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Shinigami's List (死神のリスト, Shinigami no Risuto) is a list of individuals whose souls are considered evil and are permitted to be killed. These souls are judged by Death himself. This List was formerly followed by the Eight Shinigami Legions but has since then been followed by Death Weapon Meister Academy.[1]


While a variety of factors vary between one individual to another, those who are added to Shinigami's List are all considered evil according to Spirit Albarn and their souls are permitted to be hunted.[2] The list, in addition, seems to only consist of Humans, even if they are a mixture of another species such as a Werewolf, Witch/Human Hybrid, or even potentially a Demon Tool Soldier. Beings such as Witches are exempt from this. This is because of Soul Protect disguising their souls as good people, which prompts them to either gain an Execution Order or be investigated normally.[3]

After an individual is added onto Shinigami's List, this changes a quality in their soul to the point that a skilled user of Soul Perception can track an individual who've made the list.[4]

Significance with the DWMAEdit

Although good, innocent souls are the ones that grant people power,[5] one of DWMA's academy's rules only permit the hunting of evil souls and hunting for the good souls is prohibited as well as the over-hunting of them according to Maka Albarn.[6] This rule is followed fiercely by those from the DWMA; even when a DWMA student was threatened by an individual who attempted assassination, they spared the perpetrator on the grounds of them not being on Shinigami's List.[7]


Kishin egg

Kishin Egg.

Main article: Kishin Egg

In the anime, Shinigami's List is replaced with the concept of Kishin Eggs, which are souls that are corrupted from consuming human souls and are on their way to becoming a Kishin. These souls are easily sensed by those with skill in Soul Perception and does not require Death's hand in determining what classifies as a evil and good human.

List of individuals on Shinigami's ListEdit

Name Crime
Jack the RipperMurder
Don Al CaponeCriminal activities
Frey D. SadokoMurder
Masamune NakatsukasaMurder
White☆StarIllegal Assassinations
Black☆Star's MotherIllegal Assassinations
Fisher KingUnknown
Sonson J.Murder
Wrath of the PharaohUnknown
Masked Shinai WielderUnknown


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