorpion's stinger, through the use of an appropriately tied bow, an aspect that is further mirrored by an ornamental earring dangling from her right ear.

Befitting her age, Shaula's typical attire consists of a long-sleeved sailor outfit that has been adopted by many Japanese schools as their standard uniform. However, unlike most variations, hers displays the symbol of the star sign "Scorpio" (♏) as a small emblem, located on the visible portion of her vest beneath her sailor collar. This collar has two stripes running across it, one that goes along its entirety and another that terminates partway across the front.[10]


Chapter 41 (NOT!) - Shaula Gorgons power

Shaula Gorgon's magical power is intimidating.

Being a witch, Shaula is considered dangerous at a level in which requires at least a EAT-level student to deal with, the witch herself claiming that she could match any number of N.O.T Class students.[11] She was also able to battle Akane using Clay's demon great sword form and Anya and Meme using Tsugumi's demon halberd form despite being at a disadvantage at the same time for a period of time.[12]

Though powerful, her power is vastly inferior to Death to the point of making her deathly afraid of seeing him in person, making her freeze in fear.[13]

Special Abilities

Episode 12 (NOT!) - Shaula uses Magic Mandala

Shaula using Magic Mandalas.

Magic (魔法, Mahō): As a witch, Shaula is capable of performing and using magic. In the anime, one of her magics include creating multiple magic mandalas for a variety of effects. Although not fully seen in the manga, the anime showcases that she is capable of creating mandalas to shoot darkly colored energy and maneuver it enough to push her opponents away.[14]

High Physical Abilities (高い身体能力, Takai karada nōryoku): Shaula is durable and possess a great level of agility that allows her to perform acrobatic feats with ease and evade attacks from multiple opponents[14][15] as well as being strong enough to block attacks from Meme Tatane and Akane☆Hoshi, even when the latter uses Soul Menace.[15]

Shaula showcasing skill

Shaula fighting in close combat.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (体術(たいじゆつ), Taijutsu): A capable combatant, her style seems to consist of performing blocks and using her hair offensively. She is capable of blocking unarmed attacks from both Anya and Meme and skilled enough to dodge attacks from multiple people both from the NOT class and EAT class.[16]

Weaponry: Able to use weapons, She employs a finger chain weapon in which she can infect others with her poison.[17] In the anime, Shaula on one occasion was shown to employ the use of a bow and arrow on Sid Barrett.[18]

Intelligence: Shaula is an intelligent witch and a capable strategist and tactician, being able to outsmart the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency with a strategy capable of killing esteemed three-star meister Sid Barrett.[19] She has proficiency in what seems to be chemistry due to the fact she uses various poisons to infect and control her enemies. Even Franken Stein couldn't develop a proper antidote for it.[20]

Craftmanship: She also seems to be great at craftsmanship. She was able to make jewelry and use such objects to brainwash others[21] and create specific, scorpion theme weaponry for Traitors under her control.[citation needed]

List of magics

General Magics
Episode 5 (NOT!) - Shaula orders Eternal Feather with Manipulation Magic

Manipulation magic at work.

  • Manipulation Magic (操作系の魔法, Sōsakei no Mahō): Shaula's specializes in using magic in which allows her to brainwash and mind control victims at will. While able to subject them using outright magic, she can also activate mind control outside magic so long as the source comes from something external such as her poison.[22] In the anime, those under this Magic also form a connection to Shaula, with the victim able to concentrate to see from her viewpoint and vice versa.[14]
Scorpion Scissors

Scorpion Scissors.

  • Scorpion Scissors (スコーピオンはさみ, Sukōpion hasami): One of Shaula's magics allows her to create sharp scorpion tails done by crossing her arm in an "X" formation. With a swiping motion, she can cut her opponents in a similar manner to scissors.[23]
  • Soul Protect (魂の保護, Tamashī no hogo): Shaula can perform an advanced Magic in which allows her to disguise her soul into a good human to avoid detection from meisters with soul perception. While under it's spell, she cannot use any of her inherent magic.[24]
Soul Protect-related magics
  • Soul Protect: Cancel (魂の保護:解除, Tamashī no Hogo:Kaijo): Shaula can cancel the effects of Soul Protect in a given instance.[14]


Scorpion Sting Storm

Shaula's hair creating numerous scorpion tails.

Shaula's Hair: One of Shaula's main weapons is her hair, in which is used similar to that of a scorpion stinger and houses it's own various abilities and even attacks at her disposal. Some of this inlcudes her ability to embed it into the ground and create large, magical scorpion tails from the ground. Her hair also seems to function as support for her own Magic as well as Manipulation Magic.[25]

  • Poison (毒, Doku): Made from the poison of a scorpion[26] and housed within her own hair, this substance, when entered into the body of a victim, gives Shaula immediate control over the victim's will and enables Mind Control. This is then enabled after the usage of a mysterious chant to induce complete control over the victim. Those under her poison have a huge spike in physical potential, making them stronger and due to the insomnia side effect, Shaula can remove an individual's fears.[27]

Shaula's Finger Chain: Shaula is able to use a chain-like weapon with a scorpion tail as a weapon to infect those with her venom.[28]

Bow : In the anime, Shaula has used a Bow and Arrow on one occasion.[29]


Despite being a powerful and able fighter, Shaula does suffers from some weaknesses. As a witch, she is susceptible to the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister due to the fact she performs magic. She is also susceptible to carriers of the Anti-Demon Wavelength.

While Shaula considers herself powerful, she also knows the limits of her own power. While all the Death Scythes and Death the Kid shown up due to her attack onto Death City and the DWMA, her facing Death himself left her pertrified with fear to the point she left herself open for the trio (Meme, Anya, and Tsugumi) to deliver a fatal attack.[16] As seen in the anime, however, during her fight with the trio, she is prone to underestimating her opponents who she deems much less powerful than her.[14]


Born as the third and youngest of the Gorgon Sisters, Shaulas activities were noted throughout the centuries enough to warrant the DWMA to have a sketch of her within DWMA Intelligence Agency's records as well as knowing her general specialty in Manipulation Magic.[30]

Having conspired with the Witches to target Meme Tatane due to her high grades and overall high skill,[31] she would take Meme at some point in her life, subjecting her to her brainwashing and manipulated her for her own plans and placed her within the DWMA to unknowingly serve as a brainwashed spy to Death Weapon Meister Academy.[32]


How To! arc

Shaula discusses her plans with her Traitor

Shaula plans her next move.

Seated within the confines of a spacious office hidden in Death City, Shaula awaits the arrival of one of her subordinates after the Prototype #2's previous brief engagement with Anya Hepburn. Noting the individual's return, she asserts that the amount of collected data from her various experiments is fair before dismissing those before them as mere prototypes. Upon word from another assistant that preparations have been completed, Shaula proudly declares that she will now prove why she is the most talented of the Gorgon Sisters.[33]

Traitors arc

In an unspecified location, Shaula is informed that agents from the DWMA had been sniffing around the very same location in which Shaula is in. She reminds her Prototype that Witches and the DWMA are mortal enemies and they must conceal themselves, but only for a temporary about of time. She proclaims that "we will soon crush DWMA!!".[34]

Episode 7 (NOT!) - Shaula infects Eternal Feather

Shaula infects Eternal Feather.

Having set up a small shop full of scorpion-themed accessories and in disguise, Shaula later meets Eternal Feather whom is interested in her buying her accessories. Cutting her a deal, she "sells" her a scorpion themed ring before infecting her with her scorpion poison, chanting an unknown order, and watches Eternal Feather mortally injure a man.[35] Gleefully watching the fight between Maka Albarn, Soul Eater, and Eternal Feather, she remarked she'll need more poison to battle against EAT students though is impressed for a strong-willed NOT student, Eternal Feather was easy to control. Not wanting them to capture and examine her "test subject", she then tests the extent of her brainwashing: ordering Eternal Feather to kill herself. She smiles as screams were made by Tsugumi at the sight of Eternal Feather's attempted suicide.[36]

Preparations! arc

Chapter 36 (NOT!) - Shaula conveses with a Street Vendor

Shaula converses with a street vendor.

Selling more of her accessories, a human vendor comments on how they're cracking down on street vendors and the frustration that results because days leading up to the Death Festival is the best times for tourist. Agreeing, she allows two students from the DWMA to try one of her accessories, but not before confirming they're from the DWMA. Clay, who passes by the vendor and mistakes Shaula for wearing a costume, questioned if it was a bit early for putting on costumes and remarked that everywhere he looked, it's nothing but Witches.[37]

Shaula infects Sid

Shaula infects Sid.

One night, Shaula idly stands with herself in her Witch costume and armed with her Finger Chain. Later as the DWMA attempt to detain Meme Tatane, Shaula sneaks up on Sniper team and infects them with her poisoned Finger Chain. Having eventually infected the majority of Sid's team and having them fight the assassin, she sneaks up on Sid and infects him with her poison. Chastising the assassin for thinking he could lure her out and that he instead fell for her trap, she remarked that he was dangerous and that she doesn't need talented servants but only obedient soldiers. She then kills Sid with an explosive that results in a replica of the Statue Liberty stabbing him in the head.[38]

Death Fest arc

During the Death Festival, Shaula declares the real harvest is about to begin and her Traitors attack Death City.[40] Shaula later appears looking in a distance. As she orders her Traitors to murder its inhabitants and to let order turn into Madness, She realizes NOT students Tsugumi Harudori and Anya Hepburn has found her location.[41]

Shaula licks Meme

Shaula licks Meme to antagonize Tsugumi.

As Shaula remarked she hadn't expect them to find her location and the duo demand Meme back, she questions If she wants to join Meme before revealing she knows about Tsugumi's reluctance in choosing a partner. After threatening to make the decision easier by killing Meme and fretting Tsugumi, she laughs as she informs Tsugumi that the more friends she possess, the more weakness she does with Eternal Feather as a previous example. She claimed to Tsugumi that by giving up her emotions, she can be free. Shaula orders Meme to kill her friends, taking immense amusement when even Tsugumi transformed to Anya's side and urges all her fellow Traitors to kill and surrender their emotions.[42]

She witnessed Meme's attempt to shatter her brainwashing with her antidote but upon it not working, Shaula comments that such attempts wouldn't work before further criticizing how having partners and friends are selfish as well as the idea of Soul Resonance subjecting Death City to hypocrisy. She continues to remind Meme the pointlessness of her friendships despite Tsugumi's please to her and finds entertainment at Meme attacking Tsugumi. She is left utterly surprised at Meme breaking her control and attempts to take her back by reminding her of her failures and reminding her that she herself is "everything" to Meme, only to be replied with a thrown knife at her.[42]

Calling Meme a wretch, Shaula battles the trio in a fight, she finds them impressive as their combined amount of team work forced her to use Magic, though the tide of the battle turns in her favor and proclaims as a Witch, her power far surpasses them and can outmatch any number of them before attempting to kill them. They're saved by the intervention of Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore whom is in his Demon Great Sword transformation. As Shaula realized Tsugumi has attained an edge, she remarked that that even the best blade is useless without the determination and skill to strike down the enemy.[16]

Shaula killed in the manga

Shaula killed by the trio's triple soul resonance.

Shaula then uses her unnamed spell to fight off against both the Trio and EAT students Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore, holding her own, but finding herself overwhelmed by all of their combined might, going so far as to admit she is at a disadvantage. As she attempts to escape and let her Traitors do the fighting, the trio attempt their Soul Resonance attack with Shaula preparing to strike back. However, to her surprise, she finds that all of the Death Scythes, Death the Kid, and even Death himself had arrived on the scene to put an end to her plans. The God of Death gives her an ultimatum, in which distract Shaula enough for the NOT students to piece right through her, with her final words being "Shinigami...".[16]


  • (To Tsugumi Harudori) "You need two people to hold a stick without a blade? Don't make me laugh!!"[43]
  • (To Tsugumi Harudori) "Even the best useless without the skill and determination to strike down the enemy."[44]
  • "Can you sense it? My power is so far beyond yours , I could match any number of you. You will experience first hand why the witches are feared by all! I will not hold back...only destroy! You would have been happier as my faithful soldiers...NOW DIE."[45]
  • (To Akane☆Hoshi) "I don't need to "get away". From now on, Death City will be my palace."[46]



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