Shinigami's Mirror (死神さんの鏡, Shinigami-san no Kagami)[1] is the mysterious device in the Death Room in which Death often resides in literally and uses as a communication and surveillance medium.[2]


The mirror simply appears as a tall, wooden mirror with a reflective, dark blue surface and a skull mask feature that matches Death's own on top of the wood.



This "mirror number" is used to communicate via mirrors or any transparent window, to contact Shinigami's Mirror and call Death. For example, the user will find a mirror and blow air onto it to make it condensed, then they will write the "mirror number" of the person they want to call. For instance, Death's number is "42-42-564".[1]

In the anime, Maka Albarn once recited "42-42-564, whenever you want to knock on Death's door", in which seems to be a rhyme used to remember the number.[3]


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