Shinigami Chop (死神チョップ, Shinigami Choppu) is one of Death's signature attacks.[1]


The user raises an arm and delivers a powerful, karate chop to the target. Depending on the user and strength, it can be used for disciplinary reasons or more serious intents capable of injuring higher beings such as a Kishin.[2]


This technique is especially well known within the students and staff in the DWMA as a punishment technique. Medusa Gorgon even once admitted to having fear being on the receiving end of the Shinigami Chop, doing what she could as a school nurse to avoid being subjected to the chop.[3] The Shinigami Chop itself has a mock-like copy in which various students in the DWMA perform. This may result from a student that displays actions another may find bothersome. It also has given inspiration for other chops used by character, replacing the foam gloves with a hand instead.[citation needed]



  • The waves produced from a Shinigami Chop is capable of cutting through space and time.[4]


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